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Trabajo suecia


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Published in: Education
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Trabajo suecia

  1. 1. SWEDEN
  2. 2. INDICE- Location-Population-Oficial Languages -One important thing about this country -Two things is this country famous for
  3. 3. LOCATION OF SWEDENBordered on the northby Norway and Finland,on the east by Finlandand Gulf of Bothnia, theBaltic Sea south andwest by the North Seaand Norway. It has landborders with Norwayand Finland and isconnected to Denmarkby the Oresund Bridge.
  4. 4. POPULATION OF SWEDEN● In 2010, it had a total population of just over 9 million people. It has a population density of only 22 h / km ². About 84% of the population lives in urban areas.
  5. 5. Oficial Languages● The most spoken language in the country is Swedish and very similar to Danish and Norwegian, but differing in pronunciation and spelling. Swedish is understandable for Norwegians and Danes.
  6. 6. One important thing about Sweden FLORA AND FAUNA● Flora and fauna of the country vary according to the region. Can be seen that in Sweden there are four ecoregions: the Baltic mixed forests, Sarmático mixed forest, Prairie and montane forest of birch in Scandinavia and the Scandinavian and Russian taiga.
  7. 7. Two things is this country famous for● An important thing are the lakes of Sweden as Akkajaure, Bolmen, Hjälmaren, Hornavan
  8. 8. Two things is this country famous for● Another important thing in Sweden are their costumes.
  9. 9. WOMENS COSTUMES● Womens costumes are a skirt with wide stripes (red and green), wear a white shirt sleeves with lace and a scarf in her hair.
  10. 10. MENS COSTUMES● Suits men wear: A hat with a ball, wearing a long coat, scarf, pants and boots.