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Hackett Fragrance, Final Project

Plan Comunicación lanzamiento perfume Hackett

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Hackett Fragrance, Final Project

  1. 1. THE FOUNDER •Jeremy Hackett was brought up and educated in Clifton, Bristol •he moved to London and worked in the fashionable King's Road before accepting a position at a tailors shop on Savile Row •As a sideline he bought and sold second hand clothes purchased from the London street markets •Through this he met up with Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, who shared similar tastes, and between them they started Hackett THE BRAND Hackett is a classic British clothing and accessories brand which caters for the head to toe needs of men of all ages who wish to dress stylishly and to whom quality is more important than the vagaries of fashion. Hackett takes its inspiration from the traditions of British dress without being old fashioned and as such its products are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.
  2. 2. 1979 1986 1983 1985 1992 1987 1988 1989
  3. 3. 2003 1999 2002 2000 2006 2005
  4. 4. Competitors
  5. 5. Target customer
  6. 6. HACKETT Fragrance The House of Hackett, “Mister” following in the footsteps of Jeremy Hackett, who began to daydream about starting his own clothing business, the new work-team shares the passion for bespoke tailoring for men and takes the turn to launch a new product:
  7. 7. HACKETT Fragrance “Mister” monsieur (French), Herr(German), signor (Italian), señor (Spanish), grazhdanin, tovarishch (Russian) “Mister” can be translated as: Men are sometimes addressed as mister, especially by children and especially when the person talking to them does not know their name. But “Mister” by Hackett means much more…
  8. 8. HACKETT Fragrance Chic Dashing Elegant Exclusive Fashionable “Mister” High-class In In vogue Mod Modish Posh Select Sharp Superior À la mode Smart
  9. 9. HACKETT Fragrance “Authentic British Style, this season” This Spring/Summer…he is exploring Europe, attending a British sporting event or simply looking stylish at home or in the office… “Mister”
  10. 10. “Mister”
  11. 11. Fresh Sexy Spicy Distinctive Sensual Inspirational Mediterranean upscale
  12. 12. HACKETT Fragrance “ Mister ” the fragrance with which Hackett opens a new way in the fashion world. “ Mister ” is a sexy and classic fragrance for men that is distinctive, inspirational and upscale, trying to capture the fresh, spicy, sensual scents of the Mediterranean. “ Mister ” notes flow around a fresh core of acid fruits accented by the softness of musk.
  13. 13. Marketing Objectives •increase awareness • Increase sales • to get into a new sector, beauty • maintain British image of the brand, adapting to new trends • develop new diffusion lines • opening to new markets and countries • fidelity of the clientele
  14. 14. Marketing Objectives •Increase awareness • to tell the little-known story of the company and gain new markets • to make Hackett known and understood in new abroad markets • desire, action, behavior • positive attitude generated(faith) and guaranty • deal with men fashion mag: GQ to sponsor events
  15. 15. Advertising Campaign Objectives • promote sportive events:horse racing, polo teams, regatta • maintain traditional, classy and British trademark • develop comm strategy with the ads(TV, press, media and PR • develop worth of mouth in social events • events for high society • ads launch: UK, Ireland and across EU:Spain, France, Portugal and Germany
  16. 16. Communication Strategy • website(restructuring it) • Media • Word of mouth • company internal communication • create a young image of the brand • sponsorship of new competitions: Britain Polo Team • sponsor parties in regattas this summer(samples of Mister) • presentation of the brand in department stores: Selfridges, Harvey Nichols,… as the fragrance for this summer • get sponsorship with recognized architect design places for new stores
  17. 17. Advertising Campaign Strategy • advert on website • integrate the fragrance and logo “Mister” into visual merchandising, windows and in- store • the scent of every Hackett store will be “Mister” • provide fragrance samples to all clients after purchasing • ad will be displayed in all sponsored HACKETT events by Hackett
  18. 18. Tactics •advert on website • integrate the fragrance and logo “Mister” into visual merchandising, windows and in-store • the scent of every Hackett store will be “Mister” • provide fragrance samples to all clients after purchasing • ad will be displayed in all sponsored events by Hackett
  19. 19. Tactics • Dealwith men fashion magazine, ie: GQ, to sponsor Hackett events and so advert create the necessity of use perfume • The ads launch in the UK, Ireland and across Europe including France, Spain, Germany and Portugal • Uploading ad on website, as cover • Developing a series of social events: golf games, regattas, racings, horse competition, rugby games,…sponsored by Hackett
  20. 20. Tactics • Advertisement It’s black, is classy, is elegant, is smart, “Mister”
  21. 21. Tactics • Advertisement-Story board Music by : Michael Bubblé, “The best is yet to come”
  22. 22. Timing •Press launch of the advertising campaign and uploading ad on Hackett website: 14th May •Launch party: 21st May •Showcasing ad in men fashion magazine (GQ, Men Style, Maxim) and TV ad: 21st May
  23. 23. General Budget • Creative costs £ 8000 • TV advertising £ 12000 • Print publications advertising –Press £ 10000 • Matthew Goode, celebrity £ 15000 • Direct mail £ 60 • Signage, billboards £ 2000 • Sponsorship £ 30000 TOTAL……………………………………………………. £ 77060
  24. 24. Evaluation - Questionnaire
  25. 25. MARKET TESTING • simplicity • exclusivity / differentiation • luxury • black • complete outfit (scarf, jacket, tie, hat,cufflinks, belt, etc)
  26. 26. THANK YOU