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Fight piracy


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My Presentations for AIM task. Feel free to download. Discuss? Drop me an email or visit my website at

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Fight piracy

  1. 1. AMYunus
  2. 2.  The unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work (Oxford Dictionary) Software, music, video, picture, etc
  3. 3.  Available for `free`, why should we pay? Have no money Difficult to find shop Have no access to get the original Do not know the legal way to get the original Do not know it is an illegal thing
  4. 4.  Creators have no income from their works Have wrong mentality for our self The rest are our business with our God
  5. 5.  Works are cheap relatively  1 CD has 20 song priced at 60K IDR. It means 3K IDR per song (a cup of rice and a cup of mineral water?)  Download 10 songs priced at 15K IDR. It means 1,5K IDR per song (3 fried snacks?)
  6. 6.  Disc Tarra  Cash or Bank Transfer Apple iTunes Store  iTunes Gift Card Melon Indonesia  Cellular account And Many More …
  7. 7. AMYunus