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Tecki Breki Prezi


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Tecki Breki Prezi

  1. 1. Prezi Sign upGo to and find the "sign up" link.Prezi - 1
  2. 2. Student/teacher licensePrezi - 2
  3. 3. A free Prezi license will allow you to create and store prezis online, download finished prezis, choosebetween several degrees of access to your prezis and add the logo of the Bahrain Polytechnic.Prezi - 3
  4. 4. Register with your university email. Check and verify email address in order to gain full access to thePrezi platform. Create a preziPrezi - 4
  5. 5. give it a title and a description The Prezi menuSwish, swoosh, up, down, left, right, drag... all important Prezi movements. In the Prezi page, there are4 important areas: the editing panel, the workspace (where you click and add content), the workspacemanagement area (zoom in/out and home button) and the saving panel.Prezi - 5
  6. 6. Editing panelThe editing panel includes 6 steps: write, insert, frame, path, color and show. The follow the logicalorder of generating a prezi. First add content (write and insert images or video links), group content intoconceptual clusters, choose a path to display the content and choose a background.To choose one action, click on the chosen circle (e.g. insert). To view all editing options again click onthe central "write" circle. Add textClick anywhere and add text. To change alignment, choose from one of the options provided (see point1). To change text choose from the options provided (see point 2 - title 1, title 2 and body can becustomized using from a list of fonts).Prezi - 6
  7. 7. Edit textTo increase/decrease size of text click into the middle of the circle and move the mouse up and down(point 1).To change orientation of the text, clocke on the outer side of the circle and move the mouse left andright (point 2). Add a fileUse the "Insert" area in the menu. You can upload a jpg or pdf file. Alternatively you can embed aYouTube video by copy and pasting the URL of your video of choice. Group concepts (Frame)A frame could work as a powerpoint slide. It enables you to group content around desired concepts andnotions. Once grouped the content will be shown both as a whole as well as element by element. PresentThe "path" menu obtion enables you to choose the order in which you want your content displayed. Itallows you to show a step more than once.The "show" option plays to functions: it helps you verify your prezi but also showcase it.Prezi - 7