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Katho Branding Course Evaluation_May 2012


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Katho Branding Course Evaluation_May 2012

  1. 1.     Branding  101             Erasmus  Course  Evaluation           Lecturer:  Ana  ADI             Session  2011/2012   Semester  2  –  May  2012    
  2. 2. At  the  end  of  the  Branding  101  course,  the  25  participating  students  were  asked  to  take  a  survey  in  order  to  evaluate  the  course  together  with  the  lecturer’s  method,  approach   and   enthusiasm.   The   evaluation   survey   was   accessible   online   leaving  students   with   the   option   of   taking   it   at   their   own   pace   and   in   the   absence   of   the  lecturer.   To   avoid   bias,   students   were   asked   to   submit   their   answers   before   their  final  grades  were  delivered.  13  out  of  the  25  participating  students  took  the  survey,  offering  responses  from  52%  of  the  course  participants.  The   survey   followed   the   same   structure   as   the   New   Media   Course   the   lecturer   is  teaching  at  the  same  institution.    Overall,  12  out  of  the  13  respondents  found  the  course  “very  good”  and  “excellent”  similar  numbers  being  seen  on  the  “overall  teaching  effectiveness”.     1.  Overall  course  evaluation  results    The   students   were   also   asked   to   evaluate   specific   aspects   of   the   course   delivery   and  the  lecturer’s  activity.  Most  of  the  answers  range  within  the  excellent  and  very  good  range  with  “the  lecturer’s  enthusiasm”  and  “the  lecturer’s  availability  to  offer  extra  help”   coming   as   the   top   “excellent”   evaluations.   However,   all   other   evaluated  aspects   of   the   course   have   been   evaluated   by   most   students   within   the   very   good  and  excellent  range.        
  3. 3. 2.  Specific  course  elements  evaluation     3.  Other  course  dimensions  evaluated    Other  class  organization  and  aspects  were  evaluated.  The  balance  between  theoretical  and  practical  aspect  covered  received  the  most  “excellent  votes”  while  the  “clarity  of  the  student  responsibilities  and  requirements”  receiving  9  out  13  “very  good”  evaluations.      
  4. 4. Three  qualitative  questions  were  part  of  the  survey  as  well.  They  aimed  to  determine  the   areas   that   students   most   liked   or   disliked   as   well   as   identify   elements   that  students  would  have  wanted  the  course  to  cover.  Although  the  students  would  not  change   the   course,   they   did   have   several   suggests   towards   improving   it   such   as  providing   examples   of   both   good   and   bad   practice   (the   course   so   far   concentrated  more  on  best  practices)  or  including  even  more  guests  into  the  course  program.        Two   out   of   the   6   responses   registered,   suggest   a   desire   to   know   more   about   the  advertising  endorsement  of  the  brand  as  well  as  require  more  prescriptive  guidelines  into   developing   their   final   projects.   While   valuable   and   worthwhile,   to   address   the  advertising   questions   related   to   brand   endorsement   would   require   a   longer   class  time.  However,  efforts  to  include  more  examples  in  future  classes  will  be  made.  With  regards  to  the  prescriptive  nature  of  the  assignment,  the  lecturer  feels  that  providing  more  guidelines  to  the  students  will  stifle  their  creativity  and  critical  thinking.       Provide an insight of attractive brands making (tricks that are being used to catch the consumers attention - from story beyond the brand up to colouring and pack[a]ging). Deeper guid[e]line how to build up our own brand. I would have liked to learn something more about advertising as a part of branding.       4.  Suggested  improvements  
  5. 5.    With   regards   to   the   suggested   improvements,   most   students   indicated   that   the  timeframe  of  the  course  was  too  short.      Finally,   among   the   things   the   students   liked   the   most   were   the   practical  assignments,  and  the  teaching  style.           5.  “What  did  you  like  more  about  this  course”  answers      Observations  and  Conclusions:  All  the  answers  given  to  the  questions  asked  are  in  the  higher  positive  range  –  most  of  them  covering  the  very  good  and  excellent  criteria.      The  areas  marked  the  students  as  being  excellent  (obtaining  also  the  majority  vote)  were:   • The  lecturer’s  enthusiasm  (10  out  of  13)   • The  balance  between  practice  and  theory  (7  out  of  13)     • The  lecturer’s  explanations  (7  out  of  13).    
  6. 6. The  practical  aspects  of  the  course  were  mentioned  as  strong  points  of  the  course  and   good   learning   experiences.   The   course   featured   a   mix   of   problem-­‐based  exercises,   student-­‐led   learning   and   lectures   including   the   observation   of   branding  and   purchases   behaviours   in   a   general   store   and   the   design   of   a   brand   starting   from  a  given  product.      It   is   notable   that   many   of   the   students   indicate   as   an   important   factor   the   lecturer’s  enthusiasm  and  support.  This  reiterates  the  potential,  if  not  the  need,  for  courses  to  be   delivered   in   a   more   interactive   way   where   students   are   constantly   given  challenges   to   solve   together   with   the   lecturer.   Even   if   students   were   exposed   to  some  of  the  content  before,  the  way  in  which  the  course  was  delivered  kept  them  focused  and  interested  in  the  course.      Recommendations  and  suggestions:    Taking  into  account  the  students’  observations  and  in  an  attempt  to  make  a  link  to  the  areas  determined  in  the  course  evaluation  as  having  a  potential  for  improvement  it  is  suggested:   • Increase   the   number   of   hours   or   organize   the   sessions   in   such   a   way   that   they  cover  more  days.     • Include  integrated  branding  case  studies  into  the  lectures.