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130428 web maintenance projects focus list sent to saurya


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130428 web maintenance projects focus list sent to saurya

  2. 2. Fix Content Management We just tried to make some changes to the content of the website through the ‘Content Management” tabof the website. When we tried to save our changes, all of the content from the page was deleted. We are unable to upload the content again to the page (it doesn’t save). Please fix this ASAP.
  3. 3. Tagging Content to Restricted vs Premium We are keen to make it easier to tag the content that will be available for restricted accounts and contentthat will be available for premium accounts. Rather than have to tag every question, flashcard and studynote individually using the method in thescnreenshot below (which is very time consuming), we are hoping to just mark all content for specificStudySessions to each account type. Can you think of a way to do this? Perhaps we should create another tab in the Admin panel which containsthe options for marking particular StudySessions as either “All” or “Premium Only”. The idea is that we will probably allow Restricted users to see only 3 StudySessions of content in each exam(with the remainder restricted to Premium members only) Thanks.
  5. 5. Formatting of About the CFA Page There are a few issues with the formatting of the About the CFA page (highlighted in the red boxes thebelow). The problem with the red box towards the top left of the screenshot is that the text overlaps with the bluebackground. The issues with the other red boxes should be self explanatory.
  6. 6. Remove User Feedback Tool Can we please remove the user feedback tool from the website (ie that little button on the left hand side ofeach page)? Please leave the data collection etc in the admin panel of the website because we are hoping to add animproved version of the feedback function later on.
  7. 7. Forums Please delete all developer Forum posts.
  8. 8. Improve Method for Uploading FlashCards We need to improve the method that we use to upload and view the FlashCards. Rather than waiting for each slide to load as an image, we would rather users be able to view themsimilarly to powerpoint slideshows. This will reduce the time it takes to upload the content and improve the usability of the FlashCards. We will need to convert the PPTX file into a pdf file and display it in one of the many PDF viewers. To do this, we will need to remove the editor box and instead impose a functionality to upload only the pdffiles through Browse button. If so, then a single pdf will be uploaded for each StudySession. We would use one of the following solutions to display: More info here: We understand that we probably want to use Flash. Lets talk about the options that we can use to do this. When we do, we will need to change the user progress score calculator to adjust the progress of theFlashCards. We will talk about this then.
  9. 9. Change Course Material Progress Weights Once we have found a better way to upload the FlashCards (ie pdf rather than images) we will need to alterthe calculation of the user progress scores. At the moment we give 1 point to the users progress score for a user for each FlashCard that they view. Given that we may no longer be able to measure when they view each FlashCard image, we will need togive them a one off score when they open each FlashCard file (and assume they look through all of it atonce). Lets give each user 50 progress points each time they open the FlashCards for a specific StudySession. We may need to chat about this project on Skype. Please let me know if these instructions are not clear. Thanks for your help.
  10. 10. QuestionBank Question Filter Need the QuestionBank Filter to always have an option for “All Readings in this Study Session”. We spentsome time working on this a couple of months ago, but it seems to have disappeared.
  11. 11. QuestionBank Heading Delete the Word “StudyNotes” from the heading in the QuestionBank section of the content
  12. 12. FlashCards Heading Change The Heading “StudyNotes” to “FlashCards” in the FlashCards section of the content
  13. 13. Improve Format of Mock Exam Summary Table If the user hasn’t attempted the Mock Exam yet, in the score, result, percentile and time to completecolumn, please mark “na”. Please also improve the format of the “Facebook Post” button to make it more consistent with the way theFacebook logo and colour appears. Perhaps make the heading of the column Post Results to Facebook and then a little Facebook symbol ineach column.
  14. 14. Fix Function and Formatting of Bookmarks Page Please make the following changes to the Bookmark page:• Remove the space between the words “Study Notes” to make it “StudyNotes”• Remove the space between the words “Question Bank” to make it “QuestionBank”• Remove the “:” at the end of each heading• Fix the Bookmarks function… ie when we try to click on content which has been bookmarked, itdoesn’t take us to the content (ie it doesn’t work).
  15. 15. Fix Logout Page When we log out of AnalystBuddy, the page comes up blank. Can we please just return to the homepage.
  16. 16. Improve Layout of QuickLinks Page Can we please improve the format of the Quicklinks page to make it a little more interesting? We are keen to icons (perhaps with screenshots of each page) rather than the text links. It would be good if we could make the layout something like this (which is similar to what you have donefor the Formula Sheets page)? Given the QuickLinks may change over time, it would be good if it is quite simple to add new links overtime (if possible).
  17. 17. Improve Usability of Mock Exams When a user is working through a Mock Exam and selects “submit your answer”, please make the screen goto the next question automatically (rather than them having to select the “Next” button as well. At the moment, the user needs to click “Submit your Answer” and then click “Next”. Then, please change the text of the “Submit your Answer” button to “Submit” and the text on the “Next”button to “Skip”.
  18. 18. Member Details Data Download Add Detail to Member Download Spreadsheet Summary (such as date signedup, level, paid, city, country, CFA Association, Method of Discovery, whether on email distribution list etc). It would be good if it can contain all of the data that we have about a potential user.
  19. 19. Adjust Registration Complete Message I am not sure whether this has been done or not yet. Please check and if not, change. Can we please adjust the registration complete message to say:Congratulations on creating your AnalystBuddy account.In a few minutes, you should receive an email confirming your new account details.Throughout your exam preparation, please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can better help youefficiently pass your CFA exam.All the best for your exam preparation!The AnalystBuddy Team.
  20. 20. Create Automatic Registration Confirmation Email Can you create an automatic email to be sent to subscribers after they register for AnalystBuddy (both paidand non-paid)? Is it possible to create these in HTML format? If so, can we please use something like the picture below? We have created a template for this email that we can email through to you which should help. Ideally, it would be good if we could control the text in the emails through the admin panel of the site (ifthis is easy)? Thanks...
  21. 21. Improve Formatting of Automated Emails We are keen to improve all of the automatically generated emails that are sent throughout the website. Wealso need to make some changes to the content of the emails. Some other examples would include the Password Reminder, Tell A Friend, Refer 3 and Get AnalystBuddyFree (including the update emails... Eg I think the user gets an update email each time one of the peoplethat they referred signs up for a paid subscription). We are keen to improve the format of the emails to make them more user friendly. Ideally, it would be good if we could control the text in the emails through the admin panel of the site (ifthis is easy??). We may need to chat about this project on Skype. Please let me know if these instructions are not clear. Thanks for your help with this...
  22. 22. Fix Friend Referral Discount One of the promotions that we offer, is that a member is able to refer their friends to AnalystBuddy andtheir friends receive $10 off their subscription when they sign up. However, we just tested using the referral fee to sign up and unfortunately it didnt give the user the $10 off(ie after registering, the paypal page still requested $69 (it should have been $59). Can you please check that is still broken. If it is broken, can you please fix this?
  23. 23. Remove Check In at AnalystBuddy Button Get Rid of the Check In at AnalystBuddy button from the left hand side bar. We want to leave all other Check In at AnalystBuddy buttons.
  25. 25. Prompt Users to Upgrade to Premium Account We are keen to improve the way that Restricted Members are prompted to upgrade to a Premium Accountwhen they try to access content which is only available for Premium Members. Restricted Members will only have access to 3 Study Sessions of Course Materials (out of 18 StudySessions), 1 Mock Exam, and Formula Sheets. They should be able to read the Forums, but not add posts.Additionally, they will not be able to use the Progress Checker. Every time that the Restricted Member tries to access any of this blocked content, it would be good if apopup appears which lets them know that this feature/content is only available to Premium Members andprompting them to upgrade to Premium Membership (with a link to the page where they can upgrade theirmembership). Also, it would be good if we could somehow identify which Study Sessions that they have access too (egcolour the other Study Sessions tabs in a different colour etc). This will mean they can avoid clickingthrough every Study Session until they find the 3 that are free for them to use.
  26. 26. Progress Table on Welcome Page Bold and Background Shade (in a light blue colour) the Subject name in the Progress Checker Table (ie thosethat have a red box around them in the screenshot below).
  27. 27. QuestionBank “Check Solution” Button Change the “Submit Your Answer” to “Check Solution” and make button smaller
  28. 28. Sign In Section: Add Sign Up Now Button Add “New to AnalystBuddy? Sign up now.” hyperlink below the Forgot Your Password link. Please use the same font and format as the Forgot Your Password hyperlink.
  29. 29. Auto Logout Warning Prior to automatic logout, is it possible for a warning to pop up 30 seconds beforehand suggesting that ifthe user is inactive on the site for the next 30 seconds then they will be logged out. Perhaps the message could read:“Due to inactivity, you may be logged out of AnalystBuddy shortly. To remain logged in, move the mousenow” Also, it would be good if the version of the home page that a user arrives at after being automaticallylogged out mentions that they were automatically logged out of last session (if not too difficult.. It this isdifficult, then we are happy to skip it).
  30. 30. Facebook Buttons on Welcome Page Reduce the Size of the Facebook Buttons on the Welcome Page and improve the position of the Facebookbuttons on the welcome page. The text on the buttons can be “Post Progress” and “Check In”. Leave the little Facebook symbol on thebutton).
  31. 31. Change Error Message for Incorrect Login Details Please change the error message to “Your login details are incorrect” Please also improve the layout of this message so it doesn’t appear over the top of existing text (as it doesin the screenshot below)
  32. 32. Finish The Test Button Change to name of the “Finish the test” button to “Mark My Exam”
  33. 33. Change Font and Size of Sign In Details Fix the font of the email address when entered into the Sign In box and also make sure it does not moveout of the box (as it does to the right of the box in the screenshot below)
  34. 34. Divert Incorrect Addresses Can you please divert incorrect web addresses within back to our Home Page? For example, if someone enters an incorrect URL (such as it would be good if they could be diverted to our home page (rather than this). We have seen this withother sites.
  35. 35. Fix Refer Friends Email Template In the Refer Your Friends section of the website, we currently allow users to alter the template email whichwill be sent on their behalf. We are happy to remove ability for users to change text in Standard Email on Refer Friends Section However, we still want to show the message that will be sent to the users friends on their behalf. It would be good if we could control the content of these emails through the admin panel of the website (ifpossible).
  36. 36. LOW PRIORITY
  37. 37. Make Fonts Consistent Across All Pages Can we please improve the consistency of fonts across all of the pages of the website: Ideally, it would be good to use the format of the heading in the example below.Also, can we please use the same font and format (want to use Arial and make the size and colours consistentacross all pages). For example, some which dont currenty match are: 1: QuestionBank FilterForm, Bookmarks, Forums, QuickLinks, MockExams page, Some options on the sign up page.Please have a look throughout the site and find and fix other examples. Thanks...
  38. 38. Build In User Feedback Tool We are keen to build in a user feedback tool (ie that little button on the left hand side of each page)? I think there might be some free feedback plugins that we might be able to use? We would like to make it similar to this example ( We are happy to keep thesame types of feedback (such as Complaint, Bug, Content, Suggestion, Complement, Other). Also, it is probably worth stating somewhere that the feedback relates to the current page that the user isviewing (rather than just the website as a whole). Also, would it be possible to adopt a user star rating poll type of system on each page ofStudyNotes, QuestionBank question, Mock Exam question, and FlashCard? For example, like the star ratingbelow each article on this blog?
  39. 39. Format of Formula Sheet Page Can we please improve the format of the Formula Sheet page to make it a little more interesting? Similar to the QuickLinks page, we could just add a little screenshot of the formula sheet next to theheading and hyperlink.
  40. 40. View the Tour Page Formatting View The Tour Page – align the headings down the page with the text
  41. 41. Figure Out Why Website Crashes AnalystBuddy seems to crash a couple of times every day (on some occasions for up to a couple of hours ata time). This will be an issue and very frustrating for our users. Can you please determine the cause of the problem and implement some solutions? Please let me know if you have any ideas of how this can be fixed (ie if we will need to change web hostsetc)
  42. 42. Fix Cause of this Error Message Please stop this error from occurring (happens when we try to click on new QuestionBank questionswithout completing a different set). I am not sure whether this still occurs or not? If you cant find out why, we will check whether the error stillexists or not. Thanks.
  43. 43. Unable to Delete Content We are having trouble deleting previously added content through the admin panel. When we select the “delete” button, it says “Content Successfully Deleted”, but it remains in the list. This isthe same with users in the Member list etc (see next slide). Can you please fix this?
  44. 44. Change View The Tour Page Heading Change Title of “View the Tour” to “Why Use AnalystBuddy”?
  45. 45. Create AnalystBuddy Introduction Video We are keen to create a video explaining the benefits and features of AnalystBuddy. One example is thevideo available at: We want the video to include screenshots of someone using AnalystBuddy, particularly through the variousCourse Material such as the StudyNotes, FlashCards, QuestionBank, MockExams, FormulaSheets, andCourse Material. We want an enthusiastic American accent overlay explaining the various features. Please have a go at writing the script based on text within our website (look at Take The Tour and FAQpages for ideas), as well as the popups which appear in the Course Material section. We will then edit thescript before production. We are not sure whether we want to include the video on our home page or within the Take the Tour page(our instinct is to include it on the home page). Please let me know if you have any queries.Importance: ModerateHour Cap: Budget $30Due Date: XXXXXTeam Member: XXXXX
  46. 46. Improve Formatting of ProgressChecker Is there a way that we can improve the formatting of the ProgressChecker? We are keen to make it more engaging by adding graphics (ie charts) which demonstrate user progress andperformance better than the big crowded table that we currently have. While we think that we should keepthe table, we could also look to add some charts. One idea that we have is adding a “Course Map” which puts the whole course in perspective and allows theuser to drill down into various areas of the course to see their progress and performance. We can explainwhat we mean when looking through this. Ideally, it would be great to add charts through a function whereby users can see their progress andperformance by Subject Area etc... We have heard that Google Charts is a useful plugin that might help? Please have a think about this and lets chat about any ideas that you have (including how long you thinkthey will take to implement etc).Importance: Low
  47. 47. Ways to Show User ProgressImportance: LowWe are not entirely happy with the layout and function????ty of the ProgressChecker section ofour website and are looking for ideas of ways that we can improve it.Can you please come up with at least 10 examples of ways that other eLearning websites showstudent progress and performance over time?We are especially interested in examples where they compare the progress and performance toother students.It would be great if you could provide the web address and also some comments on what youliked about each of the examples that you find.Please complete the table in the excel workbook that we have sent through… Thanks heaps!
  48. 48. Ability to Track User Progress Over Time It would be good if we could track the progress of each user through the Course Material over time. That is, each day it would be good if the database could take a snapshot of the progress to date (ie % ofcourse materials completed) and performance (QuestionBank performance to date) of every user, as wellas the median of all users. It would be good if we could download this data for every user into an Excel spreadsheet via the Adminpanel (if not too difficult… if it will take >3 hours, then we are happy to leave this). Just let us know. This would allow us to graph a user progress over time relative to the median user. Also, it would allow us to determine how long it has been since the user has logged in (or made progress intheir studies). This will allow us to send reminder emails to users when they haven’t logged in for a longtime. Please let us know if you have any queries.Importance: Very Low
  49. 49. Add Rotating Customer Testimonials to Home PageImportance: CRITICALDue Date: ASAPTeam Member: Saurya We want to give the appearance as though the website is popular. One way that we think we can do this, is by adding rolling customer testimonials to our home page. That is, we want it to be like a slideshow of say 5 testimonials (that we can update through the adminpanel) which rotate every 5 seconds.
  50. 50. Add Newsletter Sign Up to Home Page XXXXXXX
  51. 51. Change Forums to “Online Tutor” (1/2) We want to rebrand the Forums function to “Online Tutor” Additionally, the concept will change slightly. Instead of being just a standard Forum, Online Tutor willallow members to post questions which can be answered by other AnalystBuddy members or theAnalystBuddy Online Tutor. We will employ a contractor answer questions in the Online Tutor every 3 days. We suspect that the difficulty with the programming will be consolidating the “General Forum” with the“Forum” available within each Study Session (see screenshots below). We can chat about this if it is goingto be difficult to figure out an easier way to do it.Importance: Low
  52. 52. Change Forums to “Online Tutor” (2/2) Some of the features of Online Tutor that we are keen on are: We will structure the Online Tutor according to Key Topics within each StudySession (perhaps allow us to control theOnline Tutor Topics from the Admin page and make sure that we can organise by StudySession). Email participants when there has been a new comment in a thread that they are involved in (eg like Facebook doeswhen there is a new comment in a photo that you posted or commented on). Allow users to comment on other members comments (organise like the comments section of this article: Want to allow user ability to rate each comment (potentially the 5 star rating system). We also want to make the forum/online tutor content visible to Google. This is obviously a very difficult task. Hence, please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
  53. 53. Formatting of User Comments (1/2) Make it so it is easy to comment (maybe like Facebook) However, unlike the example above, we do not want to bold the names of the users making the comment.Additionally, we are happy to use the date that the post was made (rather than the number of minutesago).
  54. 54. Formatting of User Comments (2/2) Change text “No Posted Comments Found” to “Be the first to comment on this StudyNote”. Also, can you please change the format of this text to make it more consistent with the rest of the site (iecolour and font).
  55. 55. Admin Control of Forum Posts Is there a way that admin can control forum posts (ie delete forum posts that are not acceptable)?Tripadvisor do this ( Also, it would be great if users can respond to particular comments in the forum... ie make them groupedsuch as the user comments in this article ( Moderate
  56. 56. DON’T “NEED” TO DO
  57. 57. Create Search Box We are keen to add a search box which allows users to search the content of AnalystBuddy. The access to the various results will depend on whether the user is a member or not, and if so, what classof membership they have. For example, if the search results relate to a StudyNote that is available to free members, then a promptshould appear over the StudyNotes requesting that the user register for Free account in order to view theStudyNotes (with a like to the Sign Up page). If the search result relates to a StudyNote available only to premium members, then a prompt shouldappear over the StudyNotes requesting that the user register for Premium account in order to view theStudyNotes (with a like to the Sign Up for premium account page).Importance: Low
  58. 58. Recommendations On How To Speed Up Website At the moment AnalystBuddy is quite slow to load from time to time. Can you please see if there are some statistics that we can get that measure the speed of the site? If it is slower than others, can you please try to find out why it is so slow? Is there anything that we can do to fix it? Can you please come up with >5 recommendations of things that we can do to improve the speed of thesite? Should we look to change Web Servers? I am not attached to GoDaddy. I have heard good things aboutHostGator.Importance: Moderate
  59. 59. Home Page RefreshImportance: CRITICALHour Cap: ????Due Date: ?????Team Member: ???? The site looks a bit too much like our nearest competitor ( Is it simple to change the appearance of the site (but to keep the same functions)? We were hoping to use a similar format to (or something like that)… We notice that you have created a lot of sites like this in our portfolio….
  60. 60. Add a Blog to our WebsiteImportance: CRITICALDue Date: ASAPTeam Member: Saurya We are keen to add a Blog function to our website. We want it to be a similar format to this: It is important that each blogpost has a separate page (ie unique URL) as we are planning to link to them from other sources (eg ournewsletter, Facebook page etc). Also, we will need a link to it on the main menu of the Home Page (ie the menu options across the top) It would also be good if we could add a global feed to the home page content (for example, like theexample below, with rotating recent stories)
  61. 61. Increase Security of Content Can you think of any ways that we can reduce the risk of content theft? We want to avoid users copying our content (particularly the StudyNotes) and pasting it into worddocuments. Is there any way that you can think of that will work? Some ideas that we have are: Disable the Copy Function: Is there any way to disable a users ability to copy text from the website?We are keen to improve the security of the content of the website. Can we disable right click function? Make it difficult for users to copy text: At worst case, it would be good if we could make it so that it isvery difficult for the user to copy slabs of text. Please let me know what ideas you have and we will assess them and come up with the correct strategy.Thanks for your help.Importance: High
  62. 62. Fix Layout of Facebook Page (1/2) Our Facebook page was built for the old format of Facebook. Are you able to modernize it to make it fit better with our timeline page: One page that we really like is: ModerateI don’t know if weneed this anymore ifwe run a blog kind offacebook wall. Canjust have all of ourcontent on thetimeline.
  63. 63. Fix Layout of Facebook Page (2/2) The sub pages that we are keen on beyond the timeline are: eNewsletter (copy intrepid but make the sign up form with must less information like what we have atthe moment... Name, Email Address, Target Exam). Also, it would be great if we could somehowintegrate user details of those who sign up to our eNewsletter via the Facebook page with theeNewsletter subscriber details in the Admin panel of our webiste (ie those who subscribed via ourwebsite). However, if this is too difficult (ie take >3 hours), let us know. Articles: Want to include our key articles (note that our eNewsletter will link to these articles). Promotions (see, we would rather have this as a separate page (rather than a popup). Links: We are keen to include buttons to the key links of our website (Such as “Sign Up For FreeAccount”, “Sign Up For Premium Access Now”, “About the CFA”, “About AnalystBuddy”. Also, we want to give away a Free eBook to all users who “Like” AnalystBuddy and/or Subscribe to oureNewsletter. This will be a PDF file. Is there a way to automatically allow them to download it whenthey Like us? We can probably just automatically email it to users who join our email distritbution list.I don’t know if weneed this anymore ifwe run a blog kind offacebook wall. Canjust have all of ourcontent on thetimeline.
  64. 64. GZIP Compression for Website We are hoping that you can undertake a GZIP Compression of our website in order to increase the speed ofthe site? The purpose of this is to increase the speed of our website. Please make sure that we do not ruin any of the function????ty of our website by doing this. If there is anyrisk that this will occur, we will not do this.Importance: ModeratePLEASE CHAT TO ME ON SKYPEBEFORE COMMENCING THIS TASK
  65. 65. Migrate Web Hosting to Linux Based Site We have been told that we should migrate our Web Hosting to a Linux based hosting. The purpose of this is to reduce the likelihood of the website crashing issue (see image below). Is this difficult or risky to do? Please make sure that we do not miss ruin any of the function????ty of ourwebsite. If there is any risk that this will occur, we will not do this. To Switch Your Hosting Account Operating System Log in to your Account Manager. Click Web Hosting. Click Options next to the account you want to use. Go to the Customize tab. From the Plan menu, select a new hosting plan. NOTE: If you do not see the Plan menu, contact customer support. Click Save Changes or Checkout, and then complete your purchase. This change may make take up to 72 hours depending on the size of the site, the number of databasesand other factors that may increase the complexity of the migration. We recommend that you do nottry to FTP to your hosting account during the migration. You will receive an email message when weImportance: ModeratePLEASE CHAT TO ME ON SKYPEBEFORE COMMENCING THIS TASK
  66. 66. Post Progress on Facebook ButtonsImportance: LowWe are keen to increase the integation of Facebook with our users.At the moment we have quite a few features when a user signs up to AnalystBuddy using Facebook (ie they can post toFacebook wall, post results of Mock Exams, or Study Progress).We are keen to allow users who don’t originally sign up to AnalystBuddy using Facebook to do the same thing (thatis, either allow them to integrate with Facebook later on), or provide options for these features and then the Facebooksign in popup occurs.Please let me know if you have any queries on any of this.
  67. 67. Customize Facebook Posts Can we please alter the labels next to the boxes which allow us to customize the content of Facebookposts?Importance: Very very LowWe came across this guide on Facebook which suggests that we should be able to get an auto popup whichallows users to customize text to post on their walls from the AnalystBuddy site after all? Is this the case? Ifso, this is still our preference.See for details..
  68. 68. Get User Facebook Photos for Posts Is it possible to get user photos through Facebook connect? If a user does not connect throughFacebook, can we allow them up upload a photo of themselves through the My Account page? We are keen to use these photos next to forum posts etc if possible in order to person????se the site.... One example of a site that does this is www.tripadvisor.comImportance: Very very Low
  69. 69. Examples of e-Learning Best Practice WebsitesImportance: LowCan you please put together a list of the 20 most successful/best practice eLearning websites?Please consider factors such as web design, function????ty, features, popularity etc.Please make a note of the specific features of these websites that you like….They do not have to be in the finance subject discipline. They can be for any discipline.Some places that you might want start include: (look through the Course Management Tools)Thanks
  70. 70. New Ideas for Features to Add to AnalystBuddyImportance: LowWe are keen to ensure that AnalystBuddy is an innovator in terms of the features that we offer our members.Can you please spend 3 hours researching/thinking of some new ideas for new features that we can add toAnalystBuddy in order to make us more unique.Perhaps come up with a list of ideas of features that we could add (including hyperlinks to examples wherepossible).Some places that you might want start include: (look through the Course Management Tools)
  71. 71. Formats of Different Online Multiple Choice TestsImportance: LowWe are trying to come up with some ideas on better ways to format the QuestionBank and MockExams fromthe front end of the website.Can you please put together a list of 10 (or more!) examples of how online multiple choice tests can beformatted?Please highlight your favourite 3.Please include a the website address and a quick comment on what you liked about it.Thanks very much for your help.