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Tips for easy installing wordpress


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Wordpress is very popular blogging tool. The user has the preference to have their blogs on the Wordpress site itself of host their own Wordpress blogs. For this, knowledge of the installation process is highly important.

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Tips for easy installing wordpress

  1. 1. Tips to install Wordpress Easily
  2. 2. Wordpress Installation - Tips Wordpress is very popular blogging tool. The user has thepreference to have their blogs on the Wordpress site itself ofhost their own Wordpress Hosting blogs. For this, knowledge of the installation process is highlyimportant. Nowadays, creating an effective online presence hasbecome very important. Be it a business, organization oreven educational research etc, they all result in successfulventures only when they are made known to the outsideworld. Although having their own websites helps in propagatingtheir business, blogging, social networking and participatingin forum discussions takes the user to a higher level.
  3. 3. Wordpress Installation - Tips There are many sites that offer free blogs for the users.Among the many such sites, Wordpress has definitelyproved to be an effective blogging application. Its popularity is not only due to the fact that it is freelyavailable but also because of the complete package that itoffers its users. Additionally, installing wordpress is very simple and quick,for those who go in for self-hosting their Wordpress blogs.
  4. 4. Wordpress Installation - Tips The Wordpress site offers detailed instructions regardingthe easy and safe ways to install this application. Any user who is adept in using these bloggingapplications will have no difficulty with the installationprocess. In case of a beginner, it is always best to read through thegiven instructions and then install Wordpress.
  5. 5. Wordpress Installation - Tips Today there are many sites that offer free services likeWordpress hosting, Joomla, Drupal and hosting of otherapplications. They offer to take care of the application right from thepoint of installation to publishing the blog. The entire control of the Wordpress blog is placed in theuser’s hands itself. For those who do not wish to use thisFree Wordpress Hosting services, they can avail the help ofthe Wordpress site itself.
  6. 6. Wordpress Installation - Tips Before starting the installation process, the users should know about the following They need to determine the access to their web server. This can be done either via shell or FTP. They should have a text editor - Using other word processors will result in corrupted files. They should have a FTP client in order to transfer protocol. A compatible web browser that suits user. Once the user has ensured that all these are taken care of as needed, then he/she can proceed with installing Wordpress.
  7. 7. Wordpress Installation - Tips The first step in the installation process is the checking ofthe PHP and MySQL requirements offered by the user’sserver. This is followed by the downloading of the latest releasedversion of the Wordpress application. This file should be then unzipped so that all the necessaryinstallation files can be downloaded on to the user’s harddrive.
  8. 8. Wordpress Installation - Tips An important step during installing Wordpress, is the partwhere the user is required to modify the wp-config.php file, inorder to define the configuration settings. Only then the application will have the access to the user’sMySQL database. Text editor comes into play here as it is firmly instructed notto use word processors like MS Word for editing Wordpressfiles. The user can also take a print out of the instructions pageand keep it ready when installing Wordpress
  9. 9. Wordpress Installation - Tips Wordpress users get to host their own blogs in a languageof their choice also. . They can also design their own blogs by using any themeof their preference. They can also decide on the widgets needed for their blog. If the users get through the installation process, then it willall be a very enjoyable blogging experience for them