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Esol Summer Reading Assignment


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Published in: Education
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Esol Summer Reading Assignment

  1. 1. Hialeah Gardens High School ESL Summer Reading 2015 STUDENT CONTRACT I, ______________________________________ understand that , as a student of the ESL department, I am required to complete 40 Achieve 3000 lessons in order to obtain a Summer Reading grade. If I choose not to complete these sessions, I must complete the summer reading assignment for all other students. Failure to complete this required task will result in a failing grade for all Summer Reading grades assigned. Student Name: __________________________________________ ID Number: _____________________________ Student Signature: _______________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Parent Name/Signature: __________________________________ Date: __________________________________
  2. 2. Hialeah Gardens High School ESL Summer Reading 2015 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONTRATO ESTUDIANTIL Yo, ______________________________________ entiendo que es requerido completar 40 lecciones de Achieve 3000 durante las vacaciones para obtener el crédito de lectura de verano. No completar el las actividades requeridas se reflejara en sus notas. Además, quien no complete las actividades será responsable de cumplir con el proyecto asignado a los estudiantes regulares. Estudiante: __________________________________________ Número de identificación: ________________________ Firma del Estudiante: _______________________________________Fecha: __________________________________ Nombre del Padre/Firma: _____________________________________Fecha: _________________________________