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Merging social networks and CMS


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How do you engage students with Information Literacy content throughout a semester course? Six librarians teaching different sections of a course in the Interactive Media Studies department bypassed institution-supported course management software. Instructors chose Ning, a free site that allows individuals to create public or private social networks. Each network was customized to meet the section's individual learning outcomes. We will discuss how instructors engaged students utilizing tools such as Twitter, RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts via Ning, specific examples of how the tools enhanced student learning throughout the semester, as well as lessons learned from challenges faced along the way.

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Merging social networks and CMS

  1. 1. Merging social networks and course management systems Amy Thornley, Eric Resnis, and Katie Gibson Miami University Libraries
  2. 4. Blogs
  3. 5. Photo sharing
  4. 6. Discussion boards
  5. 7. Twitter
  6. 8. Groups