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Social Media in Indonesia - A 2011 Reflection


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What's happening in Indonesia's social media world?

These slides show some recaps of the exciting online and offline activities related to one of the biggest country of social media users. More info about the slides can be checked at:

For English users, you would need Google Translate to understand the blog posts.

Some datas are taken from

Social Media in Indonesia - A 2011 Reflection

  1. 1. Some Dos and Don’ts
  2. 2. Celebritweets!@sherinamunaf with>1,000,000 followers
  3. 3. FURTHER INFOhttp://media‐‐2011‐tips‐twitter‐untuk‐ pemilik‐akun‐brand/http://media‐‐2011‐yang‐pernah‐terjadi‐di‐ facebook/http://media‐‐2011‐dunia‐online‐nggak‐ asyik‐tanpa‐kopdar/http://media‐‐2011‐banyaknya‐aktivitas‐ social‐media/For English  users, you would need Google Translate to understand  the blog posts.Some datas are taken from