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  4. 4. International Olympic Committee – Olympic Studies Centre grant on New Media, Human Rights and the Olympic Movement – a literature review, Lausanne, Switzerland (May 2009) Post-Graduate Certificate in Research Methods, University of the West of Scotland (De- cember 2008) International Olympic Academy Diploma (July 2008) Universities’ China Committee in London grant to travel to China during the Olympic Games (August 2008) Nominated and sponsored by the British Olympic Academy to represent the UK at the Postgraduate Session of the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece (July 2008) Fulbright Alumna (August 2005 – May 2007) – Master of Arts (University of Missouri- Columbia, USA) Erasmus Alumna (February – May 2003) – non-degree (Katholieke Universitat ZuidWest Vlaanderen, Kortrijk, Belgium)Education University of the West of Scotland, UK Phd Candidate 09/2007 - present The thesis analyses the processes of framing affecting China’s image with regards to its human rights record as reflected by BOCOG, IOC, advocacy groups, international media and online readers. It employs data gathered during the Beijing Olympic Games and ap- plies mix methodologies and techniques such as qualitative assessment of frames, his- torical contextual analysis, discourse analysis and quantitative content analysis. Supervisor Professor Andy Miah field: media, culture, communication University of Missouri-Columbia, MO, USA MA 08/2005 - 05/2007 Fulbright Scholar The thesis was based on an experiment assessing how positive, negative and coactive online video messages about the risk and benefits of the HPV vaccine affect the credibil- ity of the source releasing them and which message format is more effective and is better remembered by youth and young adult audiences. field: strategic communication National School of Political & Administrative Studies, Romania MA 10/2004 - 02/2006 “e-PR for PR companies” was the first Romanian PR research focusing on the impact of the Bucharest located PR companies’ type of ownership on their online communication strategy, the publics they address and the manner in which they do it. (bilingual paper) field: Management and Business Communication National School of Political & Administrative Studies, Romania BAHons 10/2000 - 06/2004
  5. 5. “e-PR” " the first interdisciplinary thesis on online and offline Public Relations created with the advising of two professors, a Romanian and a Belgian one (the paper is bilingual) field: Public Relations, Mass-Media and AdvertisingExperience Lecturer, Bahrain Polytechnic, Bahrain 02/2011 - present developing content for the Applied Communication and Business Research MethodsTeaching | Research courses | delivering the Applied Communication and Business Research Methods courses | developing and delivering a Technology Workshop Seriers for Bahrain Polytechnic staff | consulting and supporting the development of an Integrated Marketing Communications course in areas such as advertising, public relations and social media | research activities Visiting Lecturer, Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid West Vlaanderen, Belgium 12/2008 - present designing and delivering two intensive courses for Erasmus Exchange students: New Media and their impact on Creative Industries and Branding 101. Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of the West of Scotland, UK 01/2008 - 05/2008 support teaching of Sport and Spectacle. The Olympics, an undergraduate course addressing the Olympic Movement, media and culture and questioning how the Games operate within a substantial non-sporting environment Spanish Graduate Instructor, University of Missouri Columbia, USA 08/2006 - 12/2006 teaching a Spanish beginners 5 hours credit course | following the general teaching directions and instructions of the Romance Language Department | shaping the course according to the needs and Spanish knowledge of the studentsExperience Public Relations Consultant, Self-employed 11/2007 - presentMarketing | Public Relations | serving clients refine their online communication strategy while synchronizing it with otherCommunication offline campaigns | media relations | social media audit | social media monitoring | social media research
  6. 6. www.anaadi.netStaff Writer, Culture @ the Olympics, UK 09/2007 - presentwriting | editorial assistance | content management of website and affiliated social mediaaccountsPublic Relations Contributor, PRWave, Romania 08/2007 - 12/2007contributing to and co-authoring a column on the impact and influence of the internetand its many technologies on the Romanian Public Relations practiceGraduate Research Assistant, European Union Centre, University of Missouri,Columbia, USA 08/2007 - 12/2007designing the Center’s PR strategy | website redesign | creating an international scholars’network for future research platforms | initiating one of the Center’s strategic partnershipsand sponsorships with the Graduate Professional Council | negotiating with on-campusand off-campus organizations on collaborations and partnershipsPublic Relations Executive, MOJO Ad, Univerisity of Missouri, USA 08/2006 - 05/2007media relations | strategic counseling | online communication strategy for Mojo AD, thefirst student staffed, professional services strategic communication agency and its clientssuch as Hallmark Cards, First Line and Albert MotorsWinner of the Albert Motors strategic communication and multi-platform pitch, presentedalso as a case study in New York City to the Television Bureau of Advertising in March2007Producer – Global Journalist Radio Program, KBIA radio station 08/2006 - 12/2006Producing the Global Journalist weekly radio program | researching for choosing thetopic and its context | researching the background of the show’s guestsPublic Affairs Summer Associate – Hill & Knowlton, Washington, DC, USA 05 - 06/2006Working on media relations, research, media monitoring | Clients: Hewlett-Packard, De-loitte and CASEnergyPR Specialist – McCann PR, Bucharest, Romania 02 - 07/2005Media relations and crisis management for Coca-Cola Company Romania | corporatecommunication for McCann Erickson | PR strategy and counseling for LaborMedPharma, Flanco, Kandia | designing and implementing various training programs forIRECSON training centerGolden Award at the Romanian PR Excellency Awards as well as ExcellencyAwards for “Give from the heart” (“Daruieste din inima”) – national campaign for blooddonation
  7. 7. Junior Account Executive – McCann/Creative Services, Bucharest, Romania 11/2004 - 02/2005 Working on the Coca-Cola account | managing the internal communication | following clients promotions and executions PR Specialist – Center for Training in Communication, Bucharest, Romania 03/2003 - 08/2005 Creating and implementing PR strategies for different clients and projects including creat- ing the e-PR strategy of the Center, writing the text for the brochures, website etc., or- ganizing events on a part-time basisSkills Languages (writing/speaking/reading): • English (advanced/ advanced/ advanced) • Spanish (advanced/ advanced/ advanced) • French (advanced/ advanced/ advanced) • Romanian (mother tongue) Computer (advanced user) • Mac OS 10 • Apple iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Entourage, iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb) • PC Microsoft Vista • Microsoft Office (Word, Excell, Powerpoint, Outlook, Windows Movie Maker) • Dreamweaver • Wordpress • Social Networking: Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Netlog • Social Media: Wordpress, Blogspot, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Flickr, Picasa, You- Tube, Vimeo, Slideshare • Online Live Video: TokBox, Skype, PalBee, TwitCam, DimDim, WebEx • Online Research Tools: Google Insights for Search, online surveys, Twitter tools, (social) networks visualizations and analysis