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10 fn s01

  1. 1. Building on Standards Future-Net 2010 Andrew G. Malis Vice President Broadband Forum
  2. 2. We are the United Broadband Forum  The Broadband Forum is the central organization driving broadband wireline solutions and empowering converged packet networks worldwide to better meet the needs of vendors, service providers and their customers.  We develop multi-service broadband packet networking specifications addressing interoperability, architecture and management. Our work enables home, business and converged broadband services, encompassing customer, access and backbone networks. 2
  3. 3. Forum Membership Regional Membership Industry Segment Breakdown Australia/New Zealand Service Providers Asia Vendors Europe Middle East/Africa Consultants Am ericas Organizations  197 members (December 2009)  Active Service Provider Action Council  Committed to developing real world solutions for today’s broadband service providers’ requirements – Release Program – Strong service provider leadership 3
  4. 4. Broadband Forum Service Provider Members 4
  5. 5. BBF Strategic Objectives  Facilitate broadband convergence through shared architecture, responsive management and common interconnection standards  Stimulate MPLS use in Mobile Backhaul deployments  Define common CPE specifications for all online devices for better provisioning and maintenance  Develop tools to advance VDSL2 and PON interoperability  Empower global energy reduction measures by developing common broadband energy efficiency tests  Ensure IPv4 to IPv6 migration success  Establish common quality standards and measures for DSL and hybrid networks 5
  6. 6. So How Can the Broadband Forum Help?  Provide the specifications that optimize the network, streamline and improve management of the digital home or office and simplify the broadband convergence evolution.  Develop industry standards, provide technical reports, offer white papers and tutorials to empower the expedition of RFPs, simplify installations and improve the quality of experience that can be offered.  The following section will take you through our current scope of work, technical reports of note, and show you what is in the pipeline for 2010 and beyond 6
  7. 7. Broadband Forum Scope of Work
  8. 8. Broadband Forum Scope PARTNER APPLICATION Management Quality of Experience TR-069 (CWMP) IDENTITY TR-069 ACS FUNCTION Identity, Accounting and Policy Operations and Network Management DSL Quality Management BILLING PARTNER CONTROL TR-126 IPTV TR-176 DSL OSS FUNCTION Quality of Experience Profiles for IPTV CWMP TR-069 Network TR-144 Multi Service Requirements Multi-Service Core Edge Aggregation Access VoD TV Content Network P2P E-FTTx TR-101, TR-156 GPON IP/MPLS Ethernet EPON Aggregation DSL Mobile Network SGW RNC BSC Multi Service Architecture & Requirements Certification, Test and Interoperability 8
  9. 9. BroadbandManagement™ BroadbandManagement™ facilitates the BroadbandNetwork™ and BroadbandUser™ domains to enable new services and assure end-user Quality of Experience. BroadbandManagement™ is a collection of the following: Operations & Network Management CPE Management via CWMP (TR-069) Identity, Accounting and Policy Management Quality of Experience Layer 2 Control Protocol (L2CP) DSL Quality Management (DQM) 9
  10. 10. BroadbandNetwork™ : Evolution of Access & Aggregation VOIP IPTV VOIP IPTV Other Internet Internet Internet Internet & QoS & QoS & QoS NG- NG Video Video BAS BRAS BNG BNG ? BNG BNG ? ATM Aggregation Ethernet Aggregation MPLS or Carrier Ethernet Aggregation / Distributed AN ADSL VDSL,VDSL2, ADSL2+ PON, FTTx, ETTx TR-25 TR-59 TR-101 TR-156 WT-145 1999 2003 2006 2008 2009+ 10
  11. 11. BroadbandNetwork™  End-to-End Architecture – TR 144 Multi Service Requirements, WT-145 Architecture  History: TR-058 Requirements, TR-059 (ATM), TR-101 (Ethernet)  IPv6 Enabled (WT-177,WT-187,WT-242)  MPLS in Carrier Ethernet (WT-224)  MPLS in Mobile Backhaul (WT-221/222) Multi-Service Core Edge Aggregation Access VoD TV SIP Content Network P2P E-FTTx Aggregation GPON Core Network Network IP / MPLS EPON Ethernet/MPLS Mobile Network DSL BSC RNC SGW Multi Service Architecture & Requirements Certification, Test and Interoperability 11
  12. 12. BroadbandUser™ TR-069 Remote Management Framework Call Connected Home OSS / BSS Policy Center Data, Voice, Video, Energy TR-142 TR-131, WT-132: TR-069 Framework for ACS Northbound GPON Interface TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol IP STB Storage VoIP Femto Cell TR-196: Femto Cell Auto- Data Network TR-135: STB Residential Gateway Voice ATA Configuration TR-143: Throughput TR-104: VoIP Server (ACS) Performance Testing TR-98 Internet Gateway TR-122: Voice ATA Device (IGD) TR-140: Storage TR-111: NAT Traversal TR-064, TR-133: TR-068, TR-124 RG LAN-Side CPE Mgmt PC PD-174: Proxy Mgmt TR-106: Common Data Model Template HPNA G.hn HomePlug ZigBee LON AMI Network MoCA Ethernet Wi-Fi Z-Wave Flexnet Energy Management Utilities Data Smart Meter + IHD + Energy devices Application Server Center 12
  13. 13. Energy Efficiency Work  Always available xDSL replacing “always on” – TR-202 Guidelines for ADSL2plus Low Power Mode  EU Broadband Code of Conduct – Broadband Forum inputs regarding methods/measurement recommendations – A catalyst for change  Early stage development of EE test suite – WT-189: Energy Efficiency Test Plan: Network Equipment – WT-190: Energy Efficiency Test Plan: End-user Equipment  Home Environment Focus – PD-174 Cascaded energy management enhancements to TR-069 emerge – WT-124 issue 2, which will include new EE requirements for Residential Gateways 13
  14. 14. New GPON Interoperability Working Group  History- FSAN and the Broadband Forum are both focused on fiber advancement  A workshop was held with FSAN, ITU-T and BBF on GPON interoperability, which was a success – Great attendance (50+) – Confirmation that GPON standards conformance is what’s needed – Agreement to jointly develop test plans addressing both interoperability and TR-156, and OMCI Implementer’s Guide compliance – Agreement that FSAN and the Broadband Forum working together will bring together the right subject matter experts to move GPON conformance forward  Broadband Forum and FSAN created a joint working group which will meet at each Broadband Forum meeting – This group will develop the test suite – FSAN test events will now be open to Broadband Forum members 14
  15. 15. New! Broadband Forum Certification Program
  16. 16. Strong 15+ years Testing and Interop History  The Broadband Forum has long been a globally recognized leader in driving broadband and multi-service network architecture and equipment interoperability testing.  Through 15+ years of test plan development and interoperability test events, the Forum has helped the industry- – Establish common standards – Reduce the burden of service provider testing and – Expedite network deployments around the world.  To advance the goal of faster and more cost effective service rollouts, the Broadband Forum is launching a groundbreaking certification program designed to verify adherence to critical IP/MPLS, broadband and digital home/business specifications.  These newly released as well as future certifications offered through the Broadband Forum Certification Program are driven by market requirements. 16
  17. 17. Broadband Forum Certification Program Benefits  Overall the Broadband Forum Certification Program provides: – Assurance to service providers of products’ conformance to the Broadband Forum's globally recognized and adopted technology standards – Cost savings to both equipment vendors and service providers by offering a single globally adopted, industry-approved certification process that significantly reduces testing time and resources 17
  18. 18. We begin with MPLS Certification Track Why MPLS?  First of its kind- there is no other comprehensive certification program offered today for global standards based MPLS  MPLS is a widely deployed technology in every Service Provider network around the globe and continues to evolve from the core to the edge to the access  The MPLS Certifications provide comprehensive testing that verifies conformance to architectures and protocols required to implement MPLS  The Broadband Forum works very closely with other standards development organizations where complementary work is being developed; i.e. IETF, IEEE, ITU-T and MEF, thus ensuring collaboration and industry alignment 18
  19. 19. What is the value to service providers?  To the Service Provider Community – Streamlines the selection process  Helping service providers identify and eliminate non-compliant devices quickly it allows service providers to come to a short list on an RFP. – Reduces SP testing responsibility and expense  Offers a standardized element of RFPs – Reduces time to market of new services  Improving Return On Investment (ROI) – The MPLS Certifications are based on international standards aligned with architectures and protocols that reflect real world network requirements – Provides assurance of protocol compliance allowing service providers to dedicate resources to address their specific requirements 19
  20. 20. How do vendors benefit?  To the Vendor Community – Test once and reuse results  Shortens test cycles & saves testing resources/expense – Provides ways to establish a strong global market position – Presents a strong quality indication for end customers – Offers clear and carefully written test cases; better specifications, more efficient development 20
  21. 21. MPLS Certification Options  Three configuration approach for MPLS Certification includes: – Circuit Emulation Services (Time Division Multiplexing) The Abstract Test Suite for TDM Services over MPLS describes test procedures based on the requirements for encapsulating TDM signals over MPLS networks and distributing timing using pseudo-wires over a MPLS network. Test cases in this specification are defined for T1, E1, T3 and E3 services.  The test suite TDMoMPLS (BBF.248) is approved and publicly available  Enrollment is now open to all Broadband Forum member companies – ATM The Abstract Test Suite for ATM over MPLS describes test procedures based on requirements for encapsulating Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) over MPLS networks.  ATMoMPLS test suite is in development, and currently includes more than 50 test cases  Certification to be available shortly after test suite is completed and approved – IP & Ethernet Coming soon! 21
  22. 22. Broadband Forum Certified  For a full list of the product from each company above that has been certified visit http://www.iometrix.com/site/index.php?option=com_ content&task=view&id=234&Itemid=178 22
  23. 23. We don’t work alone
  24. 24. Current Liaison/Collaboration of BBF A proliferation of standards organizations in an industry that is consolidating and converging  3GPP (3rd Gen Partnership Project)  3GPP2  International Telecommunication  Alliance for Telecommunications industry Union (ITU-T), multiple SGs Solutions (ATIS)  Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)  Broadband Services Forum (BSF)  NGMN Alliance: Next Gen Mobile  Consumer Electronics Assoc. (CEA) Network Alliance  Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)  MultiService Forum (MSF)  Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)  Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)  European Telecommunications Standards  Open IPTV Forum Institute (ETSI)  TeleManagement Forum (TMF)  Femto Forum  Universal Plug and Play Forum  Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) (UPnP)  HomeGrid Forum  WiMax Forum  Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 24
  25. 25. In the pipeline  2010 will be a critically important year on several fronts with key deliverables including-- – IPv6 transition and deployments by service providers, – MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Initiative and new certification options, – GPON testing and interoperability, as well as potentially addressing in-home networking testing, – Energy efficiency, which will pick up importance once the industry economic conditions improve and – Broadening the Residential Gateway/IGD/Home Networking and end device management which is our most referenced and utilized suite of specs by other organizations. 25
  26. 26. Thank you for taking time to learn more about the Broadband Forum For more information, visit us at http://www.broadband-forum.org