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ONLINE MEDIA GOLD - presentation in english ONLINE MEDIA GOLD - presentation in english

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ONLINE MEDIA GOLD - presentation in english

  1. 1. Online Media Gold Welcome to this new and exciting venture!
  2. 2. What is online media gold?Online Media Gold is an online advertising platform that enables affiliates to make money by performing over 20 different tasks relating to Social Media and Online Advertising. Online Media Gold is an online business composed of several features that will enable our online community to generate income while working from home. Our support and training structure will provide all the knowledge necessary to conduct this business, even without previous networking experience. With a robust and comprehensive business plan, Online Media Gold was created to help people everywhere improve their financial state, and literally say “OMG!”
  3. 3. Income streams • Direct Sales Commission • 2x20 Matrix • 2x15 Ad Matrix • Tokens Per Click • Bonus Tokens • Earnings Booster • Co-Op • Tool Kit
  4. 4. Income Disclosure statementThe earnings used as examples in any presentation of Online Media Gold are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that an Online Media Gold affiliate can or will earn through his or her participation in the Online Media Gold compensation plan. These are simply used as examples. Success with Online Media Gold results ONLY from successful sales efforts, which requires hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.
  5. 5. The features 1. Direct Sales Commissions 2. The 2x20 Matrix 3. The 2x15 Ad Matrix 4. Social Media Tasks 5. Tokens and Ad Credits 6. Tokens Per Click 7. Bonus Tokens 8. Earnings Booster 9. Co-Op 10. Daily Tasks 11. Membership Plans 12. Tool Kit 13. Payment Solution
  6. 6. Earn 15% SALES COMMISSION • The Direct Sales Commission can be earned by any member, from Free to Platinum! • Just send your affiliate link to a friend, and have them sign up. • Each time that member pays their monthly subscription, you get paid a commision! Free 15% Silver 15% Rose Gold 15% Yellow Gold 15% White Gold 15% Platinum 15% EACH MONTH WHEN YOUR REFERRAL PAYS THEIR MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION FEATURE 1: Direct sales commissions
  7. 7. Earn each time your direct referral pays their monthly subscription Referral’s Subscription Level Free Silver Rose Gold Yellow Gold White Gold Platinum Free $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 Silver $0 $0.05 $0.15 $0.20 $0.25 $0.35 Rose Gold $0 $0.10 $0.25 $0.40 $0.50 $0.70 Yellow Gold $0 $0.15 $0.40 $0.80 $1.00 $1.40 White Gold $0 $0.20 $0.45 $1.00 $1.50 $2.50 Platinum $0 $0.25 $0.50 $1.40 $2.50 $3.50  Earn 15% Commission From Direct Referrals  The Higher Your Subscription Level The More You Earn  The Higher Your Referral’s Subscription Level The More You Earn  Earnings Depth Based on PV Qualification FEATURE 2: the 2x20 matrix
  8. 8. To Qualify To This Level You Need This Much PV And You Also Need This 5 Levels Deep None 2 Direct Referrals Minimum 10 Levels Deep 300 2 Direct Referrals Minimum 15 Levels Deep 500 2 Direct Referrals Minimum 20 Levels Deep 700 2 Direct Referrals Minimum *Only premium members are eligible for this feature. Free Members do not qualify for the Matrix. Each Premium Membership Subscription Is Worth Some PV Free 0 PV Silver 10 PV Rose Gold 25 PV Yellow Gold 75 PV White Gold 125 PV Platinum 200 PV  Add up your PV plus your Direct Referrals’ PV  Your Membership also counts towards your PV  To determine your Qualification Level in the 2x20 Matrix PV Determines How Deep Into the Matrix You Can Earn FEATURE 2a: personal volume (PV)
  9. 9. Earn $0.000347 – $0.44 Each time your affiliate completes a social media task • Both you and your affiliates earn a minimum of 1 Token Per Click (TPC) for completing a Social Media Task. Membership Subscription Qualification Level Free 0 Levels Silver 10 Levels Rose Gold 11 Levels Yellow Gold 12 Levels White Gold 14 Levels Platinum 15 Levels *Qualify based on your subscription Level, not by PV • Earn a minimum of 1/15th of a Token each time your affiliate completes a Social Media Task • Each time your affiliate earns a Token, the Ad Matrix pays you a fraction of a Token as well FEATURE 3: the 2x15 Ad matrix
  10. 10. Platinum Your Member Level 10,000 # of downline Members per day 50 # of Completed tasks per day $0.000347 - $0.44 Range of earnings for each Task completed $0.000347 x 10,000 = $3.47 Minimum Earnings with 10K Downline Members $3.47 x 50 = $173.50 Earnings if Members complete 50 Tasks per day $173.50 x 30 = $5,205 Minimum Earnings for the Month FEATURE 3a: a 2x15 ad matrix example As an OMG! Member, you are able to participate in the 2x15 Ad Matrix, starting with the Silver Subscription, on up to Platinum. The higher your subscription level, the deeper down the Matrix you are paid. As a Platinum member, 15 full levels of the 2x15 matrix would mean a down line of 32,768 Members. If you were to have roughly a third of that amount, or 10,000 members, in your downline... And if each of those members completed only 50 Social Media Tasks each day...(Keep in mind that the Member can do a lot more if they want to. The daily limit for a Free member is 100 TPCs, up to the Platinum limit of 600 TPCs). But if the 2 above conditions are met, over a 30 day period, that Platinum Member can make $5,205 minimum, and up to 6,600,000
  11. 11. Platinum Your Member Level 10,000 # of downline Members per day 50 # of Completed tasks per day $0.000347 - $0.44 Range of earnings for each Task completed $0.44 x 10,000 = $4,400 Maximum Earnings with 10K Downline Members $4,400 x 50 = $220,000 Earnings if Members complete 50 Tasks per day $220,000 x 30 = $6,600,000 Maximum Earnings for the Month FEATURE 3b: a 2x15 ad matrix example As a Platinum member, 15 full levels of the 2x15 matrix would mean a down line of 32,768 Members. With a 10,000 Member Downline, and each member completeling at least 50 tasks per day, over a 30 day period, that Platinum Member can make a maximum of $6,600,00. To make the maximum, each of those 10,000 members would have to be Platinum, and each Task would have to pay the maximum TPC. Therefore, most Platinum members with a Downline of 10,000 or more, who are each completing at least 50 tasks per day, in 30 days, can expect to make somewhere in between the minimum and maximum. That is, between $5,205 and $6,600,00
  12. 12. FEATURE 4: the social media task OMG! Sells Social Media Tasks - This is our Product! Buy Facebook Likes Buy Twitter follows Buy Instagram subscribers Buy Youtube Subscribers *We have over 20 Social Media Tasks Available for Sale! • Our competitors sell them, and customers buy them! • When they buy from our competitors, the seller fulfills the purchase using robots. • Twitter, FB, Instagram, and Google remove the robot follows, likes and subscriptions completed by robots. • With OMG, we have REAL PEOPLE performting those tasks, so it is MUCH more valuable to the buyer.
  13. 13. The TOKEN The ad credit The task Token • The Ad Credit is the unit for Local Advertising • Local Advertising refers to advertising within the OMG! system that is available to Members • This includes OMG! Page Ads, Banner Ads, and Text Ads • Ad Credits are distributed to Members at the point of Withdrawal 1 TASK CREDIT = 1 TOKEN • Members are awarded 1-6 Task Credits for each completed Social Media Task • Each day, at 12:01 AM EST/EDT, the Task Credit is converted into Dollars automatically in the Back Office 1 TOKEN = $0.005205 • Tokens are the base unit for Social Media Tasks • Advertisers use Tokens to set up Social Media Task Campaigns • Members earn Tokens when they complete a Social Media Task FEATURE 5: tokens, task tokens, and ad credits $10 1,500 $25 2,500 $50 12,000 $75 20,000 $100 30,000 $250 75,000 $500 160,000 $1,000 400,000 Purchasing Tokens
  14. 14. Click to earn with The TPC PROGRAM When completing daily TPC tasks, members receive a certain amount of tokens. This amount is determined by how much the advertiser of the campaign being viewed is willing to pay per click. It’s a bidding system that starts with 3 tokens as the lowest bid, and can go up to 20 tokens per click. The more tokens the advertiser is willing to pay, the more their campaign will be moved to the “front of the line”. So, campaigns with higher TPC have priority in daily tasks. FEATURE 6: tokens per click (TPC) # Of TPC Allowed After Daily Qualification Free 100 Silver 200 Rose Gold 300 Yellow Gold 400 White Gold 500 Platinum 600 If a Platinum member completes 600 Tasks in 1 day… At the lowest TPC Bid, the member would earn $3.12 ($0.005205 x 600). At the highest TPC Bid, the member would earn $20.82 ($0.0347 x 600)
  15. 15. Bonus tokens are earned each time you pay your monthly membership subscription FEATURE 7: bonus tokens Membership # Of Bonus Tokens Earned Free 0 Silver 0 Rose Gold 150 Yellow Gold 350 White Gold 500 Platinum 750 Free and Silver Members do not receive Bonus Tokens. Members can use Bonus Tokens to setup Social Media campaigns Members can also monetize Bonus Tokens by selling them to potential advertisers.
  16. 16. Boost your earning potential! Purchase an Earnings Booster to Advetise within our system, and Earn Income from your purchase. Earnings Boosters Contain 50,000 Ad Credits! Ad Credits can be used for local advertising on OMG! Use them to purchase: Ad Views, Banner Ads, and Text Ads Buy It For Earn Over $150 $260 26 Weeks Free Silver Rose Gold Yellow Gold White Gold Platinum NOT ALLOWED 2 Boosters 5 Boosters 60 Boosters 150 Boosters 300 Boosters LevelLimit *Earnings Boosters available for Non-U.S. Members Only. *A purchase into the co-op will provide a similar earnings percentage. FEATURE 8: the earnings booster
  17. 17. Share in omg!’s advertising revenue 1. A Co-Op is announced. 2. Members each purchase Portions in the Co-Op. 3. The Co-Op closes on a pre- determined date. 4. The company tallies the total funds collected for the Co-Op. 5. OMG! uses the funds collected from the Co-Op to advertise OMG! services to bring the business more sales. FEATURE 9: the co-op 6. The advertising campaign ends on a pre-determined date. 7. The company tallies the profits generated from the advertising campaign. 8. The proceeds of these sales are given back to the Co-Op participants based on how many portions of the Co-Op the Member purchased. 9. Rinse and repeat. *More than one Co-Op can be running at the same time.
  18. 18. 1 Co-op portion costs only $10 C. What is the advantage of participating in the Co-Op versus the Earnings Booster? FEATURE 9a: co-op questions ANSWERED A. What is the timeframe of a Co-Op? The proceeds from the Co-Op can be earned in a much shorter period of time than the 26 weeks of the Earnings Booster. B. How much can you make by participating the Co-Op? This amount is variable based on how many Portions of the Co-Op you buy, and how much in proceeds the Co-Op is able to bring in. The earned amount may equal or exceed that of the Earnings Booster, within a shorter period of time. This is variable based on how long a Co-Op is opened for Member purchases, and how long the advertising campaign lasts. Each Co-Op can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
  19. 19. Social media tasks, ad views and ad posts The Daily Task for Qualification Includes: 10 Social Media Tasks 10 Ad Views 1 Ad Post FEATURE 10: the daily tasks Additional Tasks can be completed to generate more revenue: See Tokens Per Click (TPC) *Earn More with each Task Completed.
  20. 20. FEATURE 11: MEMBERSHIPs plans Subscription Level Monthly Subscription Fee Free $ 0 Silver $ 10 Rose Gold $ 25 Yellow Gold $ 75 White Gold $ 125 Platinum $ 200
  21. 21. 1 - Monthly cost payable with new deposits only. 2 - 15% commission paid to any member who refers a new member. 3 - Earn from each task that your down-line members complete. 4 - Earn a minimum of $0.005205 with each click! 5 - Co-Op pays out based on company profits from advertising campaigns. The payout time- frame varies. 1 Portion = $10. 6 - As new tools are completed, higher membership levels will have more available tools. 7 - Members receive tokens as part of their membership to be used towards Social Media Campaigns. Membership Type Free Silver Rose Gold Yellow Gold White Gold Platinum Monthly Cost 1 $0 $10 $25 $75 $125 $200 Direct Referral Commissions 2 YES YES YES YES YES YES 2X20 Matrix Participation NO BY PV BY PV BY PV BY PV BY PV 2X15 Matrix Participation 3 NO 10 Levels 11 Levels 12 Levels 14 Levels 15 Levels Tokens Per Click 4 100 200 300 400 500 600 Co-Op Portion Limit 5 NO 15 50 125 300 500 Earnings Booster Limit NO 2 5 60 150 300 Tool Kit 6 NO YES YES YES YES YES Bonus Tokens 7 NO NO 150 350 500 750 FEATURE 11a: MEMBERSHIP summary
  22. 22. The TOOL kit contains tools that will make it Some of the Tools will enhance your OMG! Business to help you maximize your Earnings! Others will introduce entirely new Income Streams to help you achieve your Goals! Here are some of the Currently Available Tools: OMG! Page Builder – OMG! e-Store – OMG! Traffic Exchange – OMG! Mall – easier for you to make money from home. FEATURE 12: the tool kit *Plus more tools to come! Enhance your business by getting more views to your website or to your Social Media page. Build capture pages and sales funnels to recruit members while you sleep! Make purchases and get discounts on name-brand items! Sell, sell, sell! And keep your profits!
  23. 23. STP Payza Yandex Okpay Neteller FEATURE 13: payment solutions
  24. 24. Withdraw your earnings weekly! Withdraw 70% of all earnings within Your Back Office! 15% Will be paid out in Tokens that can be used toward Social Media campaigns, or that can be sold to an advertiser. 15% Will be paid out in Ad Credits, to be used for OMG! Local Advertising (Ad Viewing, Banner Ads, Text Ads). withdrawal
  25. 25. You Must be 18 years of age to join Online Media Gold! Do not send unwanted emails to any individual or group, using OMG! as a reference. Stacking is not allowed. You cannot sponsor anyone living in your household. Only your sponsor can sponsor other members of your household. Do not use financial terms and expressions such as "investment," "return on investment," "accrual," "percentage," "compared with the bank," etc. Do not give any guarantee of earnings. We are not an “Investment” company. We sell subscriptions, products and services. Terms and conditions
  26. 26.  Most Members Sign Up because someone they know sent them a Referral Link. When you sign up with that link, that person becomes your Sponsor. If you came across the site on your own, then Admin will be your Sponsor.  If you are already a Member, you can sign in to your Back Office to get your Referral Link. You can find it at the top of your Dashboard. The Dashboard is the first page you see when you sign in to your Back Office.  The referal link looks like this: Instead of showing Admin after the question mark, YOUR Referral Link will show your own Username.  If you are not a Member yet, either click on, or copy and paste the Referral Link into your browser and press Enter. Click Register and complete the form.  Submit the form and your account will be created. We’ll send you a welcome e-mail to your registered e-mail account, so you can have a back-up of the username and password you registered with.  Sign In to your Back Office and complete your first Social Media Task! Getting started!
  27. 27. You are in the right place at the right time! OMG! is the right business to change your life. Take the first step towards success: Join Today! What are you waiting for? This is the right moment! Contact the person who invited you! Why join? Start your life-changing journey today!