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The world is Changing


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how crisis brings changes in business environment and how you can get over them in order to be winners

Published in: Business
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The world is Changing

  1. 1. The World is changing. You?Konstantinos PapahatzisHuman Recourses Director, ANADEIXI
  2. 2. Are you wondering about what is happening today?
  3. 3. Crisis is in front of you,you can see its ugly face
  4. 4. What are your options? ?
  5. 5. To wait for the situation to improve by its self
  6. 6. To stay inactive continuing your daily habits
  7. 7. Praying and hoping (without takingaction) is a further option as well...
  8. 8. Super heroes do not exist to help you ...
  9. 9. The company is not an opponent
  10. 10. The Company’s people are the most valuable ally in your professional life
  11. 11. You have to act NOW!
  12. 12. If you don’t change your speed and attitude, you will soon have to face unpleasant situations
  13. 13. What the dictionary definition of the word “Crisis” ?
  14. 14. «The ability of taking decisions and changing our attitude and habits”
  15. 15. You need to run in order to catch up with the continuing changes
  16. 16. Customers are out there waiting for you
  17. 17. Provide customers with what they need in that desert of customer services
  18. 18. You can only be a winner, despite the severe conditions. Everything is possible!
  19. 19. The consumer today...
  20. 20. ...has less money to spend
  21. 21. more demanding
  22. 22. ...needs more and better services
  23. 23. ...without showing appreciation often
  24. 24. However, he gives us his money
  25. 25. Wants everything in one stop shop
  26. 26. t» st» «free » «the be t» » «contes «gain » «b enefit «gift» t» «discounMagical words that appeal to consumers
  27. 27. We all are, new consumers
  28. 28. Don’t remain stuck to your old habits
  29. 29. There are obstacles on the road, but if you focus on the finish you will win the race
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