Degrees of adjectives 6th f


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Degrees of adjectives 6th f

  1. 1. comparative of superiority The lynx is faster than the rhino carolina n.º 3, 6º f
  2. 2. Comparative of Equality Alex is as popular as other friends Kika e Ana
  3. 3. Comparative of superiority Melban is bigger than Alex. KIka e Ana
  4. 4. Comparative of Equality Tweety is as cute as Bugs Bunny. Roberto
  5. 5. Comparative of superiority Phineas is more relaxed than Candace. Rocky is smarter than Cece.
  6. 6. Comparative Comparative of Superiority: With short adjectives we use: adjective + er + than. Example: The Eiffel Tower is bigger than The Liberty Statue. With long adjectives we use: more + adjective + than Example: World of Warcraft is more famous than League of Legends. Comparative of Equality: In the comparative of Equality we use the same for short and long adjectives: as + adjective + as Examples: Angelina Jolie is as famous as Brad Pitt. Beyonce is as beautifull as Shakira. Pedro Silva
  7. 7. London is the most beautiful city in the world. Paris is as modern as London. Cristiana nº5
  8. 8. The pink elephant is heavier than the brown cat. The pink elephant is more intelligent than the brown cat. The pink elephant is as lazy as the brown cat Cristiana e Maria
  9. 9. Comparative of equality and superiority The unicorns are as cute as the pandas. Lilo is taller than Stitch. Shrek is more intelligent than Burro. Catarina e Rita
  10. 10. Superlatives Merida is the most pretty princess of Disney. Winnie the Pooh is the fattest of Disney. Catarina e Rita
  11. 11. Comparatives:equality and superiority Agnes is as fluffy as Minions. Big Ben is bigger than London Eye . Beatriz and Leonor
  12. 12. Superlatives The giraffe is the tallest animal in the zoo. The Eiffel tower is the most beautiful monument. Beatriz and Leonor
  13. 13. Equality Superiority: Winnie the Pooh is fatter than Piglet. Equality: Winnie the Pooh is as cute as Piglet.
  14. 14. Comparative of Superiority and Equality Comparative of Superiority: Ronaldo is better than Messi. Manchester United is more popular than Sp.Braga. Comparative of Equality: Real Madrid is as good as Barcelona. Ronaldo is as popular as Messi. Pedro Farias
  15. 15. Superlative Ronaldo is the best of his team. Ronaldo’s car is the most modern. Pedro Faria
  16. 16. Superlative Wall-e is the most lonely on Earth. Wall-e is the oddest of the robots. Mariana Coimbra nº13 Marta Sofia nº16