Yet Another Things To Do For Freelancers


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Tips for freelancers, a presentation created by Harry JH of for FreSh event. (I'm just uploading, credit goes to Harry)

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Yet Another Things To Do For Freelancers

  1. 1. Yet Another Things to Do for Freelancers A Presentation at Freedom of Sharing (FreSh) 4th. November 28, 2008
  2. 2. be flexible flexibility is the ‘heart’ of freelancing. it is something which differentiate us with big design/web agencies. it is our plus point. being a freelancer means being able to be (reasonably) flexible.
  3. 3. know how you can sell know WHAT you can sell and know HOW you can sell it
  4. 4. instead of selling a web design & development in one package, we can split it into creative idea and graphic design, coding, development, database design, copywriting, photography, hosting, etc.
  5. 5. be responsive, fast if possible sometimes (or most of the times), what client needs is simply our response. a short ‘ok, i’ll check it’ quick reply is better than a ten paragraphs detailed explanations email sent 2 days later.
  6. 6. generosity won’t kill you give more and you will receive more. being (strategically) generous, simple pro-bono works, small favors will give you an added-value to the clients.
  7. 7. some samples of digitalgrafis’ pro-bono works
  8. 8. presentation matters the way you present yourself may differentiate between winning and losing a project. the way you present your works may differentiate between one-time project and continuous relationship.
  9. 9. example of appropriate design preview sent to the client compared to the ‘paranoid-type’ one.
  10. 10. do fun things do things which are fun for you. it helps you stay sane and (who knows) might be useful for your work in the future.
  11. 11. for fun
  12. 12. for project
  13. 13. for fun
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  15. 15. for fun
  16. 16. for project
  17. 17. seek work partners two heads are better than one. find work partners who are capable, reliable and share the same visions as you.
  18. 18. solve personal problems solve your personal problems first, (at least ) give it a priority. you’ll be more productive if you’re happy.
  19. 19. End of Presentation. Thanks! :) (c) 2008 - Digitalgrafis Studio - |