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Saving nemo2

  1. 1. No se permite el uso de diccionario ni de ningún otro material didáctico II. LEXICON/PHONETICS (2 points): Las preguntas deberán ser respondidas en inglés Duración de la prueba: 1hora y 30 minutos A. LEXICON (1 point; 0.25 for each correct answer). Find words or Esta hoja NO SE CORRIGE phrases in the text that mean the same as these given. (a) In or from the south part of the world. SAVING NEMO (b) Animals which you keep and look after at home. (c) Stop living. Finding Nemo, the film, may have left cinemas, but in the (d) Found below the surface of water (adjective).southern sea the loss of brightly-coloured anemone fish is a problem. Formore than a decade the population of anemone fish in the ocean hasbecome smaller and smaller. The beautiful fish are popular pets and thus B. PHONETICS. (1 point; 0.25 for each correct answer)they are often caught to be sold at fish markets. a). Write a word from the text that contains the sound / / These little Nemos are quite vulnerable to environmental b). Which of the following words has the same vowel sound as "bed"changes, though. Many suffer from the lengthy transportation times on /e/?their way to the market. Most die a few days after being kept in a fish 1. Selling, 2. Sea, 3. Betank. c). Is the "-s-" pronounced voiced /z/ or voiceless /s/ in "makes"? Yet the demand continues, and hunters comb the seas. To make d). Write a word from the text that contains the sound /e /money quickly, some even add small drops of cyanide to the water. Thiscauses all the fish in the vicinity to become unconscious for a short timeand float to the surface. This makes it easier to get them, though many of III. USE OF ENGLISH. (3 points; 0.5 for each correct answer). Rewritethe fish poisoned in this way will soon die. the following sentences starting with the words given. Some species like the clown anemone fish are on the verge ofextinction and the only solution to give an answer to the commercial 1. In my opinion, taking some exercise would be good You…demand is to have fish kept at a farm in order to produce new animals. In for you.addition, the balance of the underwater ecology will not be destroyed. 2. I last visited London two years ago. I have … 3. She said, “What time does the party start?” She … QUESTIONS 4. We’ll meet again tomorrow because we haven’t Since … reached an agreementI. READING COMPREHENSION (2 points; 0.5 for each correct 5. Translating the book took her five months. It took …answer). Add TRUE or FALSE and copy evidence from the text to 6. Despite the difficulties, we solved the problem Although …support your answer. NO MARKS are given for only true or false. IV. COMPOSITION (3 points). Write a composition of between 100 and 1. The beautiful anemone fish are very well-known pets. 125 words on ONE of the following topics. Specify your option. 2. Environmental changes do affect the anemone fish.  Write about some points that could be made for and against the following statement: People should not be allowed to keep animals as 3. Cyanide is a dangerous substance for fish. pets in the city. 4. There are many solutions to avoid the extinction of the clown  In your opinion, why is the relationship between parents and anemone fish. adolescent children usually difficult?