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Dragonite -XR Brochure


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Dragonite: Halloysite Clay Nanotubes

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Dragonite -XR Brochure

  1. 1. APPLIED MINERALS INC. TM 110 Greene Street, Suite 1101 New York, NY 10012 1.800.356.6463 Applied Minerals is a leading global producer of Halloysite Clay. Vertically integrated from mine to market, our niche focus and in-depth application knowledge allow us to offer our customers commercially consistent product grades, specifically tailored to achieve their enhanced performance objectives. Applied Mineral’s Halloysite products are offered under the DragoniteTM brand. Applied Minerals is proud to introduce Dragonite-XRTM, a drop-in additive specifically suited for polymer reinforcement. Dragonite-XRTM is naturally exfoliated due to its tubular shape and uniform surface charge. As a result, Dragonite-XRTM disperses easily in various thermoplastic and thermoset resins at loading levels up to 40%. This is a major advantage over layered silicate fillers that must undergo a complex and costly chemical exfoliation process. Dragonite-XRTM composites exhibit not only high stiffness but also higher tensile and flex strength, all with a lower density and retained toughness. Dragonite-XRTM in powder form 5µm SEM image of Dragonite-XRTM Crude ore of Dragonite-XRTM extracted from the Dragon Mine Advantages of Dragonite-XRTM in Composites Lower density than conventional fillers results in reduced weight of finished products. Naturally exfoliated morphology provides ease of dispersion at loadings up to 40% without a need for organo-treatment. This results in lower raw material, mixing, and quality control costs compared to organo clays. Increases both the stiffness (modulus) and strength of composite with minimal changes in impact strength, weld line strength, and viscosity. Improves fatigue resistance and drop impact resistance compared to chopped glass fibers. Acts as a nucleating agent with 8°C increase in crystallization temperature, even at 1-3 wt% level, resulting in faster cooling and cycle time. Improves thermal stability: 20°C increase in the decomposition temperature in TGA. Increases time to ignite, reduces peak heat release rate, and improves char density when added at 5-10 wt% with other conventional flame retardants. Lower shrinkage than organo clay and lower warpage than chopped glass fiber and mica. Increases stiffness and toughness of thermoset compounds. Tubular morphology enables the entrapment of active agents followed by their controlled- release at predetermined rates. Halloysite is an inorganic material that is non-toxic and biocompatible. Lower cost than organo clay. NOTICE: All statements, information and data given herein are believed to be accurate and reliable, but are pre- sented without guarantee, warranty or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied. Statements or suggestions concerning possible use of our products are made without representation or warranty that any such use is free of patent infringement, and are not recommendations to infringe any patent. The user should not assume that all safety measures are indicated, or that measures may not be required. The values presented in this data sheet are typical values and are not to be interpreted as product specifications.
  2. 2. APPLIED MINERALS INC. 110 Greene Street, Suite 1101 TM New York, NY 10012 1.800.356.6463 Comparative Analysis PROPERTIES OF PP HOMOPOLYMER Flex Tensile Flex Impact WITH DRAGONITE-XRTM Specific Modulus Strength Strength Strength % Dragonite-XR TM (w/w) Gravity Kpsi psi psi ft-lb/inch 0 0.905 214 5581 6509 0.66 3 0.928 258 5913 7360 0.75 5 0.940 278 6113 7650 0.68 9 0.961 316 6150 8100 0.62 20 1.038 398 6003 8400 0.66 27 1.098 423 6177 8500 0.62 PROPERTIES OF NYLON 6 Flex Tensile Flex Impact WITH DRAGONITE-XRTM Specific Modulus Strength Strength Strength % Dragonite-XR TM (w/w) Gravity Kpsi psi psi ft-lb/inch 0 1.130 348 10481 13243 1.20 3 1.149 466 12087 17621 0.72 7 1.163 495 12997 18100 0.94 S-4800 5.0V 4.5mm x 5.00k SE(U) 13 1.182 533 13655 18900 0.86 10um 24 1.297 731 14465 22653 0.77 SEM image of PP composite with 20 wt% Dragonite-XRTM PROPERTIES OF REINFORCED PP HOMOPOLYMER Flex Tensile Flex Impact WITH 10% FILLER - SPECIFIC VALUES (VALUE/DENSITY) Modulus Strength Strength Strength Specific Gravity Kpsi psi psi ft-lb/inch % Δ STRENGTH, PSI * % Δ MODULUS, KPSI Polypropylene 0.905 196 5581 6509 0.81 0 Dragonite - XRTM 0.961 329 6400 8429 0.73 0.0994 Chopped Glass Fibers 0.978 327 6449 8589 0.61 0.1041 Micro-Talc 0.973 338 6074 8181 0.84 0.0641 Wollastonite 0.980 266 5184 6214 0.84 -0.0255 Calcium Carbonate 0.975 256 4923 6769 1.13 -0.0363 Nanoclay - MMT 0.954 340 5615 7429 0.63 0.0045 More detailed information available upon request Typical Analysis of Dragonite-XRTM Halloysite Clay Length 1.75 µm CHEMISTRY (WT %) Outside Diameter 50nm Si02 Ti02 Al203 Fe203 MnO MgO CaO K2O Na2O P205 SO3 Sum LOI Inside Diameter 15nm 40.5 0.1 35.4 <2.0 0.1 0.7 1.8 0.3 0.4 0.1 0.3 79.4 18.0 True Specific Gravity 2.53 Refractive Index 1.54 Bulk Density 15.6 lbs /ft3 % Linear Dry Shrinkage 1.01 0 µm - 3. 0.5 % Total Shrinkage 21.4 Initial pH 6.5-6.9 Cation Exchange Capacity 8 meq /100 grams Oil Absorption (Linseed Oil) 40 lbs/100lbs 7A BHT Surface Area 64.66 m2/gm BHT Pore Volume 1.2-1.34 ml/gm Hunter Brightness 65 Particle Size 100% < 5 µm Particle Seize 90% < 2 µm 15 nm 50 nm
  3. 3. APPLIED MINERALS INC. 110 Greene Street, Suite 1101 TM New York, NY 10012 1.800.356.6463 The Dragon Mine: Applied Mineral’s Wholly Owned Source of Halloysite The Dragon Mine is located in the Tintic District of Utah stretching over 230 acres of land. Applied Minerals retained the world’s leading experts in Halloysite to create a standard for the characterization, quantification, and commercialization of this unique mineral. As a result of these efforts, the Company is able to deliver commercially consistent product grades of the highest quality Halloysite in the world. PATENTED TECHNOLOGY US PROVISIONAL PATENT: Process for Polymer Composite with Inorganic Filler US PATENT NO: 6,280,759 Method of Controlled Release and Controlled Release Microstructures US PATENT NO: 5,492,696 Controlled Release Microstructures US PATENT NO: 5,705,191 Sustained Delivery of Active Compounds From Tubules with Rational Control US PATENT NO: 5,651,976 Controlled Release of Active Agents Using Inorganic Tubules Applied Mineral’s Dragon Mine: Utah, USA. Other DragoniteTM Applications & Uses Controlled Release Technology: As a carrier of active ingredients, the tubular nature of DragoniteTM Halloysite clay enables a product to maintain uniform and sustained release rates of an active agent, thereby reducing application frequency and initial overdosage. Release rates can be controlled through selection of tube diameter, length, and encapsulation. This increased efficiency of application reduces the amount of active agent needed to achieve desired results, translating into significant cost savings and environmental responsibility. Applications for Controlled Release: paints/coatings, building materials, agriculture, cosmetics, fragrances, pigments, electronics, fabrics, textiles, drug delivery fields and a range of other industries. Other Areas of Use: catalysts, molecular sieves, environmental remediation, filtration, technical ceramics, cosmetics, paint modifiers, tyre composites, proppants, drilling muds.