Correccion condicionales


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Some activities on conditional sentences.

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Correccion condicionales

  1. 1. 30. Complete the sentences and decide which type ofConditional Sentence it is.1) If I had (have) lots of money, I would sail round theworld. 2nd type2) If my sister sees (see) this puppy, she will love it. 1sttype3) If I had packed (pack) the suitcases myself, I wouldn’thave left my swimsuit. 3rd type4) We could sit (can / sit) in the garden if the weatherwere nicer. 2nd type5) Would Fred have been (Fred / be) bored if you hadtaken him to the opera? 3rd type6) I will wait (wait) for you outside the cinema if I arriveearly. 1st type
  2. 2. 7) Val and Cherie would move if they could find(can / find) a better house. 2nd type8) I would have told (tell) him my name if he hadasked. 3rd type9) If the children want to go to the zoo, will Dadtake (Dad /take) them? 1st type10) If the job were (be) interesting, would you workfor this company? 2nd type11) They wouldn’t have believed him if he had told(tell) them the truth. 3rd type12) She would be upset if her best friend didn’tcome (not / come) to her wedding. 2nd type
  3. 3. My friend Olivia complains all the time. This morning she called meand in five minutes she had said the following:• If my father (1) wasn’t so old-fashioned, he would let me dye myhair green.• If my teacher hadn’t given me so much homework, I (2) would havebeen able to go to a concert withmy brother.• If my mother (3) didn’t cook my favourite dishes all the time, Iwouldn’t be so fat. (Olivia is skinny!)• If I (4) hadn’t spent all my money on CDs, I would have bought abeautiful white T-shirt! (She’s got six.)• If I hadn’t felt ill during the last Maths test, I (5) would have got thebest mark in class. (She usually gets about 50%!)• I told her: “If you (6) didn’t complain all the time, you would be thebest friend in the world!”
  4. 4. 32.- Read, choose and write1) If my Dad hadn’t had a tooth ache, he wouldn’t have metmy Mum. She was his dentist!2) If I had a sister, she would play with me. Unfortunately, I’vegot an older brother and he is always busy with hiscomputer.3) If my friend hadn’t borrowed my bike, she wouldn’t havecrashed it into a tree! Now, neither of us has got a bike!4) I love animals. If my sister weren’t / wasn’t allergic to cats, Iwould have two cats. At the moment, I’ve only got agoldfish!5) If my parents’ friends hadn’t rented a villa in Spain, wewould have had a boring holiday. But we had a great time!6) If I were an actress, I would do anything to be in a film withBrad Pitt. He’s gorgeous!
  5. 5. 33. Complete the Third Conditional sentences.1) If I had heard (hear) the weather forecast, Iwould have taken (take) an umbrella with me.2) If you had come (come) to the party lastnight, you would have met (meet) James.3) If I had listened (listen) to her, this wouldn’thave happened (not / happen).4) If I had known (know) you were at home, Iwould have called (call) you.5) What would you have done (you / do) if hehadn’t lent (not / lend)you his car?
  6. 6. 6) If you hadn’t been (not / be) so rude, shewouldn’t have got ( not / get) so upset.7) If Raymond had missed (not / miss) the bus, hewouldn’t have been ( not / be) late for work.8) If someone had told (tell) me that there was nomilk in the house, I would have gone (go) to thesupermarket.9) She wouldn’t have refused (not / refuse) if youhad asked (ask) her nicely.10) Would you have come (you / come) with us ifwe had told (tell) you about the concert?
  7. 7. 34. Rewrite the sentences. Use the Third Conditional.1) I didn’t say hello because I didn’t see her.If I had seen her, I would have said hello.2) We didn’t go out to dinner because Dad finished work late.If Dad hadn’t finished work late, we would have gone out.3) She was angry because you didn’t call her.If you had called her, she wouldn’t have been angry.4) We didn’t hear about the accident because we didn’t watchthe news.We would have heard about the accident if we had watchedthe news.5) You dropped the vase because you weren’t careful.You wouldn’t have dropped the vase if you had been careful.6) He didn’t pass the exam because he was nervous.He would have passed the exam if he hadn’t been nervous.
  8. 8. 7) We didn’t go to the beach because it rained.If it hadn’t rained, we would have gone to the beach.8) I had a good time because you were there with me.I wouldn’t have had a good time if you hadn’t been therewith me.9) They didn’t get a taxi because they didn’t have enoughmoney.If they had had enough money, they would have got a taxi.10) We were late because our car broke down.If our car hadn’t broken down, we wouldn’t have been late.11) She didn’t follow my advice, so she didn’t make a profit.If she had followed my advice, she would have made a profit.12) You didn’t put the milk in the fridge, so it went bad.If you had put the milk in the fridge, it would have gone bad.
  9. 9. 35. Rewrite the sentences. Use the Second or ThirdConditional.1) She was ill, so she didn’t go to school.If she hadn’t been ill, she would have gone to school.2) I haven’t got a car, so I walk to work every morning.If I had a car, I wouldn’t walk to work every morning.3) I didn’t know it was her birthday, so I didn’t buy her apresent.If I had known it was her birthday, I would have boughther a present.4) You don’t always tell him the truth, so he doesn’t trustyou.If you told him the truth, he would trust you.5) They don’t work hard, so they do badly at school.If they worked hard, they wouldn’t do badly at school.
  10. 10. 6) The old man gave us clear directions, so we found the address.If the old man hadn’t given us clear directions, we wouldn’t havefound the address.7) You don’t get enough sleep, so you feel tired all the time.If you got enough sleep, you wouldn’t feel tired all the time.8) You forgot to bring a map, so we got lost.If you had brought a map, we wouldn’t have got lost. / If you hadn’tforgotten to bring a map…9) You didn’t water the flowers, so they died.If you had watered the flowers, they wouldn’t have died.10) She trains hard, so she’s a good player.If she didn’t train hard, she wouldn’t be a good player.
  11. 11. 11) Ms Dawson loves animals, so she has six cats.If Ms Dawson didn’t love animals, he wouldn’t have six cats.12) We didn’t see them, so we didn’t tell them about it.If we had seen them, we would have told them about it.13) Max doesn’t know about the subject, so he can’t help.If Max knew about the subject, he could help.14) The critic didn’t like the film, so she wrote a bad review.If the critic had liked the film, she wouldn’t have written abad review.15) He likes children, so he gets on well with them.If he didn’t like children, he wouldn’t get on well with them.