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SPLAT: Sharing Innovation and Ideas


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The Special Projects Library Action Team (SPLAT) helps all of Idaho's libraries by collaborating and sharing innovations, trends and ideas. Learn more about SPLAT's benefits and how to start your own team of innovative representatives.

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SPLAT: Sharing Innovation and Ideas

  1. 1. Amy Vecchione & Memo Cordova Boise State University @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo Collaborate to Succeed: Implementing New Reference Services with SPLAT
  2. 2. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo • Futures conference (2005) • Relevance • Think Tanks • SPLAT inception
  3. 3. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo Acting in the crow's nest capacity to: • search for innovation • propose experiments • lead pilot projects • discover new opportunities
  4. 4. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo Who makes SPLAT? • Leaders everywhere • A passion for libraries • Flexibility: ideas & implementation • “many mistakes quickly”
  5. 5. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo SPLAT MEMBERS: • Build • Share • Use • Work
  6. 6. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo How does SPLAT work? • Think dangerously • Experiment • Come together to vet ideas • Implement • Teach • “many mistakes quickly”
  7. 7. @librarythinking @m3mo SPLAT’s Reach
  8. 8. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo
  9. 9. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo
  10. 10. Changing policies New reference services Personal learning Tools to increase workflow Feeling confident @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo
  11. 11. SPLAT members helped me learn new tools and technologies @librarythinking @m3mo
  12. 12. I have integrated some tools I’ve learned from SPLAT into our library services @librarythinking @m3mo
  13. 13. Services or policies changed at my library because of SPLAT @librarythinking @m3mo
  14. 14. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo
  15. 15. SPLAT helps me stay current @librarythinking @m3mo
  16. 16. Make Your Own Consider the scope and region Start grassroots and push up Use DIY mentality Find like minded individuals Be a leader @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo
  17. 17. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo Unique in scale and breadth Action based Collaboration Engages users at all levels Encourages experimentation Failure is welcome
  18. 18. @librarythinking @SPLATid @m3mo