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Pinterest forbusiness

  1. 1. Using Pinterestfor BusinessAna Lucia Novak©
  2. 2. Getting to Know Pinterest• Newest social bookmarking site• Allows you to “pin” – or save – interesting thingson the internet• Community allows for interaction• Share your pins with friends• Users are encouraged to share – or “repin” –other users’ pinsAna Lucia Novak©
  3. 3. Getting to Know PinterestAna Lucia Novak©
  4. 4. Why Care About Pinterest?• Traffic– Accounts for nearly 4% of ALL referral traffic– Google +, LinkedIn & YouTube account for 1.5% ofreferral traffic combined– 1.36 million visitors per day– Users stay an average of 15.8 minutes– 3000% increase of unique visitors from May 2011 toJanuary 2012Ana Lucia Novak©
  5. 5. Who’s Using Pinterest?• Primarily women• 28% of users make 6-figures• 50% of users have children• Average age 24-35• 4 out of the Top 10 most followed pinners aremenAna Lucia Novak©
  6. 6. Pinterest Vocabulary• Pin – photo, graphic or video shared viapinboard• Pinboard – collection of pins grouped bycategory• Bookmarklet – code added to browser whichallows pinning any website• Repin – adding others’ pins to your ownpinboardsAna Lucia Novak©
  7. 7. Signing Up at Pinterest• Invitation only– Request invite from friends or request on Pinteresthome page• Sign up using Twitter or Facebook account– Cuts down on spam– Allows friends to find youAna Lucia Novak©
  8. 8. Ana Lucia Novak©
  9. 9. Ana Lucia Novak©
  10. 10. Signing Up at Pinterest• Create user name & password– Good branding to use same name across all socialmedia networks– Eliminates threat of imposters• Choose categories that best represent yourbusiness• Pinterest automatically adds first followers basedon categories chosenAna Lucia Novak©
  11. 11. Signing Up at Pinterest• All followers will see your pinboards– Can always unfollow people• Setup pinboards– Unlimited number allowed• Create user profile– Fill in About Me, Location & Website sections– Use keywords & website backlink for SEOAna Lucia Novak©
  12. 12. Ana Lucia Novak©
  13. 13. Signing Up at Pinterest• All followers will see your pinboards– Can always unfollow people• Setup pinboards– Unlimited number allowed• Create user profile– Fill in About Me, Location & Website sections– Use keywords & website backlink for SEO– Profile will appear in Google searchesAna Lucia Novak©
  14. 14. Creating Your First Pin• Pin content from a website OR• Upload photo from your computerAna Lucia Novak©
  15. 15. Creating Your First Pin1.Click “Add A Pin”2.Enter URL of website3.Choose a thumbnail photo4.Select a pinboard OR create a new pinboard5.Describe your pin6.Select “Pin It”7.Share on Facebook & Twitter (optional)Ana Lucia Novak©
  16. 16. Pinterest Tools• Bookmarklet – javascript code that lives in yourbrowser’s bookmark bar– Allows you to add pins without actually visiting a site• Log in & select About >> Pin It Button fromnavigation barAna Lucia Novak©
  17. 17. Pinterest Tools• Follow button – HTML code can be added as awidget on your website– When visitors click, they go to your pinterest page &can see your pinboards• Pin It button for websites – allows visitors to pinthe content of your site to their pinboards– Wordpress has Pinterest plugins• iPhone & Android apps availableAna Lucia Novak©
  18. 18. Pinterest Tools• Allows sharing across social networksAna Lucia Novak©
  19. 19. Pinterest Tools• Can embed pins directly to your siteAna Lucia Novak©
  20. 20. Pinterest ToolsAna Lucia Novak©
  21. 21. Pinterest Etiquette• Be cautious about self-promotion– Pin your own stuff sometimes, pin other people’sstuff more often• Give proper attribution– Link pins to original source– If “repinning” include name of Pinterest user whoshared it with you– Never link someone’s photo to your siteAna Lucia Novak©
  22. 22. Pinterest Etiquette• Comments should be polite• Report offensive pinsAna Lucia Novak©
  23. 23. Pinterest Etiquette• Observe copyright laws– Many photography sites don’t want their work pinned– If pin button doesn’t work on a site, don’t try to makeit work• Make sure the link source is correct– Pin blog posts from the actual blog link, NOT thehome pageAna Lucia Novak©
  24. 24. Who’s Your Ideal Follower?• Building a following will build your influence• Build a following of like-minded people in yourmarket• Start with your current social networks• Find your blog commenters, newslettersubscribers & customers on Pinterest• Pick & choose which boards to followAna Lucia Novak©
  25. 25. Who’s Your Ideal Follower?1.Visit user’s home page“Follow All” button will follow all the user’sboards3.OR click on thumbnails to view & selectindividual boards to followAna Lucia Novak©
  26. 26. Refining Your Boards• Have a number of boards related to your niche– You can have an unlimited number of boards!• Be descriptive in your board names• Categorize your boards• Add collaborators to a board– Select “Me + contributors” next to the “who can pin”selection– Send emails to invited collaboratorsAna Lucia Novak©
  27. 27. Anatomy of a Good Pin• Repinning is ultimate goal– More than 75% of all pins are repins• Use good photos– Beautiful pictures will increase repinning• Add descriptions to pins with link– As your pin is repinned, the original link source canbe lostAna Lucia Novak©
  28. 28. Anatomy of a Good Pin• Tags– Hashtags make it easy to locate pins– Use keywords for SEO– Can use multiple hashtags per pin– BUT too many hashtags can look like spamAna Lucia Novak©
  29. 29. Avoid Wasting Time• Select email updates / notifications on profilepage– When someone follows, comments, likes or repins– Single notifications or daily update• Limit browsing time– Set a time limit of how often & how long you interact• Pin frequently & consistently for best results– Analyze your resultsAna Lucia Novak©
  30. 30. Pinterest, Traffic & Sales• Become the expert– Standard SEO tactics will keep your boards at the topof searches– Keep account current = pin consistently– Follow people– Interact– Tag pins– Create meaningful boardsAna Lucia Novak©
  31. 31. Pinterest, Traffic & Sales• Get Your Stuff Pinned– Make it easy for readers– Use WordPress plugins– Use a plugin to encourage people to follow you– Add Pinterest RSS feed to your site– Ask friends to pin your content• Traffic & sales from Pinterest depends on howmany pins & repins you receiveAna Lucia Novak©
  32. 32. More Pinterest Tips• Pins offer backlinks to your site• Pins last forever so avoid pinning coupons orspecial events– Choose evergreen topics instead like recipes, how-tovideos, craftsAna Lucia Novak©
  33. 33. More Pinterest Tips• Info marketers or service providers can getcreative– Share useful tips in the form of graphics– Share infographics relevant to your industry withcommentary– Share photos of you or staff– Create statistics charts relevant to your customers– Film a how-to video sharing a new ideaAna Lucia Novak©
  34. 34. SocialAna.comSocial Media Management &Implementation ServicesStrategyArchitectMonitoringMeasurementTwitter: @AnaLuciaNovak Lucia Novak©