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  1. 1. 1 MEDIASCAPES CASE STUDIES [ Serpentina | Portugal ] 2011-2013 9. QR CODES IN THE GARDEN...! Location Espaço VITAMIMOS Parque Quinta da Alagoa, Carcavelos, Lisboa, Portugal Timing and duration 12th .July 2013 | 2:30H Partners VITAMIMOS Trainer(s) Ana Pires, Ana Quintas,Ricardo Almeida Audience type and number Families (18 trainees) Objectives General - Exploring relationships among space, people, and media in urban settings - Exploring new ways of inter-generational and family learning using digital technologies - Raise awareness for adopting healthy food habits and to implement practices that promote environmental sustainability through pedagogical workshops Specific - Identify different vegetables - Recognize the importance of vegetables in a healthy diet - Disseminate healthy eating practices - Promote QR Codes Description of the activity After a guided tour to an urban garden, the participants create QR Codes with information on vegetables, which were then placed in the garden. An healthy lunch was prepared by the participants. The information about the vegetables was previously placed in the blog of the activity
  2. 2. 2 (] and the participants just had to copy/paste it to make the QR Codes. Documentation about QR Codes was given to participants to take home and share with the family. Digital tools QR STUFF: Materials - 6 PC´s/ Internet - 1 Printer - Paper - A tutorial of the tools was given to all participants Impact All participants, kids and parents, enjoyed a lot the activity and considered it very useful and playful. The guided tour to the garden was very appreciated, specially by kids. Most of the participants already knew QR Codes but didn´t knew how easy it was to produce them. Lessons learned 3 hours will be more suitable for the activity as it will allow enough time to print and put the QR Codes in the garden. The number of PC´s, six, is enough, because while some of the participants are doing the lunch the others are creating the codes and vice versa. The guided tour to the garden took about 1:30H and it is a proper time. Photos Dissemination e-newsletter: Facebook Event
  3. 3. 3 ABOUT MEDIASCAPES PROJECT MEDIASCAPES aims at exploring various relationships among types of space, media, and people, approaching such findings from a media literacy perspective, by drawing inferences to be used in non-formal and informal learning of adults, especially and foremost in family settings. The Partnership intends to address issues related to the convergence and divergence among ‘classic’ and digital cultural forms by: a) exploring a series of social and cultural practices involving the use of media in the family, as reconfigured by new cultural forms generated by digital technologies; b) exploring relationships among space, people, and media in urban settings, including cases of accommodation or conflict between physical space and cyberspace; c) drawing out implications of findings in terms of guidelines for trainers involved in inter-generational and family learning, and generating a collection of case studies and best/good practices, assembled on an online resource center. The project was held between 1st . August 2011 and 31th. July 2013, with the following partners: Asociatia Epsilon III - Bucharest - RO (Coordinator) Asociatia Grouw up Project - Focsani - RO (Partner) Associação SERPENTINA - Lisbon - PT (Partner) BIDA e.V.Kultur und Bildung - Suhl - DE (Partner) Eptabeta - Castel d'Azzano - Verona - IT (Partner) Project Website: More information? Please contact us: Ana Fontoura Pires +351938586157
  4. 4. 4 Disclamer This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.