Poetry for Hope


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Poetry for Hope is a collection of poems written and illustrated by 4th grade students in Greensboro, North Carolina. The theme is close to their hearts, since it relates to their immigration journeys, struggles and life challenges. It's not perfect, but it is authentic because it portraits their lives.

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Poetry for Hope

  1. 1. Poetry for HOPE Written and illustrated by 4th grade students of Sedgefield Elementary, Greensboro, NC
  2. 2. Hope When I came to America I felt sad I left a lot of family behind Like my grandma, she was a great person; when I needed help she helped she was going to help me no matter what was wrong with me even when I am sad she will cheer me up even when I was mad too. When I left Africa my mom hoped we will have a good life but when we arrived We didn’t know a word of English But after three years we got the hang of it Then we learned to speak English and write English Also, three days later, my mom got a job so we can get a house. Mubarak 1
  3. 3. HOPE Hope is something that you can’t stop in my dad’s heart My father hopes to see me again When he left me alone 5 years ago My heart broke every day I cried every night because I Was so down, I was underground I needed his love and I didn’t get that Then he came back to see me again Hope to get that love back I feel like I’m family with my dad By Zykiria 2
  4. 4. HOPE Hope is believing in my self I believe I can become a tech rorker but if I don’t have hope Then that can’t be My family Will fight until I succeed and I will not fall I will stand up And fight for my dreams but Not only that you’re supposed To have hope so you can succeed In your Dreams Taylor 3
  5. 5. Hope Is the bus that took us here to the U.S.A. We left Mexico because there Was a lot of crime! Hope Hope Hope! The bus went to the U.S.A. with us On it so we can have a better life My parents worked hard Day and night in hope That we can get a Better life. Pablo 4
  6. 6. HOPE is everything!! Hope is my parents’ life I have hope for my mom And dad because they are The thing I Love Hope is in my mom’s and dad’s heart Hope is everywhere in the world Hope is my mom because My mom believes I can do everything; like passing 4th grade Hope is my dad because My dad believes I can do better in school Hope is everything to me Because my mom and dad Believe in it too Nicole 5
  7. 7. HOPE Hope is the heart of my family I wonder why my parents left Cambodia we came because of the war in Cambodia at the killing field and in the war in Cambodia my great grandpa and grandma passed away It was hard for my dad to take care of all three of his kids I hope my parents won’t fight in front of me or stop yelling at each other in front of me and my brother. NOW WE ARE IN AMERICA, but we are still a family Because hope is the heart of my family. By Malina 6
  8. 8. Hope Hope is an airplane that flies trough the sky… It took us away and It brought us here My heart was broken when I left Togo in 2012 I had to leave all my friends in Africa I felt very sad it took us 2 days to come to America It was very hard for me and my family I got better and better at school And life got better for my family too, It was very hard but not any more Everything changed and changed... Kale 7
  9. 9. HOPE HOPE is my family We have a good Life My uncles are helpful because they help me on my homework and they talk to me and they play with me HOPE is my family I love my Great Great Grandmother because she is the best one in the world HOPE is my family My dad is there for me If I get hurt he is there to help me He is caring because when I’m sick he gives me Medicine HOPE is my family! Jose 8
  10. 10. HOPE!!! HOPE is a meteorite Like me Because cars Never stop going Incredible speed When the race begins I hear Room! I’m going so fast other cars Are blowing up boom! cars are smashing my car wham! But I’m still going on to pass the finish line and have that big trophy in my sweat, rough hands!!! 9
  11. 11. Hope!!! Hope is a strong tiger that has freedom It has a lot of power I am a Tiger I have lots of hope for my life I hope to be a professional soccer player I can see the number on my shrit and see my team mates on the field people shouting, screaming, yelling go to our team I can see me make a goal after goal and winning the games making my family friends proud most of all I feel proud of myself 10
  12. 12. HOPE!!! Hope is a shooting star Flying in the sky brightly It shows freedom and faith My mom and dad had hope to come to NC It took time but they knew what they are going through Hope is just what they had needed It was tough but they knew hope was it Walking hard day and night Hungry and tired They stopped a few times when there was lots of rain After the rain ended they started walking more and more My mother was pregnant with my oldest brother My mother cried because they had their first baby And because they have a safe place to have it Two months later they just made it to North Carolina Such good people gave food and water to my parents Hope pushed us here to America Hope is our shooting star 11
  13. 13. HOPE IS . . . . . Hope is the wind That goes every where it doesn’t sleep it’s up in the sky going house to house giving hope to everyone It leads you to feel Succeed in your dreams Hope is believe hope makes You feel like you can Do everything HOPE! HOPE! Hope is love, faith and Strong It feels peaceful graceful Hope is anything it is What you want it TO BE! DANIELA 12
  14. 14. HOPE HOPE is all the special Things that happen in your life Hope is your path to freedom Hope is everywhere in the wind, in your body everywhere you go Hope is like a wild tiger Searching for something, teaching its cubs How to survive in the wild Hope is moving from Africa Hope is saving people that means A lot to me and others Being with my family makes me feel like I can do anything I was having trouble with reading homework I could not understand But then when I had Hope I succeed. by Cinaly 13
  15. 15. Hope Hope is a bald eagle It shows freedom It shows justice It fly’s saying HOPE! HOPE! It teaches how to hope It teaches how to get your Wings and fly like a bald eagle Soaring and looking For the Ones that Don’t Hope 14
  16. 16. Hope is like angel With wings flying in The sky looking for people With hope in their eyes It sings with hope aside Teaching others hope Is alive now hope has Arrived Looking for people With hope in its eyes Soaring Throw the sky dreaming About hope in it eyes By ASIA 15
  17. 17. HOPE I hope when I turn 13 I hope they get together my dad and mom they love each other so much I don’t know why... they do it it makes me sad now Our family will be okay my sister and brother are happy now my mom and dad are happy they are living together they had some things but they are happy now 16
  18. 18. Hope Hope is everything you can have in your life Love, obey, believe and succeed, If you follow your dreams hope will be in the air If you listen to the songs hope will be right there Hope is everywhere in your life I bet hope is standing next by you smiling right now. Hope, love, believe and succeed will always be right Hope, hope, hope will be standing right there. Aniyah 17
  19. 19. HOPE HOPE is to become a doctor I have faith to find the cure for cancer Cancer can make you sick by lung disease If it is Level A or B it is easy to cure It is level C or D it is hard to cure. I also want to help babies because if They’re sick or have a disease I will heal people especially babies and the elderly It take a lot be a doctor because you have be Patient and loving and caring I HOPE my passion take me to there be a doctor 18
  20. 20. Hope is my family they encourage me, they care about me They love me They also believe in me to get better in school They are always proud of me because I’m Getting amazing grades in school They check on me They check if I’m ok They check on me I’ll come to see them They check if I’m doing well in school I’m so glad that my family is here I wouldn’t have hope without them. Almirton 19
  21. 21. Poetry For HOPE: What does Hope mean to you? Copyright © 2014 by 4th Grade students Mrs. Pok-Muir and Mrs. Wells 4th grade class. Acknowledgment Editing by Mrs. Wells. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from 4th Grade students Powered By Bookemon. www.bookemon.com