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Adi & Hobby_2013_Social Media in Higher Education


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Evaluation of social media tools used for public relations monitoring and outread - 1st Corporate and Marketing Communication in Asia Conference - Bangkok, Thailand

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Adi & Hobby_2013_Social Media in Higher Education

  1. 1. + Social Media Monitoring in Higher Education: 1st International Corporate and Marketing Communication in Asia Conference Bangkok, Thailand 1819 Nov, 2013 A case study of corporate marketing communications of Bournemouth University and its outreach to Asia Ana Adi & Nathaniel Hobby
  2. 2. + Context
  3. 3. + Context  Increased competition in higher education both nationally and internationally  Bournemouth University’s Marketing and Communications Department review of its social media monitoring tools
  4. 4. + Literature review  Marketisation of higher education     Enrollment After 1990s a more nuanced, strategic approach influenced by tactics drawn from advertising, public relations, fundraising and recruiting Social media/Internet studies are related to information sharing/awareness Monitoring and measurement of social media marketing communications   Benefits of digital media; interactivity, intelligence, individualization and integration that are highly praised benefits (Chafee et al, 2009) Challenge: including manage costs, enhancing productivity and finding the tools that could support their work by providing insight into the big amount of data shared daily online (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2011)
  5. 5. + Methodology  Listening campaigns  One month  Exploratory  Observe and discuss differences in search, reach and engagement as resulting from the social media conversations captured by the tools
  6. 6. + Methodology • Social media analysis • Register multiple accounts • Keywords search • Directly engage with audience • Social media management and measurement dashboard • Set up multiple accounts • Keywords search • Directly engage with audience • Traditional media monitoring tool • Social media monitoring option • Analyse and chart searches
  7. 7. + Data collection Boolean searches Some country specific terms Misspellings
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  11. 11. + Analysis criteria  the depth of the search function (the ability of the platform to find posts based on entered keywords),  the type of analysis tools provided (visualisations, charts, extraction, sentiment)  the platform’s features (multi-user and multi-account management)  the existence or absence of data export features.
  12. 12. + Results and discussion Meltwater Buzz provided the most results and the most results (152) and most nuanced analysis
  13. 13. + Results and discussion  Meltwater also mined more platforms for content providing thus an opportunity for wider search results  Identify trends and audience interests (i.e. scholarships)  Influencers (@beasiswaindo and @ScholarshipsUK)
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  17. 17. + Results and discussion  Hootsuite and Vocus yielded no social media results (part due to the lack features such as backdated search, archival options, keyword search restrictions)  None of the platforms searched country-specific social media networks (i.e. Ren Ren or Sina Weibo)
  18. 18. + Implications  Access  Resources (human, financial, technical)  Languages  Strategy
  19. 19. + Social media strategy for HEIs  Social media part of a wider strategy but needs its own goals and objectives in line with wider organizational goals  Target audience research is essential  Social media needs monitoring on a daily basis (trends research and monitoring, content planning  human resources implications)  Financial implications  Cultural implications and considerations
  20. 20. + Thank you! @ana_adi @nathanielhobby