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  1. 1. No se permite el uso de diccionario ni de ningún otro material II. LEXICON / PHONETICS [2 points] didáctico. Las preguntas deberán ser respondidas en inglés Duración de la prueba: 1 h y 30 minutos A. LEXICON (1 point; 0.25 for each correct answer). Find words Esta hoja no se corrige or phrases in the text that mean the same as these given: 1. increasedNEETs 2. important 3. money that you get for your work, wagesAccording to official figures published by the Department for Children, 4. brought out, startedSchools and Families (DCSF) the number of young people out of work,education or training in the UK rose by 16 per cent in the past year. This B. PHONETICS (1 point; 0.25 for each correct answer).amounts to 959,000, an equivalent of one in six young people. 1. Write a word from the text that includes the sound /а /The term NEET, is an acronym of not in education, employment or 2. Is the –ed ending in “aged” voiced /d/, voiceless /t/ or is ittraining, and refers to a young person aged between 16 and 24 who has pronounced /d/?left school and/or college but has failed to secure a job or placement in 3. Write a word from the text that includes the sound /e /some kind of vocational training. According to the DSCF, being a NEET 4. Write a word from the text that includes the sound / /between the ages of 16 and 18 can be a major predictor of laterunemployment, low income, teenage motherhood, depression and poorphysical health. III. USE OF ENGLISH [3 points; 0.5 for each correct answer]In a climate of recession, a contributing factor has been a rise in the Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words givennumber of graduates who, failing to secure employment or training in and keeping the original meaning:their preferred profession, compete for jobs which would conventionally 1. Dealing with disruptive students is not easy It is…have been given to young people with fewer qualifications. 2. You didn’t have to bring anything. You …In an effort to combat the growing number of NEETs, in 2007 the UK 3. He doesn’t eat much in order not to put He doesn’t eatgovernment launched what it referred to as the September Guarantee, on weight. much..which guarantees 16- and 17-year-olds a place in education or training 4. “Don’t touch the cake,” said his mother. His mother…after they have completed their compulsory education. 5. Sara’s father is a writer. She is my Sara,… colleague at work.I. READING COMPREHENSION. [2 points; 0.5 for each correctanswer]. Add TRUE or FALSE and copy evidence from the Write a suitable question for the underlined words:text to support your answer. NO MARKS are given for only 6. She appeared at the party with ten more people.TRUE or FALSE. 1. More than twenty percent youngsters in the UK are NEETs. IV. COMPOSITION [3 points]. Write a composition of about 2. The lack of training or employment in teenagers is likely to 120 words on ONE of the following topics. SPECIFY YOUR cause future social or personal problems. OPTION: 3. Unemployment among graduates has contributed to the Describe a dangerous situation that you have lived, witnessed or heard of. NEET phenomenon Do you think learning a foreign language will be useful for you in 4. The September Guarantee will force unemployed teenagers the future? Why or why not? to continue his education or training.