Body powered devicesLorenaVázquez


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Body powered devicesLorenaVázquez

  1. 1. BODYPOWEREDDEVICES<br />Thispicture shows a bodypowereddevicewhichisusedtoturnlocomotionintopower. Thisis posible becausetheyintroducedpiezoelectriccrystalsinto a flexible,biocompatiblerubberlike material that,whenbent,allowsthecrystalsto produce energy.<br />
  2. 2. ITSAPPLICATION<br />Use : youhavetoputthecrystals in shoes, orimplantthemdirectlyintothebody and itcould produce enoughpowertocharge personal electronicsorinternalmedicaldevices.<br />
  3. 3. ITSIMPORTANCE<br />Thisyear Michael McAlpine of Princeton Universityfiguredoutthisdiscovery . It has a veryimportantscientificimportance. <br />it has madepossibletheadvance in somefields: medicine ,social life.<br />Nowsomepeople can havebetteroppotunities at job,forenjoyingthemselves…<br />
  4. 4. MY OPINION<br />I thinkitis a fantasticinvention ,becausepeoplewhohaveproblems,disabilitieslikenotbeingabletowalkorlackinganarm can use BodyPoweredDivices can solvetheirproblem and improvetheir lives. <br />