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Freelancing Done Right

Tips on doing freelancing works. This presentation was actually made by Chandra Marsono (, not mine.

The slides was presented in FreSh event in Jakarta. More on FreSh can be read at:

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Freelancing Done Right

  1. 1. freelancing done right the art of doing what you love to do & letting people do what you love to do
  2. 2. freelancing done right “ the art of doing what you love to do ”
  3. 3. Get Paid! Freelancing is work, so make sure you are paid to do your work. There is no sense of doing something for nothing without a proper agenda behind it. Know Your Worth ! Do an assessment of yourself. You need to identify your skill, what your strengths are and where you are weak. Then set a price on your skill. Set Your Terms ! Being the boss of you, you need to set the rules that you work by and what your clients should work by if they hire you. Socialize Go out and meet new people, always introduce yourself properly and what you do for a living. freelancing done right
  4. 4. Be Organized! - Organize your time properly Most new freelancers linger their time and enjoys their new found freedom of being their own boss. Create schedules, work charts, timelines, buy an organizer or hire an assistant. Always be on time. - Organize your money Give yourself a salary. Differentiate between your earnings and your capital. Make sure you can afford to work and feed yourself. - Organize your documents Write everything down, make minutes meeting, group everything based on accounts, EVERYTHING MUST BE DOCUMENTED, EVERYTHING MUST BE SIGNED. Be Ethical Never ever approach a client directly without the consent of your employer freelancing done right
  5. 5. “ the art of letting other people do what you love to do ” freelancing done right
  6. 6. Converting Into a Job Publisher / Business Owner You can call it entrepreneurship, business owner, job publisher, or anything else. The main reason why freelancers convert to business owner is because we want more money and do less things. The Difference Is In Management The difference between a freelancer and a business owner is management. Business owners delegate his work to project managers who manage freelancers. The Bottom Line Is The Bottom Line Freelancers should only make up of 30% of your total project income, and your total expenditure must only be 60% of your total project income. freelancing done right
  7. 7. Break Down Projects To Specific Tasks Save money by breaking down your project to specific tasks which you can outsource to freelancers. The more specific, the more money you can save. Your Expense is Greater Than a Freelancer Stop being a goodie-two-shoes saint. By managing freelancers, you are actually working more, directing, supervising, having more responsibility, taking more risk, doing all the paperwork, interacting with the client, paying salaries, taxes, etc. Standardize your Work Create a Standard Operating Procedure or an FAQ if you need for your employees and freelancers. Quality is always key. Control Your Freelancers You must have a CV of your freelancer, know where they live, their phone numbers, and have their signature on a contract and work order (PO). Create deadlines and penalty if you have to.
  8. 8. Be Responsible To Your Freelancers A good employer will always think of their employees first. Make sure you pay them on time, keep them happy, and have a healthy relationship with them. Always Keep A Black Book You why and what for. freelancing done right