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ANAHIT Initiative


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ANAHIT Initiative presentation, defines main concept, goals, steps and actions for Armenian High Tech industry development.

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ANAHIT Initiative

  1. 1. Supportive Initiative for Armenian National High Tech Industry Formation <ul><li>Ground up development of the environment for technological and economical breakthrough </li></ul>ANAHIT Initiative
  2. 2. Goals
  3. 3. Armenia to be a well established country Stable economics Protected borders Part in the global world society Homeplace for all Armenians in the world
  4. 4. Develop an innovative high tech environment Basis for a rich economics Stability Further progress
  5. 5. Action Items
  6. 6. Mentality change from an outsourcing developing country to an innovative, successful and well developed country Create and export successful technologies and products to the global market
  7. 7. Cultivating world class brains, professionalism, scientific, engineering and entrepreneurial spirit in the young generation Train them to be world class professional and successful
  8. 8. Ground up development of the high tech environment to drive social, economical and technological growth Rising up the human basis ready to create an innovative high tech industry
  9. 9. Innovative High Tech Key ingredients and needs
  10. 10. Modern, first class education and science Universities, Research Institutes, Governmental support, Private sector subsidizing
  11. 11. Startups developing innovative technologies and products Technoparks, Incubators, Governmental support
  12. 12. Venture Capital Funding Outside and inside investments, Governmental support
  13. 13. Export of technologies and products, Acquisition of Armenian companies, IPO of Armenian companies Diaspora, Private sector, Governmental support
  14. 14. Where Is The Gap? Wide field companies Education / Science Trainings, Internships Gap Incubators, Venture Funds Startups Niche companies
  15. 15. High Tech Hub High Tech Hub Wide field companies Education / Science Trainings, Internships Incubators, Venture Funds Startups Niche companies
  16. 16. Benefits of the Hub
  17. 17. Established companies can spend less time and resources on trainings and internships programs and they will hire graduates with work experience
  18. 18. Universities can continue providing fundamental knowledge base and incorporate Hub programs for enhancing students work experience
  19. 19. Students and graduates will experience a team work, become familiar to development processes and standards, have a wider view on the fields
  20. 20. Centralized information distribution for technologies and innovations will lead to a better understanding of the processes and trends that are happening in a global world in high tech industries and sectors
  21. 21. Project based assignments and labs will help to identify future team leaders, managers and entrepreneurs, build teams and have a centralized database of young high tech professionals in Armenia
  22. 22. Early stage seed funding can be used to develop prototypes for technologies and products, that further can become a basis for startups
  23. 23. What is the Initiative ?
  24. 24. Establishing a centralized place for information exchange for students, graduates and young professionals from high tech industries Prepare them for a new style of thinking and working
  25. 25. Involving high tech professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and companies from Armenia and all over the world to transfer their knowledge, experience and visions with the upcoming generation Show the success stories and inspire for new achievements
  26. 26. Organizing a wide range of topics discussions, seminars and trainings for all aspects of high tech development, innovative technologies, individual and company experiences Keep the community on the edge of innovative progress information
  27. 27. What else can we do?
  28. 28. Setup information exchange and cooperation, bring experts to have discussions and provide expertise, innovate in every way by creating a fusion of different technologies to create new products
  29. 29. Provide a co-working space for individuals and teams who have ideas and projects and are willing to implement them
  30. 30. Help them with information gathering, project management, development processes setup, space and equipment
  31. 31. Organize competitions and contests to expose creativity and thinking, inspire innovations and award respectfully
  32. 32. Raise future professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs!
  33. 33. Who will be involved?
  34. 34. Participants – a target group of 17-27 years old students, graduates and scientists, eager to learn and enhance their knowledge to drive the future of the country’s progress. Role: receive the knowledge, be proactive and eager to learn
  35. 35. Individual Contributors – a driving force of 25-35 years old high tech professionals, executives and entrepreneurs, who’d like to contribute to Armenia’s National High Tech Industry formation. Role: share experience and knowledge, organize and manage events
  36. 36. Official Contributors (Partners) – educational and scientific institutions, training centers, incubators, venture funds, public and governmental organizations. Role: development of their projects and businesses as well as Armenian High Tech Industry by using upcoming generation of the labor force derived from participants
  37. 37. Sponsors – individuals, companies and organizations, who can provide support for space, internet, promotions, information supply. Role: financial support, creation of new workplaces and companies
  38. 38. High Tech Sectors <ul><li>Information technologies (EDA, Mobile, Web, etc…) </li></ul><ul><li>Telecommunications (Internet, Networks, VoIP, etc…) </li></ul><ul><li>Robotics (industrial, medical, home, etc…) </li></ul><ul><li>Energy (solar, natural, wind, etc…) </li></ul><ul><li>Other sectors will be included when there will be primary drivers for them </li></ul>
  39. 39. Initial steps
  40. 40. Organize a simple web site with entry for building subscription databases for participants Groups in popular social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc…
  41. 41. Develop a program for 2010 conferences, panel discussions, meetings and trainings, cooperate with partners and sponsors for execution, create a schedule of events
  42. 42. Invite speakers (both individuals and companies) to tell their success stories, to attract young generation and convince them in the successful future
  43. 43. Establish a High Tech Hub office that will be open to all participants to get information and schedules
  44. 44. Spread a word to all potential target groups, grab their attention and show them the value they can get
  45. 45. Further steps
  46. 46. Reveal high potential individuals by organizing competitions and contests in different high tech areas
  47. 47. Establish High Tech Labs office space for individuals and teams to work on their projects in a comfortable environment, to innovate and prototype technologies and products
  48. 48. Provide Labs participants with interactive training for a team work, process management and product development
  49. 49. Cooperate with incubators and venture funds for a seed funding of the most promising projects that will come out of Labs, back them with professionals, managers and entrepreneurs to create startups
  50. 50. Contacts <ul><li>Read or subscribe to our news and RSS at </li></ul><ul><li>Follow us on Twitter </li></ul><ul><li>Join our Facebook group at </li></ul><ul><li>Join our LinkedIn group at </li></ul>
  51. 51. Join us! <ul><li>If you are interested, please let us know! </li></ul><ul><li>Provide your name, work position and what you think you can help with </li></ul><ul><li>Let your network know about ANAHIT Initiative </li></ul>
  52. 52. Thanks for your attention! Contacts: [email_address]