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  1. 1. “Lucy” Created by: Anais Dixie & Amy Durbin
  2. 2. Genre • Our chosen genre is a horror/thriller • We will achieve this by creepy music, distinctive horror movie sounds and the settings and shots used. Costume and makeup will also play a role in this. • Targeting our primary audience of teenagers and secondary audience of adults buying DVD’s as gifts. • Doing research has helped us to create a more distinctive genre by using what we have found to be typical conventions of a horror film, i.e. sinister/insidious.
  3. 3. Outline of storyline • The story revolves around a father and the loss of his child, Lucy when she was 9. • Lucy is now desperately finding ways to contact her father through supernatural ways. • The sightings of Lucy are what makes the genre.
  4. 4. Description of characters • Lucy is a young girl who has been missing for years as a result of her father leaving her home alone. She’s 9 years old but is not your typical 9 year old girl. • Lucy’s Dad lives on his own and has turned to alcohol as a result of the guilt of his daughter going missing. He blames himself and has driven himself mad. Desperate to find her, he tries almost everything to contact Lucy.
  5. 5. Possible Locations As we both live in a village, it is easy to access forests, woods etc. Our houses are both from the Victorian times so are originally quite creepy. We will be filming in a house located on a farm, isolated from any sort of estate. We will also be filming in a forest as we think this would have a scary and dramatic effect on the shots and would fit our genre.