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Double Page Spread Analysis

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Double Page Spread Analysis

  1. 1. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Text: The majority of the right page is taken up by Wiz Khalifa’s initials. His full name has not been printed as the headline as the readers are aware of the featured star, Vibe magazine ensure that they only feature stars their devoted readers will be interested in. The colour of the text matches Wiz Khalifa’s hat, demonstrating the links between the artist and the magazine. Other than the headline font, a simple font is used as the magazine do not need gimmicks to get through to their readers as what they feature is significant enough.Image: The image of Wiz Khalifa is braking the expectations of well-known images often seen in magazines, anddemonstrates that the artist is being shown in the most honest way, with his true personality being apparent to thereaders. The headshot also keeps the article simple, again suggesting the honesty and exclusivity of the piece.Language: The sub-title, “how high?” relates to the picture and the well-known fact that Wiz Khalifa smokescannabis. The magazine is here demonstrating that they can rebel against codes and convention and are not afraid toapproach certain subjects.
  2. 2. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Text: The text style portrays the rebellious and quirky attitude of the featured artist, it goes against the codes and conventions of the traditional font for the magazine and is the main focus point for the article. Its an effective way to grab the attention of the readers, as the large title makes the 4 small columns of simple style font writing look less than it actually is as it is taking up such a large amount of space. The writing stands out especially well with the black thick edging aroundImage: The way in which Lily Allen is standing again backs up the rebellious each letter; this makes theattitude given off in this feature. Her attitude in the image backs up the headline white writing stand outquote and shows her “not caring what people think” background.Language: Whilst the headline tells us Lily Allen is not an attention seeker, thearticle itself is very attention seeking with eye-catching text and image giving thearticle a sense of irony.
  3. 3. Text: The heading is outstandingDOUBLE PAGE SPREAD on the page and grabs the readers attention. The subheading of “Madonna” also stands out as it is bolder than the rest of the text, which could also be portraying Madonna’s persona. The heading is all in capitals, emphasizing that the article “has to be read” and also the status of both Madonna herself and the magazine. The ratio of the text to the picture is balanced because there is a large image on the one side of the double page spread and the text on the other half, which balances out half text and half image so that the audience don’t feel that they have to read a lot of text, which would increase the amount of interest in the reader.Image: The image of Madonna takes up half of the double page spread. She is wearing attentionseeking clothes that portray her unique style. This also emphasizes the uniqueness of the magazineitself.Language: The title is persuasive in itself “cash for questions”, giving the reader a motive to read on.The quote from Madonna “chicks rule the world in many respects” can attract female readers while thepicture of Madonna herself can attract the male readers. Along with the promise of cash for questions,Vibe magazine can be confident to attract many readers.