Maximising the effectiveness of sponsorship


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Maximising the effectiveness of sponsorship

  2. 2. Picture © JUAN BARRETO / AFPPicture © JUAN BARRETO / AFP media marketResearch Rates&Ratings marketintelligence Over the following pages we have identified some of the key challenges faced in the market place today and how we can provide solutions and insight that help you deliver against your objectives. FROMINSIGHTSTOIMPACT yourCHALLENGE–oursolution We use our industry experience and expertise to turn our unique data and insights into strategic advice that allows you to: » SELECT » MEASURE » IMPROVE uniquedataandinsights For brands it’s more important than ever to assess the performance of their sponsorship. Selecting the most appropriate sponsorship by aligning both audience and brand values is the first step, with on-going performance measurement against objectives helping to maximise return both financially and against core KPIs. Repucom has developed a suite of services designed to identify “best fit” and assess the performance of a brand’s sponsorship, simultaneously identifying areas for improvement. The services also address the challenge of managing multiple sponsorship properties and how best to compare performances and streamline sponsorship portfolio’s. Lack of Limited access to the relevant sources to allow Difficult to integrate significant amount of to combine different data sources ORGANISATIONS FACE MANY ISSUES IDENTIFYING THE APPROPRIATE SPONSORSHIP PROPERTY AND QUANTIFYING THE RETURN OF THEIR SPONSORSHIP: STANDARD METRICS COMPARISONS & BENCHMARKING DATA FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES to collect all the relevant data LACK OF RESOURCES Complexities/Complications identifying factors leading to UNDERPERFORMANCE Lack of advanced systems to measure the RETURN OF SPONSORSHIP RECORDINGS OF SPORT 3,200,000 h per year COUNTRIES DAILY AUDITS IN Regions & Territories 200 DAILY APPROX. via Broadcast Schedule Audit CHANNELS 1100 www. WEBSITES & SOCIAL MEDIA SITES YEARLY TRACKING OVER 20,000 GLOBAL DATABASE WITH MORE THAN BRANDS20,000 SPONSORSHIP DEALS80,000 per year INTERVIEWS MORE THAN 500,000 COUNTRIES IN MORE THAN 40 INTERACTIONS ANALYSED 135,000,000 per month SPORTSBUSINESSPROJECTS MORE THAN PER YEAR 2,400 SPONSORSHIP property
  3. 3. MEASUREYOURSPONSORSHIPRETURNPROPERTYSELECTIONANALYSIS THEOUTPUTS THEOUTPUTS Sponsorship is becoming a key part of the marketing mix with the importance placed on accountability greater than ever. The Sponsorship Performance Measurement System is a single approach to calculate the value of your sponsorship from all perspectives. The measurement system helps sponsors to gather, generate and understand all of the data sources available to them to demonstrate the return on objectives, investment, leverage and assets. Selecting the right sponsorship property is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of sponsorship campaigns. With the right property, sponsors dramatically improve their chances of meeting and exceeding their KPIs and receiving a greater return on investments. Repucom’s property selection analysis enables brands to make clear and informed decisions through assessment of the sponsorship landscape against a defined set of criteria and identification of the most appropriate portfolio of key properties. SPONSORSHIP STRATEGY SELECTION PERFORMANCE EVALUATION COMPARE Key properties, other potential partnerships and competitors FACILITATE Informed commercial decisions on a local and global level UNDERSTAND how to reallocate your sponsorship budget MAXIMIZE the return of sponsorship campaigns OBTAIN fact-based insights to report the sponsorship return internally IDENTIFY The most appropriate sponsorship engagements according to brand, audience and business fit IDENTIFY key areas of improvement STREAMLINE Your sponsorship portfolio
  4. 4. PROPERTYSELECTIONANALYSIS » Which properties are most popular amongst each target audience in each country? » Which Passion Categories do these properties fall into? » What potential for activation (advantages/ benefits/ rewards) do these properties offer? » Opportunities to leverage sponsorship in order to increase spend in key categories » Best media coverage/ exposure » Best impact on brand preference and image » Best possibilities for activation » Best cost/ benefit ratio » Fully tailored user friendly reporting tool displaying all scorecards in a visually appealing manner IDENTIFICATIONANDEVALUATIONOFAPPROPRIATEPROPERTIES SponsorshipPerformanceMEASUREMENTSystem » Business & marketing objectives » Target markets » Media footprint » Brand » Target audience(s) » Media ROI » Cost-Value Ratio » Property availability » Competitor activity BENEFITS » MODULAR » FLEXIBLE » USER FRIENDLY Modules can be selected independently, according to client needs Every module is reviewed with our clients to include the most relevant metrics to their business and objectives Performance index metho- dology allows the client to understand and compare values, easier and quicker Preferred Categories Platform Property DETAILED ANALYSIS1 FIT1 VALUE2 CONTEXT2 RECOMMENDATIONS2 REPORT DASHBOARD3 MEASUREYOURSPONSORSHIPRETURN ROI (Return On Investment) ROl (Return On Leverage) ROo (Return On Objectives) ROA (Return On Assets) A combination of standard and customised metrics are developed in collaboration with the client. Calculated through evaluation of both tangible and intangible assets Based on 4 main KPI categories: Opportunity to see, awareness, impact and engagement Understand the effectiveness of activation campaigns against set objectives along B2B, B2C and B2E Assess the return on assets based on usage and performance of assets SPONSORSHIP PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM THEFRAMEWORK THEFRAMEWORK
  5. 5. We Watch. We Listen. We Ask. We bring together over 25 years of expertise in sports marketing research. As the global market leader in our industry, we offer a single source of thought leading solutions in research and consultancy. +44 (0) 207 221 7040 @RepucomUK FOLLOWUS!