DiabetesMine Innovation Summit 2013 - Speaker/Panelist/Patient Winner BIOs


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The 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit took place at Stanford School of Medicine on Nov. 15. Here are bios of all the speakers and panelists, along with our 10 Patient Voices winners.

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DiabetesMine Innovation Summit 2013 - Speaker/Panelist/Patient Winner BIOs

  1. 1. SPEAKERS Dr. Courtney Lias studied at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where she received her Ph.D. in biochemistry, cellular, and molecular biology. After leaving Johns Hopkins in 2003, she joined the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health in the Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health. Currently, as the Director of the Division of Chemistry and Toxicology devices, she is involved in many diverse activities including premarket clearance/approval, manufacturer assistance, post market regulatory compliance actions, and the development of FDA Guidance for diagnostic devices. Find her online: http://linkd.in/16WdD4n Howard Look is the President and CEO of Tidepool, a Palo Alto, California based non-profit startup building an open platform and applications to free the data, help reduce the burden of living with type 1 diabetes, and provide an open platform for researchers and other application developers. Prior to Tidepool, Howard was VP of Software and User Experience at TiVo, Pixar, Linden Lab and Amazon. Howard has a 13-year- old daughter living with type 1 diabetes. He received his bachelor of science in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and plays drums in a blues band. Find him online: http://linkd.in/17xgLD9, @Tidepool_org, howard@tidepool.org Anna McCollister-Slipp is the co-founder of Galileo Analytics, a visual data exploration and advanced data analytics company focused on democratizing access to and understanding of complex health data. Anna’s passion for improving healthcare research through innovation in health data analytics is rooted in her personal experiences living with type 1 diabetes. In addition, Anna is a vocal advocate for improving methods for comparative effectiveness research, and the development of more refined outcomes measures to better guide care and assess treatments. She was named by XX In Health as a “Woman to Watch” at Health Datapalooza 2013, and was one of a select group of innovators invited to participate in “The Hive” at TEDMED 2013. Find her online: http://linkd.in/18CiF7G Find him online: http://linkd.in/1cH6g4Y Patty Telgener is the vice president of reimbursement at Emerson Consultants, Inc., a company focused on offering reimbursement, regulatory, clinical and market development consulting to the medical device, biologic and pharmaceutical industries. Currently, Patty is working with numerous medical device, diagnostic, and biologic companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations. Prior to joining Emerson Consultants, Patty was director of reimbursement for Medtronic Neurological and Medtronic Diabetes for over 14 years. She was also a healthcare consultant with Deloitte and Touche, where she conducted hospital financial analyses and implemented new patient care delivery systems and has eight years of nursing experience in pediatric intensive care and the emergency room. Find her online: http://linkd.in/18XJ5SK
  2. 2. Dr. Joseph M. Smith is chief medical and science officer of West Health. He employs his engineering and clinical expertise to advance West Health's one-of-a-kind initiative to lower healthcare costs through the West Health Institute, West Health Policy Center, West Health Investment Fund and West Health Incubator. All of these entities focus on lowering costs by creating innovative, patientcentered solutions that deliver the right care at the right place at the right time. Dr. Smith’s role encompasses directing the West Health Institute’s medical and clinical research and he is a co-manager of West Health Investment Fund. Find him online: http://linkd.in/1gzhlbi Amy Tenderich is founder and editor-in-chief of Diabetesmine.com, a popular patient-led informational site and advocacy group, which she launched following a diagnosis with type 1 diabetes in May 2003. After living overseas and many years of PR/marketing work for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, Amy became a freelance writer and consultant in the health and diabetes industries (and full-time mom). Tenderich is the co-author of the patient guidebook, Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes, founder of the DiabetesMine Design Challenge, and a frequent speaker on diabetes and ePatient advocacy. Find her online: http://linkd.in/1gM4zGr, @amydbmine, @diabetesmine PANELISTS Sandra Cook is the consumer assistance specialist for the Arkansas Health Connector Division of the Arkansas Insurance Department. As part of the historic Affordable Care Act, Ms. Cook is assisting in the implementation of health reforms that will help over 500,000 Arkansans to obtain health coverage, some for the very first time. She is an experienced program director with over 35 years’ experience in the administration, development, coordination and monitoring of human services programs. Find her online: Sandra.cook@arkansas.gov R. James Dudl, MD, is the diabetes lead at the Care Management Institute of Kaiser Permanente. He attended medical school at the University of Michigan, interned at Philadelphia General, and did his residency at the Cleveland VA/Case Western Reserve. He also completed an endocrine fellowship at the University of Washington. Prior to his current position, he was the chair of diabetes with Kaiser in San Diego, and co-chair at Southern California Permanente Medical Group. Dudl, who lives near Cleveland, Ohio, enjoys surfing, traveling, and exercising with his dog and grandchildren. Find him online: http://linkd.in/15zDWCD Dr. Richard A. Feifer is the national medical director for National Accounts at Aetna Inc. He leads the department of Clinical Consulting, Strategy, and Analysis, which develops and implements strategies to help some of the nation’s largest employers improve the health and productivity of their members. He is a board-certified internist and currently an assistant clinical professor at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Feifer’s main professional focus is the design, implementation, evaluation, and communication of strategies to optimize population health, and to improve the quality and efficiency of health care. Find him online: http://linkd.in/1cH6g4Y Donna K. Lencki is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Capital BlueCross. She is responsible for driving growth for the company by expanding scope and presence in the marketplace and leading strategic diversification efforts. Before joining Capital, Ms. Lencki founded & led the Geneia Company. Prior to Geneia, she was Founder, CEO and Chair of Choicelinx Corporation. She began her career with Healthsource Inc. and was CEO of its New England based companies. Find her online: http://linkd.in/19ttJo6
  3. 3. Charles A. Stemple is the senior medical director of Humana. He has 15 years of managed care experience in a variety of clinical and administrative areas, and his expertise is in integration of clinical, pharmaceutical and operational activities across the health plan. Prior to joining Humana, Stemple worked as a consultant to Novo Nordisk focusing on physician quality outcomes in diabetes, cardiovascular care and office processes and procedures. Find him online: cstemple@humana.com Deneen Vojta, MD, is senior vice president for business initiatives and clinical affairs at UnitedHealth Group and chief clinical officer of the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance. As a member of the core leadership group, she identifies innovative solutions in the marketplace addressing the significant health care challenges facing the nation. In this role, she spearheaded UnitedHealth’s partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Y–USA to launch the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Find her online: deneen_vojta@uhc.com Tad Simons is co-founder and managing director of Pyxera, a unique consulting and development firm dedicated to creating innovative and valuable offerings for healthcare and the life sciences. Prior to Pyxera, Tad was co-leader of IDEO’s global health practice for over 11 years. He has deep and wide technical and business knowledge across pharma, devices, diagnostics, biotechnology, consumer health, hospital systems, and healthcare product design. His current work involves examining healthcare systems, helping companies build internal innovation capabilities, and supporting teams that bring together a wide range of human and technical disciplines. Find him online: www.linkedin.com/pub/tad-simons/1/567/5 Find him online: http://linkd.in/16DMvdN PATIENT WINNERS Scott Strange has been in the information technology field for more than 25 years, but the Leavenworth, Kansas, resident is better known in the diabetes community for his blog, Strangely Diabetic. He was diagnosed with type 1 in 1970 and has written on his struggles with both diabetes and depression. Julia Neese is a 43-year-old business economist and native of Munich, Germany, who’s been living with type 1 since the age of 9. She got a continuous glucose monitor in 2011, and the experience has been so positive for her that it altered the way she sees diabetes and technology. Find him online: @Strangely_T1 Find her online: http://linkd.in/1euuK2j Kyle McClain is a Knoxville, Tennessee, resident who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago. Now, he’s using his experience in the software technology world to develop a new diabetes data app called Gludi. Simon Carter is a type 1 diabetic who lives in Australia. He also has a daughter with type 1. Carter created Manage BGL, a blood glucose, carbohydrate and insulin logging and prediction system that integrates data from multiple diabetic devices in the cloud. Find him online: @kylemcclain Find him online: @ManageBGL Shelley Spector was diagnosed with LADA about 10 years ago. She also has a young daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 a few years ago. Shelley is a social worker in Houston, Texas, who often sees the more scary sides of diabetes complications. Corinna Cornejo was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes Find him online @kylemcclain Diabetes Hands in 2009, and now works for the Foundation. She’s a wife and mom of two teenagers and currently lives in Hawaii. Find her online: @corinnacornejo Find her online: @marleyziggy21
  4. 4. Christel Marchand Aprigliano was diagnosed with type 1 three decades ago. She hit the online airwaves in August 2005 with the first-ever diabetes weekly podcast called DiabeticFeed.Christel blogs at The Perfect D. Melissa Lee is a 33-year-old from north of Dallas, Texas, who’s a very active advocate in the Diabetes Online Community and mother of two young children. She was diagnosed with type 1 almost a quartercentury ago, blogs at Sweetly Voiced, and works professionally as a private voice lessons instructor. Find her online: @ThePerfectDBlog Find her online: @sweetlyvoiced Amy Tekrony was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 11. Inspired by the strong relationship she had with a nurse with diabetes in her childhood, she is currently applying to medical school to become an endocrinologist. Allison Dunning is a 30-year-old type 1 from Cleveland, Ohio, who was diagnosed about six years ago. She’s a research engineer who builds implantable micro devices for people who are paralyzed. Find her online: http://linkd.in/1fG8FRu Find her online: @ATekrony Find her online @ Fin