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Painters sketch nature by the plein air painting

When you think about plein air painting, your first thoughts are probably of hills, trees and landscapes that reflect the natural world. There are many talented painters who sketch beautiful nature by plein air abstract painting techniques.

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Painters sketch nature by the plein air painting

  2. 2. INDEX  About  Susan’s Painting Style  Portfolio
  3. 3. ABOUT  For nearly four decades, Susan Sommer has been expressing her moods, observations, and insights in painting and drawing in the Hudson Valley, the West Indies, and Manhattan.  Her art has engendered a strong response from viewers including collectors from across the world  She draws an improvisational visual treatment of dance rhythms, gentle breezes, brisk winds and lyrical expressions on canvas or paper in color
  4. 4. SUSAN’S PAINTING STYLE  Gestural Abstraction and Action Painting  Plein Air Abstract Painting
  5. 5. PORTFOLIO Gestural Abstraction Painting Plein Air Abstract Painting
  6. 6. CONTACT US Telephone: 1.845.555.1234 1.845.687.4490 Email:
  7. 7. THANK YOU