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Report ltt smolyan xl


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Erasmus Plus Mobility in Smolyan.

Published in: Education
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Report ltt smolyan xl

  1. 1. Report of the Learning-Teaching-Training Activity in Smolyan, Bulgaria, 7/10 -13/10/2018 Sunday 7/10/2018 All groups arrived in Sofia at different times and were driven to Smolyan where we met the host families. Monday 8/10/2018 Bulgarian students and teachers welcomed us in a very warm and impressive way, demonstrating traditional dances. All the groups presented themselves at the ceremony and the headmistress gave us a personal greeting. We were shown the premises of the Secondary School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, founded in 1855. Then all the groups presented the works they had done concerning the effect of advertisement especially in young people. The students from France, Greece, and Portugal presented the advertisements they had created. France, among others, promoted the local food, Greece presented the environmental benefit of the second hand clothes and Portugal encouraged the use of the multiuse water bottles. The students from Spain presented some of the typical products of their area promoting the consumption of local food and finally the students from Norway sang a song about the protection of the environment, which song they had created themselves. Bulgaria’s advertisement was about the city of Smolyan , the traditions, the typical food and the main sights of the area. In the afternoon we watched a session in Smolyan Planetarium about our solar system and the importance and uniqueness of the Earth. A walk through the main sights of Smolyan and a visit to the historic museum gave us the opportunity to become familiar with the city and the Bulgarian way of life through the centuries. The day finished with the students going to the host houses and the teachers having a meeting about the implementation of the project and the meeting in Entroncamiento, Portugal which is going to take place in December. We planned the activities which should have been completed by then. We will work on the
  2. 2. subject "Man and nature". Art is going to be used. Paintings, literature and poetry will inspire students to understand and strengthen their relationship with nature. We will also improve critical thinking towards the principles of democracy and social inclusion. Thuesday 9/10/2018 Students, split in two groups, participated in a philosophical dialogue giving their personal answers to the question “what is happiness?” and in a workshop in which they tried to make objects out of trash. They made small pots out of plastic bottles and sous-vers out of textile pieces. A visit to Smilyan, a picturesque village near Smolyan introduced us to the developing sector of ecotourism and green entrepreneurship. We had a very inspiring presentation from Iliya Godev which was followed by outdoor activities in Smilyan countryside. Students and teachers enjoyed themselves coming closer to the biodiversity of the area and realized that natural habitat needs our protection in order to provide us shelter, security and everything we need. After hiking in a nearby hill of the Smilyan village, we participated at an activity which taught us that we must take care of our world. Students and teachers split in two groups and had to create a circle each team with a 2meter diameter using either leaves or sticks. Then each team would have to enter the circle. Everybody fitted. But when the circle closed to 1m diameter it was really hard for everybody to fit in the circle. We were explained that, this is what happens when we destroy the natural habitat. There won’t be space for everybody to live and we will eventually suffocate.
  3. 3. Wednesday 10/10/2018 On Wednesday we had an all day visit to Plovdiv. At first we had a tour around the ancient ruins of the city, which is built in seven hills, we also visited the remains of the Roman stadium and we explored the city walking around the narrow streets and stopping to admire the magnificent houses that reflect the glorious history of the city. Among others we visited Ethnographic Museum. In the meantime Keith Kelly, a lector of TrashedWorld, (a global schools exchange program on waste) presented us the work of the network. We saw videos about the management of trash around the world and we realized the universal dimensions of the problem of waste. Late in the afternoon we came back to Smolyan.
  4. 4. Thursday 11/10/2018 All students attended a lesson from a primary class teacher about the importance of bees. A presentation was shown and a beekeeper demonstrated us the protective clothing and the tools he uses in his work. After that students, attended an interdisciplinary lesson guided by a teacher of Science (the headmistress of the school) and a biology teacher. They participated at an experiment related to the water. They observed three samples of water in order to remark the microorganisms which they contained. Then they tried to clean these samples using three different methods: Activated carbon, distillation and chlorination and they observed in microscope the results of this procedure. All the activity targeted the students to understand the importance of clean water and how valuable it is. In the Stadium of Smolyan students had a friendly football match. Teachers attended the blue and the red team to claim the Cup.
  5. 5. After lunch the Erasmus team met two members of the local environmental organization “Regional Forest Directorate of Smolyan” They guided us into the forest following a trail and stopping for activities related to the biodiversity. The first activity had to do with the importance of the 8 elements of nature and what happens if one of them stops operating, and the second activity was to create different faces to the trees using leaves or small sticks. Then everybody wrote a wish on a paper leaf and we stuck it on a tree painted on a poster. Late in the afternoon the farewell party gave us the chance to meet the host families and the teachers of the school and discuss the events of this week inspiring each other to be the change.
  6. 6. Friday 12/10/2018 The last day we explored the nature of the Rhodope Mountains. We stopped at a lake near Smolyan, where we were told the legend of the lady of the peak of the rock. We went hiking up to Snejanka. And we had lunch at the tower Snejanka. It was a magnificent view of the whole area despite the fact that in the beginning it was a bit foggy. Then we walked downhill towards the seven lakes. On the way we were informed about the flora and fauna of the area and how important it is to protect it. In the afternoon we had some free time in Smolyan. Groups of students and teachers were scattered around in the small town relaxing and coming closer to its everyday life. Saturday 13/10/2018 Another Erasmus+ LTT activity came to its end with all teams wiser and more aware of the importance of the protection of nature for a more sustainable way of living. We must thank our Bulgarian partners for this wonderful week and especially their hospitality. We had a wonderful week, meeting so many interesting people, sharing remarkable experiences and exchanging ideas in this beautiful part of Bulgaria.