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Out shopping


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Out shopping

  2. 2. He is wearing He is wearing a white T-shirt. a black jacket. Those are blue jeans He looks greatin this trousers.
  3. 3. She is wearingShe looks great a grey scarf. In her purple T-shirt. Isn’t this blouse Aren’t these pretty?sneakers great?
  4. 4. This isShe is wearing a red T-shirt.a white blouse.She likespink tights She is wearing a grey gym suit.
  5. 5. She looks greatIn her black dress. She is wearing a grey vest.Those are nice sandals.
  6. 6. She is wearing a white shirt.She looks great In blue jeans. This overall is cool. She is wearing black shoes.
  7. 7. She is wearinga purple jacket. That blouse Is pretty. She is wearing orange socks.
  8. 8. Liceul Tehnologic IzvoareleStructura Scoala Gimnaziala Alimanesti CLASA a V-a B Prof. Plopeanu Anamaria