Integrating digital tech into real world marketing experiences


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Pervasive computing has been a 'thing' for a long time now, and since Minority Report we have all been obsessed and repelled by the potential of digital technology to step out of the box on your desk and into the real world. The technology associated with mobile devices now has put the possibility of this type of communication into the hands of many, but what practically can we do, how do we do it and what is the consumer reaction to it? We will show inspirational case histories from our clients and the wider industry, some real world examples and run through a simple process for creation and realisation.

Questions answered :

Great examples to inspire you. A simple process for delivering programs. Managing innovation in marketing agencies. Practical opportunities you can use today and tomorrow.

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  • I am going to spend the next few minutestalking to you about incorporating digital tech into real world marketing experiencesThis morning I hope to give you an amuse bouche for the mindNot enough to be satisfied, but a taste that will enliven the senses, and stimulate your mindsContextCatalystsHow?
  • Integrating digital tech into real world marketing experiences

    1. 1. // Incorporating digital technology // into real world marketing experiences // 1st June 2012 @analogfolk @mattyboomboomWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 1
    2. 2. Matt Dyke Strategy Director AnalogFolkWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 2
    3. 3. AnalogFolkWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 3
    4. 4. ContextFrom messageto valueWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 4
    5. 5. Minority ReportWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 5
    6. 6. Augmented hyper realityWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 6
    7. 7. The future is already here Plan UK digital poster on Oxford St – March 2012WWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 7
    8. 8. Lynx Anarchy – invisible advertisingWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 8
    9. 9. Guinness – QR code pint glassWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 9
    10. 10. A nascent shift is occurring MESSAGE SERVICEWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 10
    11. 11. The opportunity: value exchangeWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 11
    12. 12. CatalystsTipping point interms of technologyand scaleWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 12
    13. 13. Catalyst ingredients Gestural Haptic Screens interfaces tech Mobile Intelligent Location tech objectsWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 13
    14. 14. www.leapmotion.comWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 14
    15. 15. LG mass producing plastic screensWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 15
    16. 16. Ubi InteractiveWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 16
    17. 17. Ninja blocks sensors:Motion, light, distance, humidity WWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 17
    18. 18. Museum of LondonStreet Museum App WWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 18
    19. 19. EVRYTHNG – “A Facebook of things”WWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 19
    20. 20. How?Creative approachesto maximise theopportunityWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 20
    21. 21. User experience in a broader contextWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 21
    22. 22. Consider the brand / product ecosystemWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 22
    23. 23. Develop a ‘folk network’that enables you to extend your skills WWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 23
    24. 24. Eric Schmidt on developinga culture of innovation 70 : 20 : 10 20% of time should be 10% of time should be 70% of time should be dedicated to projects dedicated to projects dedicated to core related to the core unrelated to the core business tasks. business. business WWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 24
    25. 25. Discovery Convenience Belonging Entertainment Consider fundamental Improvement human needs Play Philanthropy Status CommunicationWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 25
    26. 26. “It took millions of years for man’s instincts todevelop. It will take millions more for them toeven vary. It is fashionable to talk aboutchanging man.A communicator must be concerned withunchanging man, with his obsessive drive tosurvive, to be admired, to succeed, to love, totake care of his own.” Bill Bernbach, Founder, DDBWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 26
    27. 27. WWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM 27