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technical communication for admin staff

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Technical communication

  1. 1. Universiti Utara Malaysia Associate Professor Dr Zulikha Jamaludin Faculty of Information Technology Universiti Utara Malaysia URL: Intro What Types Process Q&A&A TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION –KASTAM, ALOR SETAR
  2. 2. Universiti Utara Malaysia What we will learn today Intro What Types Process Q&A&A Reading & Writing •Introduction to the workshop •Technical communication basics •Types of writing •The writing process •Evaluation •Activity •Conclusion Speaking •Speaking in public •Similarities and differences between public speaking and conversation •Analysing the audience •Beginning and ending the speech •Delivery •Using visual aids •Organising the body of the speech •Activity: post oral presentation •Conclusion
  3. 3. Universiti Utara Malaysia Technical Communication…where in KSA? Intro What Types Process Q&A&A KSA K general working detailed S vocational Content skills math Basic arith statistics Problem- solving reasoning compare classify analyse evaluate HR PR coaching negotiating supervising Team- working Self mgt prioritising ambiguity Fluctuating w/load Time mngt language read write speak A
  4. 4. Universiti Utara Malaysia SKILL  Language Intro What Types Process Q&A&A Language Reading To file Std E/M text technical Writing basic visualization business Speaking basic conversational public extemporaneous Different b/g biligual Phone reception impromptu The language component
  5. 5. Universiti Utara Malaysia R, W, S  Search, Generate, Communicate  Read  search truth  Write  generate analytical  Speak  communicate info sharing component skills objective Master the Language & terms! Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  6. 6. Universiti Utara Malaysia Analytical Need a proper analysis to prove this!Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  7. 7. Universiti Utara Malaysia Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  8. 8. Universiti Utara Malaysia Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  9. 9. Universiti Utara Malaysia • Are the squares marked A and B of the same shade of gray? • Need to prove • Thus, need to master the language & analytical skill somehow… Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  10. 10. Universiti Utara Malaysia What is TC? TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION? Intro What Types Process Q&A&A A process of conveying information, (of course, the useful one) related to a particular technical area, to a group of audience of different background, including general audience.
  11. 11. Universiti Utara Malaysia What is NOT TC?  Comics  Poems  Novels  Rhyme ....and all other forms of writing in the category of creative writing. Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  12. 12. Universiti Utara Malaysia TC ....must be supported with facts, must be precise, and can be proven as accurate before any conclusion be made. ....clarify Purpose – why you write Content – what we write Audience – who reads what we write Style – how we write Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  13. 13. Universiti Utara Malaysia Examples: PUT FACTS! Intro What Types Process Q&A&A For TC- lots of facts, less logical inferences, almost none opinion  The sun has risen every day of our lives.  The sun will rise tomorrow.  The sun rises too early on workdays.  KDRM officers are fantastic! I like them.  KDRM Kedah involved in administrating and collecting indirect tax for the government.  There are six KDRM stations in Kedah namely, Customs Alor Star, Langkawi, Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kuala Kedah, Sungai Petani, dan Kulim.  Tn. Hj. Ahmad Maher Abd. Manaf is the director of KDRM Kedah.  The director of KDRM Kedah is above 40 in age.  Everybody in KDRM Kedah like their director.
  14. 14. Universiti Utara Malaysia Examples: PRECISE & ACCURATE Intro What Types Process Q&A&A Avoid wordy phrases •afford an opportunity to  permit •at this point in time  now Writes directly Indirect: “We would like to suggest that you consider directing your attention toward completing the project before the commencement of the seasonal monsoon or rains in the region of the project area.” Direct: “We suggest you complete the project before the monsoons begin.”
  15. 15. Universiti Utara Malaysia Examples Intro What Types Process Q&A&A Replace long words •approximately about •modification change Cut off extra words Most KDRM managers generally agree that all of the company's employees at all the offices deserve at lease some degree of training each year that they work for the firm.
  16. 16. Universiti Utara Malaysia TC in the Internet Era In the IT era, TC has becomed very ’rich’, can be done eletronically, involvin g multimedia elements –the objective is to communicate the information easily. Intro What Types Process Q&A&A Must follow proper TC rules (however you can still write chaotically, then in the readers’ eye you are a chaotic person, and that you are attached to a chaotic organisation!)
  17. 17. Universiti Utara Malaysia The forms of writing The document informative analytical persuasive Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  18. 18. Universiti Utara Malaysia TC: Informational, Analytical, Persuasive types explanation example Informativ e Convey facts without bias A report on your visit to UUM A list of performance indicators used by Alor Star Office A report on the release of tax exempted products at BKH Analytical Interprate based on facts A comparison report regarding KDRM visit to UUM and UTM. Should KDRM performance indicators be changed? Why are there more tax exempted products released at BKH and not at Golok? Persuasiv e Use the information and its interpretation to influence decision The probability of improving KDRM by introducing change in performance indicators. Economic benefits to KDRM by investing Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  19. 19. Universiti Utara Malaysia The writing process 1.4 complete the framework Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  20. 20. Universiti Utara Malaysia The writing process Intro What Types Process Q&A&A When you sit down to write... - Does your mind turn blank? - … have nothing to say? If so, you're not alone! Everyone experiences this, but some people have strategies or techniques to get them started. try these suggestions… 1. EXPLORE the problem 2. MAKE your goals operational 3. GENERATE some ideasbrainstorming, talk to reader, ask questions, compare,… Refer handoutTC
  21. 21. Universiti Utara Malaysia Example You are now following a course on _________ (state the course’s name) Why? 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ resulting 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ The TC course should be made compulsary to all staffs of _________(your org) Why? 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ resulting 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ Write the frameworkdraftcomplete the draftedit Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  22. 22. Universiti Utara Malaysia Sharing the information COMMUNICATING INFO VIA PRESENTATION Professional but friendly Fluent Keep eye contact Confident Authoritative Leave impact The voice –clear, confident Do not reaaaaaaadddd Rehearse with friends, mum&dad, wife, husband, cats, goats… Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  23. 23. Universiti Utara Malaysia Activity 1. Look sharp at the figure… 2. Write a short memo to your leader, explain what you have seen (one memo from each group) Intro What Types Process Q&A&A
  24. 24. Universiti Utara Malaysia Conclusion Intro What Types Process Q&A&A What is TC What is Not TC Technical/science/technology- based Creative/arts-based inform, analysis-based, persuade Fun, leisure-based, unconvincing though not vain IT era Traditional Computers, Internet, mm Pen & paper, no mm support Making it works Not making it works Lots of facts, some logical inference, no opinion, precise, proper process, less wordy, direct Little facts, lots of opinion and assumptions, vague, Ad-hoc process, wordy, indirect
  25. 25. Universiti Utara Malaysia Final remarks and Q & A Intro What Types Process Q&A&A 1.Read at least 4 pages a day (excluding newspaper & Quran) 2.Write at least one proper e-mail a day (excluding sms)