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foursquare - Group C

  1. 1. GROUP C
  2. 2. Contents• What is foursquare?• How do you use it? – Instructions – Badges – Mayorships – Superusers• How does it benefit users?• How does it benefit Venues and Brands?• Infographics Group C 1
  3. 3. What is foursquare?• Mobile and Web application that allows registered users to post their location at a venue (Check-in)• Check-in requires active user selection and points are awarded at each check-in• Users can choose whether to have their check-ins are posted to their Twitter or Facebook accounts• Users can earn badges for check-in frequency or patterns such as check-in time – User-generated badges will be available in the future• Creation of To-Do list and add Tips to venues that other users can read – Suggestions for great things to do and see: for example what to eat at a specific restaurant Group C 2
  4. 4. How do you use it? Instructions 1. Install foursquare on your smartphone from Group C 3
  5. 5. How do you use it? Instructions 2. Register or log in: Group C 4
  6. 6. How do you use it? Instructions 3. Find the venue you are at: Group C 5
  7. 7. How do you use it? Instructions 4. Start checking-in and earning badges: Group C 6
  8. 8. How do you use it? Instructions 5. Find friends: Group C 7
  9. 9. How do you use it? Instructions 5. Find or add tips: Group C 8
  10. 10. How do you use it? Badges• Badges are earned by checking-in to various venues. – Some badges can only be earned in a specific city – Once a badge is earned, it will remain on that users profile indefinitely• There are a handful of introductory badges that are earned as milestones in usage – No official foursquare badge list• Users can now earn badges for completing tasks as well as checking in. Group C 9
  11. 11. How do you use it? Mayorships• If one particular user checks into one venue more than anyone else in the last 60 days: – one check-in per day – check-ins are valid – has a profile picture  they will be crowned ‘Mayor’. Group C 10
  12. 12. How do you use it? Superusers3 levels of Superuser status: – not to be confused with the "Super User" badge• Superuser status is conferred on users who have been selected by foursquare staff for their helpful contributions to the community – All superusers can review a queue of requested changes for a single city, and can select a new city at will. Level 1 - can edit venue info (address, cross street, phone, Twitter names, map pin location), mark venues as closed, and flag duplicate venues. Level 2 - can additionally merge duplicate venue listings, adjust the latitude and longitude of a venue, remove tags, add a web address, and add categories. Level 3 - adds the ability to create and remove venue aliases, as well as access a "global queue" of pending requests needing superuser attention. Group C 11
  13. 13. For Users foursquare is: fun & social Group C 12
  14. 14. For Users foursquare is: useful Group C 13
  15. 15. For Venues and Brands foursquare is: viral Group C 14
  16. 16. For Venues and Brands foursquare can help you: attract new customers and retain old ones Group C 15
  17. 17. For Venues and Brands foursquare can help you: create promotions Group C 16
  18. 18. For Venues and Brands foursquare can help you: get key info Group C 17
  19. 19. InfographicsSource: Group C 18
  20. 20. InfographicsSource: Group C 19
  21. 21. InfographicsSource: Group C 20
  22. 22. InfographicsSource: Group C 21
  23. 23. InfographicsSource: Group C 22
  24. 24. InfographicsSource: Group C 23
  25. 25. Any Questions? Group C 24