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Tecnobrega Diy Days


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Tecnobrega Diy Days

  1. 1. “Fire, lights, everything”: Doing Tecnobrega Ana Domb Convergence Culture Consortium, MIT
  2. 2. Tecnobrega = Cheesy Techno Brega =Cheesy Brega = Old cheesy music
  3. 3. Brega
  4. 4. Brega + Time
  5. 5. Brega + Time + Globalization
  6. 6. Brega + Time + Globalization + Digital revolution
  7. 7. Brega + Time + Globalization + Digital revolution + Local creativity
  8. 8. ... and you get TECNOBREGA
  9. 9. Why Tecnobrega? -Piratesʼ and street vendors are integrated into its legitimate structure. -Musicians forgo royalties from their recorded music. -Albums from musicians and DJs have been replaced by ʻpirateʼ compilations sold on the street, or selections promoted by MP3 blogs. -CDs are seen primarily as a promotional tool. -There are no ʻofficialʼ labels that work with a variety of artists.
  10. 10. Belém 1.5 million people // 140 Bands // 700 Sound Systems Parties: 4300/month // Concerts: 1700/month
  11. 11. Tecnobrega shifted = Innovation industry logic
  12. 12. "The history of art deals with innovators and innovations that won organizational victories, succeeding in creating around themselves the apparatus of an art world, mobilizing enough people to cooperate in regular ways that sustained and furthered their idea." Howard S. Becker
  13. 13. Collaboration Creators ʻPiratesʼ Audiences
  14. 14. Business model responds to audience practices
  15. 15. "We are working for a market that is more compatible with the new musical reality of the country, and that it's supported by locally generated resources, which, when interconnected in a national network, generate a very promising value chain. This is based on a barter and solidarity economy, with democratic access and a relationship with public and private entities. It demystifies the idea of the artists that have to build their careers on their own." Pablo Capilé, Espaço Cubo
  16. 16. Bottom-up? Where is up? Lateral----->Community oriented
  17. 17. What drives the audience?
  18. 18. You “do” Tecnobrega
  19. 19. Teams Communities are courted, not ʻcreatedʼ
  20. 20. Symbolic currencies Social Capital
  21. 21. Cultural Capital
  22. 22. Cultural Capital
  23. 23. The structure facilitates and harnesses these social currencies
  24. 24. People share because it says something about who they are
  25. 25. ‘Producerly’ environment
  26. 26. Multiple points of entry
  27. 27. Business model that responds to audience practices Innovation through collaboration Clarity about who Tecnobregaʼs community is Participatory environment Recognition of social currencies
  28. 28. Project developed by Ana Domb for Convergence Culture Consortium MIT 2009 First and last photograph were taken by Henrik Motlke http://www.flickr.com/photos/henrikmoltke/ and released under a attribution/non-commercial CC license. Photographs on slides 16, 18, 20 and 21 are courtesy of the Tecnobrega fans. All other photographs were taken by Ana Domb in Belém in March 2009. Contact: anadomb@gmail.com Twitter:@anadk