Pens in written exams


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Pens in written exams

  1. 1. No se permite el uso de diccionario ni de ningún otro material II. LEXICON / PHONETICS [2 points] didáctico. Las preguntas deberán ser respondidas en inglés Duración de la prueba: 1 h y 30 minutos A. LEXICON (1 point; 0.25 for each correct answer). Find words Esta hoja no se corrige or phrases in the text that mean the same as these given: 1. educated, trainedPens in written exams 2. worried 3. topics, mattersThe days of using pens and paper in exams must be brought to an end, 4. marksthe head of the countrys exams watchdog, says today.Isabel Nisbet, chief executive of the Office of Qualifications and B. PHONETICS (1 point; 0.25 for each correct answer).Examinations Regulation, said that if school exams did not go online 1. Write two words from the text that include the sound / :/soon, exam preparation "will become a separate thing to learning" for 2. Write a plural noun in the text whose ending is voiceless /s/candidates brought up on computers. She added that sticking to 3. Write a word from the text that includes the sound /e /traditional writing materials would make GCSEs and A-levels become"invalid" for more digitally aware pupils.Ms Nisbet said she was concerned that technologically savvy pupils III. USE OF ENGLISH [3 points; 0.5 for each correct answer]could take only "bits" of a "very small" number of GCSEs and A-levels on Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words givencomputers. "They use information technologies (IT) as their natural and keeping the original meaning:medium for identifying and exploring new issues and deepening their 1. There weren’t so many people as we expected There were…knowledge," she said. "This cannot go on. Our school exams are running 2. He started to learn Russian in 2006 She’s …the risk of becoming invalid as their medium of pen and ink increasinglydiffers from the way in which youngsters learn." 3. “Why didn’t you phone yesterday?”, said Jane Jane … 4. She smokes in bed. She’s used to it. She is …The number of exam scripts marked online has grown steadily in recent 5. Despite the cold weather, I didn’t wear a coat. Although …years. However, earlier this week, it was revealed that 622 students hadbeen awarded lower grades than they should have been because Write a question for the underlined part of the sentence:sections of their papers had not been marked as a result of errors in 6. They accused him of stealing the marking.I. READING COMPREHENSION. [2 points; 0.5 for each correct IV. COMPOSITION [3 points]. Write a composition of aboutanswer]. Add TRUE or FALSE and copy evidence from the text 120 words on ONE of the following topics. SPECIFY YOURto support your answer. NO MARKS are given for only TRUE OPTION (Write the title):or FALSE. 1. Education authorities consider it necessary to keep 1. Write an opinion essay on the following topic: “Traditional traditional examination dynamics. educational methods are better than innovation”. 2. Students can use IT in some of the official examinations. 3. Students use IT to learn and to search for information. 2. Write about your favourite advertisement. Describe it and 4. Online marking has produced some unfair results. explain why you like it.