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Prada Phone

  1. 1. Content.1. Introduction2. Market place (competition)3. Brand positioning4. SWOT analysis5. Promotions objectives6. Key Media7. PR strategy8. Messages9. Tactics10. Closing words -2-
  2. 2. 1. Introduction.For the launch of the third Prada phone on 1st of August 2009, our team created a PRproposal to promote the new release.At first we must say that this special edition fashion phone is the iPhone’s biggest rival.Mobile phone giant LG and fashion giant Prada joined their power and producedthe best phone ever candidate, with potentiality to achieve an even higher marketshare.In order to success, the chosen PR strategies and tactics will be fitted to a stylishfemale audience within the UK, offering an extraordinary programme as exclusiveand avant-garde as Prada is known for. -3-
  3. 3. 2. Market place.In order to identify the position of the Prada phone within the mobile market, we willfirst analyse the product itself and its competitors.1) Prada phoneThe LG KE850, also known as The LG Prada Phone, is a mobile phone made by LGElectronics. It will feature WiFi, video and a user-friendly music player and is designedto compete with the iPhone from both points of view, the optical and technicalaspect. Features • Touch Screen • Wi-Fi • Music Player • Video Player • Camera • Document Viewer2) iPhoneThe iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smart phone designed andmarketed by Apple with a multi-touch screen and a minimal hardware interface. Thesuccesses of this iconic phone relies on the image of the brand, the features such asGPS and of course design, which is what Apple is famous for. Features • Touch screen • WiFi • iPod (music player) • Camera • Video player -4-
  4. 4. 3) HTC TouchThe HTC Touch phone is a Windows mobile 6-powered pocket PC designed by HTC.Its main, unique feature is a user interface named TouchFLO that detects a sweepingmotion and can distinguish between a finger and a stylus. It has been compared tothe iPhone in the tech media. Features • Music player • Camera • Video player • Contact book • WiFi4) SONY ERICSSON X1It is Sony Ericssons first mobile phone to feature Windows Mobile Device and also hasJava virtual machine that is claimed to have richer set of features than typicallyavailable. Features • Touch screen • Camera with video function • Videoconferencing • WiFi • GPS -5-
  5. 5. 5) NOKIA N800The NOKIA N800 is a wireless Internet appliance from Nokia. It is not a phone, butinstead allows the user to browse the Internet and communicate using Wi-Fi networksor with mobile phone via Bluetooth. Features • Camera • WiFi • Webcam • Radio • Internet • Bluetooth • Covers most of PC’s features6) Meizu miniOneThe miniOne is a cheaper alternative than the Prada phone, in terms of the technicalconfigurations. It also is windows-inclined, but doesn’t feature a rotating display andvisual voicemail. Features • Windows • Camera • Touch screen • TV-out • Photo/video/MP3 compatibility -6-
  6. 6. 7) Samsung Giorgio ArmaniDesigned by Giorgio Armani and realized by Samsung Electronics, the customdesigned Armani graphics and interfaces alight the touch-sensitive display,enhanced by a gentle response mechanism. Features • Touch screen • Camera • Graphical user interface and Audio user interface • Lightweight • Java apps (i.e. google map) • MP3 player • Internet Browser8) Hugo Boss F480Hugo Boss joins the ranks of Giorgio Armani and Prada by obtaining their ownbranded mobile phone from Samsung, which is the Samsung Hugo Boss F480. The‘TouchWiz’ interface wallpapers, and icons have been redesigned in the Hugo Bossstyle and there will be a collection of “Hugo Boss Style” ringtones as well as aBluetooth headset. Features • Touch screen • Camera • Video • Internet browser • MP3 Player -7-
  7. 7. 3) Brand positioning.After having analysed the features of the Prada phone competitors and locatedtheir position in the market of design mobile phones with similar technological anddesign features, we can clearly see that the Prada phone is the most fashionable.The iPhone is its biggest rival, whereas Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss also work with ahigh fashion label, but are aimed to a male dominated audience.To sum up, Prada’s third edition has potentiality to obtain a significant market share. -8-
  8. 8. 4. SWOT.StrengthsThe Prada phone has several features that add to the strength of the product. Theseinclude its unique look and feel accompanied by a mobile operating system, suchas the multi-touch screen. Additionally, it features now WiFi, Video and a user-friendlymusic player.The features are new in the sense of being combined with a fashion brand andmake it stand out from its biggest competitor, the iPhone.WeaknessesThe Prada phone sells almost at the same price than the iPhone, which is about £500,00. When purchasing such an entertaining system price is an important factorthat influences your decision. In this case the customers would make their decisiondepending on how they identify with the brand.Moreover, it doesn’t offer the GPS application. -9-
  9. 9. OpportunitiesThe Prada phone tries to combine both, powerful computing as well asentertainment and a fashion-statement into one system.Furthermore, Pradas customer loyalty and high expectations towards the brandexperience they have had in the past, is an opportunity for the phone.ThreatTo target a more specialised audience, which is the stylish contemporary woman ofthe UK, could exclude the male audience.Although the economy is no longer in its volatile stages, the release of the Pradaphone is still in a time where people are cautious of spending money. - 10 -
  10. 10. 5. Promotions objectives.Generally, it is our aim to widespread the new Prada phone in the target audienceas much as possible. In detail we set up the objectives as follows: 1) Prada phone to be conceived by fashion media and potential customers as the fashion version of the iPhone. 2) Press coverage in tech and gadget, lifestyle, music and fashion media. 3) Arise awareness within target audience and educate about the features. 4) Opinion leaders to purchase the phone and spread the product within the target market. - 11 -
  11. 11. 6. Key media.The key media is identified based on our target audience who is the modern andstylish AB socio-economic group female. They are independent, sophisticated,glamorous and passionate about fashion and cutting-edge technology. They loveculture, active about what is going on in the media and fascinated about celebritynews. Therefore aiming at this group we will include in our key media the UK fashion,lifestyle, tech & gadget and art & music publications targeting the upper market.Fashion & lifestyle publicationsLong lead • Vanity Fair • Vogue UK • Harper’s Bazaar • Elle UK • Marie Claire • 10 Magazine • V Magazine • GQ, section: “What She Wants” • i-D • Pop • Surface • Dazed & Confused • Wallpaper • Vivo Magazine (the ultra local luxury lifestyle magazine)Short lead • Grazia • Financial Times, How to Spend It • The London Paper • Metro • Times • The Independent - 12 -
  12. 12. Tech & Gadget Magazine • Stuff - the world’s best- selling gadget and lifestyle magazine. It’s stylishly designed, wittily written and packed with reviews of the latest gadgets, gear and technology. Stuff is an education in modern living. • T3 • Mobile ChoiceArt & Music magazine • Artrocker – music, art and fashionAssociating with these high-end or “cool” publications will confirm and enforce theimage of the Prada 3 phone. Moreover, the publications in these different areas willcover the audience we want to target from a diverse aspects, especially when thisnew Prada phone does not solely represent design or technology, but and a perfectcombination of fashion, lifestyle and technology, which will be adapted by ourtarget audience to symbolise their cutting-edge styles. - 13 -
  13. 13. 7. PR strategies.The general direction, we chose for the launch of the Prada third edition phone is toassociate it with the Italian glamour and sophistication the brand is known for. Toachieve this, we will relate it to the most gathering festivities of the 16th and 17thcentury, the masquerade ball. - 14 -
  14. 14. 8. Messages.Prada stands for sophisticated and sensual luxury fashion for independent women,who know what they want and are not afraid of showing off.As the Prada phone is aimed to an audience that is consistent of fashion leaders,that like travelling and exploring new things, the message has to breathe both: thelifestyle that Prada delivers and what the phone has to offer technically.Another aspect that has to be taken into consideration is what Prada differentiatesfrom the competitors, especially its biggest rival iPhone. Surely it is the brand Pradaitself, which delivers a modern fashion experience. It is not only about a phone,produced by a technology-focused company, it is a fashion item.Therefore our key message is the following:Wear mobile.Wear digital black.Simple. Sophisticated. You.Be mobile. Be sensual. Be yourself.In style and in touch. - 15 -
  15. 15. 9. Tactics.1) Press lunches, 3 exclusive stories - music related (Artrockers, strong mp3 player story) - fashion related (Vogue) - Technological related (Stuff, story it can compeed with the iPhone) - event/celebrity related (Grazia) -> in timeline later, lunch one day before party2) Press day - Video show - No mask ball theme, only simple and clean modern style - Modern lounge/bar, dominating colour black, silver and white3) Press lunch with Grazia, exclusive story about party4) Party - Mask ball in royal opera house - Mask as teaser sent out (keep the date) - Photographs and pictures of guests - Microsite next day online, only guests have access to the page - Goody bags: Prada phone bag or headphones or necklace, information about - Celebrities and media invited5) Launch Sent out to newspapers pictures of the party and tell about the launch of the product that day - 16 -
  16. 16. 10) Closing words. - 17 -