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  1. 1. EvaluationG321Foundation PortfolioBy Ana Kamille Ruiz
  2. 2. 1. In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop orchallenge the forms andconventions of real mediaproduct?
  3. 3. I have used many different types of genericconventions in my magazine cover. I was able to workwith the different codes and conventions by applying itto four different magazines which is linked below. Front cover My front cover incorporates the generic conventions of a music magazine as the main cover star is behind the masthead, the barcode and the puff. Although, the cover star is going against the general conventions of a magazines as she is giving an indirect mode of address. My front cover was definitely influenced by Q and ACOUSTIC magazine.
  4. 4. My front cover was influenced by „acoustic GUITAR‟magazine. In this magazine the cover star is giving anindirect mode of address so that the audience/targetmarket could feel that this picture was captured „in themoment‟. Therefore, while planning my cover page Iwanted to have a similar vibe so I incorporated this to mycover page where my cover star is looking down andplaying with the guitar.
  5. 5. ContentsMy contents page was influenced by Q magazine also. With Q magazine the language and vocabulary is easy toread and understand which is appealing to the audience. The layout of the contents is very structured and allowspeople to look at the page easily therefore, I wanted to do the same thing to my magazine and the layout and itsstructure influenced me to do this. In the bottom page of the magazine, I did the same exact thing where Iincorporated the CD albums that fans can get, the different music that they can download and the top charts. Ialso incorporated the „every month‟ section as a generic convention in a contents page of a magazine. Andalso, the different features that the people will get inside the magazine.
  6. 6. Double page spreadMy double page spread was also influenced by Q magazine‟s double page article onFlorence and the Machine. I really like the idea of the fact that Q magazine typed USA acrossthe page along with her music album. This interested me so I wanted to do the same ideatherefore; I used it on my double page and typed the album name „Newborn‟ across the pagealong with the star‟s name. The article was influenced also as it is about Q & A‟s from theartist itself. Such as asking her what she though of her new album, how she started playingthe guitar etc. This casual and friendly interview allows the star to be admired by theaudience and its target market.
  7. 7. 2. How does your mediaproduct represent particularsocial groups?
  8. 8. For my magazine, it is aimed totarget teenagers and young, olderwomen who prefer to listen to amellow type of music.I presented quiet, peaceful andelegant images. The purpose of anelegant and peaceful vibe from theimages is to let the target audiencehave an idea of what they areexpecting in the magazine that theyare about to buy.Ana-Kathleen is supposed to beanother replica of „Taylor Swift‟. Agirl who sings acoustic songs aboutlove and relationships.I have targeted the stereotypicalteenagers in the 21st century thathave fandom over a solo artist.Fandom is another meaning of fansbeing overly obsessed with soloartists and bands which I want withmy artist.
  9. 9. This would be a profile of a typical teenager who would be interested in the type of genre that I am producing for my magazine. A girl who likes to go off in the woods and surrounds herself on her own with the nature and her guitar to listen to inspiring songs.Someone who likes sitting in thegrass, playing a relaxing, acoustic music. My magazine is mostly aimed at teenage girls however, if there were boys who were interested in this genre as well, I would expect them to be mellow, quiet and have a sense of their own and let acoustic music and their guitar to bring them to life.
  10. 10. 3. What kind of mediainstitution might distribute yourmedia product and why?
  11. 11.“Smiths News is the UK‟s leading newspaperand magazine wholesaler. New contractawards have consolidated our position as thecountry‟s largest wholesaler. We‟re a bigorganisation, but we care about our customersand we‟re known for our friendly and openapproach.”Smiths News PLC distributes differenttypes of newspapers, magazines, healthcare magazines etc. My magazine wouldgo under the newspaper and magazinemarket where they distribute my acousticmagazine. Smiths News PLC distributes to30,000 customers everyday therefore, I feelthat ACOUSTIQUE would be distributed bya major distribution company.
  12. 12. 4. Who would be theaudience for your mediaproduct
  13. 13. Target audienceMy target audience is mostly aimed atfemales at the age of 15-20 who preferto listen to acoustic music.I have given information about soloartists who do acoustic magazine. Anything about this genre is in themagazine. The majority of people whoenjoy an acoustic vibe would probablybe young adults.Below is the link to the questionnairethat I did and how I was able to find outabout my target audience and whatthey preferred.
  14. 14. 5. How did youattract/address the audience?
  15. 15. From the front cover itself, I attractedthe audience from the picture that Itook. I used a good quality camera thatwould allow the target audience to feelinterested and look at the magazine.Also, I used different types of colours tomake the words stand out and I tried toprevent the words from blending intothe picture as the lighting is quite lowon the image. All of the colours I usedare quite different from each other asthe masthead is white, the name of theartist is peach and the pugg is yellow. Ithink all of these compliment eachother. The peach and white colourscompliment each other and the yellowcompliments itself and all of the coloursaround it. This is important to me as itdoes not look as tacky and neither doesit over power the image too much. Thesoftness of the yellow, red, peach andwhite allows to make the targetaudience feel that elegant vibe withinthe magazine which is vital to me.In addition, my masthead is very simpleand not too out of place in cover. Itlooks as if it blends well with everythingand overpowers the image from itscolour however, the attraction of theartist is still complimented.
  16. 16. Furthermore, the layout of themagazine is simple and it is notcovering the face of the artist asthe words and colours allowsthe image to be dominated andmake it vivid and stand out well.Since there is not a lot going onwith the words it can be easilyunderstood as the words arenot cluttered and the languageis simple and understandablefor my target audience.
  17. 17. 6. What have you learntabout technologies from theprocess of constructing theproduct?
  18. 18. I used to construct my cover page and my contents page andword document to construct my double page spread and an app on myphone to edit the• You can get used to it after a few tries•You can change the selection of thecanvas such as changing it to A4 or A3•It is easy to import pictures to the softwareand edit them by using many differenteffects•Files can be saved as different optionssuch as; JPEG/PNG/PAINT.NET FILE•Copy and paste easily•Take away any unnecessary parts of theimageWord document•You can easily add pictures in•You can add text boxes in the documenteasily.•You have the different options of the fontsand its sizes and the colours•It is simple to use
  19. 19. Word document•You cannot change the •When you add pictureswords when you make in, everything can get all overmistakes when doing a text. the place.•Sometimes the magic wand •You have to consider the texttakes out areas that you want space of the article becausefrom the image. when adding a big letter in the beginning the next line can•It is easy to over-edit a photo have a big space. So it canso you can make mistakes look misplaced.easily.
  20. 20. Photowonder This is the app that I used to edit my pictures from my phone. Strengths •You can take the photos and choose the effects you want straight away. •Use flash if there is not enough lighting. •Take a photo using the front camera or back camera •Decorate the photo straight from the phone •Take photos and make it into a collage •You can send the photo straight to an email and be opened online. Weaknesses •The effect can change slightly once opened online •There is not enough effectsHere is a link online to see what is all about. etails?id=cn.jingling.motu.photowon der&hl=en
  21. 21. Photographic choicesI took many different images to see what looked best forthe contents, the double page spread and the front cover.I had to consider the lighting and what looked best foreach photo.For my front cover there were three pictures I had tochoose from which were all different. I wanted to choosean elegant style, simple and professional. The lighting onthe top right is too bright, the image on the bottom rightwas not exactly as perfect as the one I chose which is thebottom left as the artist is looking at the guitar instead ofsomewhere else. So, I made my decision to pick thebottom one.
  22. 22. Also, with the contents and the doublepage I had to consider what lookedbest as the lighting of the front cameraand back camera were different. SinceI wanted a simple and elegant one formy double page I went for the bottompicture. The contents had the colourred in it for the background of the fontsso I chose to pick the darker lightingfor the contents page.Also, I had to look at the images if thepose of the artist was awkward or nottherefore, I did not choose the far leftimage above as it did not look right tome.
  23. 23. Blogger was a very easy process as it was quick when you could add post a blog entry and publish it in seconds. Instead of printing off all of the work I did and wasting paper I could upload it to blogger and let other people see it straight away by giving them my URL.With the 3 elements - my front cover, contents and double page spread. Ifound it easy to do it as I as already able to have an idea of what was tocome out of it from the research I did. Also, I was able to sketch out mycontents and double page as a draft to choose which type of layout Iwanted which helped me out quite a lot. With my front cover, I did a sampleof my what I hoped for with my magazine which can be seen in this link thissample helped me with editing what looked wrong and helped me realisewhat I needed to do for my final work.
  24. 24. 7. Looking back to youpreliminary task, what do youfeel that you have learnt in theprogression from it to the fullproduct?
  25. 25. From my preliminary task compared to my final product it looks very plain and that there is notenough attraction to the magazine. My idea was to make it look fun and interesting with all thecolours but, because my actual magazine was a different concept I understood thatdepending on what your concept and style is, it can depend on the way you present your finalmagazine/product. It is about choosing the right target market and the right style thatcompliments it.To get to where I am now with my final magazine product I have learnt the different ways andtechniques that I needed to do in order to create a realistic magazine. The way I had tochoose from my pictures, the editing skills, the effects I had to use, the fonts and the colours. Iwas able to learn from my preliminary task to make it look realistic and professional.
  26. 26. With my contents also you can tell from the software being used as I used word document formy preliminary task and for my actual contents. My school contents looks plain andboring as the background does not have enough colour to it. The pictures however, are „fun‟compared to my actual contents although, this probably won‟t attract the students. With myactual contents it is more put together and everything compliments each other especially theimages and the font.
  27. 27. Overall, I think that my final products were successful and that it fits willwith the brief. I have been able to research and plan all the areas that Ineeded and it can be seen from this overall product. I feel that there areno strengths and weaknesses to any of my final products as they allcompliment each other. I am pleased with the way it turned out as I wasable to represent an acoustic genre.

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