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Lswhs community analysis amy taylor


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Published in: Education
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Lswhs community analysis amy taylor

  1. 1. Lees Summit West High School Community Analysis Amy Taylor - June 2010 City of Lee’s Summit Lee’s Summit West High School opened its doors in 2004 and is the newest high school in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. William B. Howard founded Lee’s Summit in 1868. At the time of its incorporation there were 100 citizens, today the city’s population is approximately 93,000. Although the recent economic downturn has slowed the city’s growth some, the city is maintaining its focus on improving the business structure. Current projects include the revitalization of downtown and the completion of Summit Fair, a 55,0000- square-foot open-air shopping center. The city has received many honors over the last several The newly built Lee’s Summit City Hall years. Including: 2008 Best Downtown Public Improvement Project, 2008s Best Place in Missouri to Raise Kids, 2009 National Digital Cities Survey WINNER, and the 2010 Missouri Arts Award for “Creative Community”. City Population th Lee’s Summit is the 6 largest city in Missouri. Based on a 2007 census estimate, over 43% of the population 25 years and older have a bachelors degree or higher, 96% has a high school diploma or higher. 64% of the households consist of married couples, whereas 10.6% are single parent homes. The population has been steadily increasing since the 1960’s but has slowed some in the last few years. As part of the revitalization of downtown, Lee’s Summit installed its first permanent piece of art “Kids at Heart.” e e ’s S u m m it, M is s o u ri Chart from the 2008 development Report.L o c a te d in th e S o u th e a s t o f th e K a n s a sC ity M e tro a re a in w e s te rn M is s o u ri Approximately… 9000 LS residents are over 65 years of ageO c c u p ie s 6 5 .2 4 S q u a re M ile s 3000 are foreign born 46% work in managementM is s o u ri’s 6 t h la rg e s t c ity in p o p u la tio n 21% earn between $50,000 to $74,999 89% Caucasian, 7% African American, 3% Asian, 1% Latino
  2. 2. Lees Summit West High School Community Analysis June 2010 Stakeholders Recreational ProgramsAccording to Empowering Learners, for rich learning Lee’s Summit has an extensive Parks and Recreationenvironments to grow it is important that SLMS, teachers, Program. Not only do they operate the many communityadministrators, students, and all members of the learning parks they also run a variety of youth enrichment programs,environment collaborate (2009, p.10.) The Lee’s Summit adult education courses, and many athletic events. In aSchool District works diligently to make sure this 2008 Citizens Survey 84% of those surveyed were “satisfied”happens. A list of several “stakeholder” organizations is or “very satisfied” in the quality of the parks and recreationbelow: programs and facilities. • Partners in Education – A group of over 250 businesses that work with schools to provide a School Board connection between the business community and classrooms. The school board consists of eight members, seven of which • Citizens Advisory Committee – A group of 40 are elected for three-year terms. The eighth member is the community members who make district superintendent. Of the eight members, one has been recommendations to the Board. on the board for over ten years and two were elected in the • Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation – A non- last two years. One member is a retired LS teacher and four profit organization whose mission is to raise members currently have children who attend LS schools. private funds to support the district’s educational The board is well respected and there is little dissension initiatives. among the members. • CSIP Committee - District wide committee consisting of parents, teachers, administrators, and other community members. They write the districts school improvement goals. • TEAM Lee’s Summit – A group of teachers, administrators, and classified staff who meet regularly to provide recommendations to the board regarding staffing, salary, benefits, and working environment. BudgetingAlthough the LS school district is considered a premierdistrict in the Greater Kansas City area, it spends theleast amount of money per student. The community hasbeen generous when passing bonds and levies. Since2004 there has been six on ballots and all have passed.However, because Lee’s Summit has little major industryits tax base is small. Tax  Rate     $5.9347   (per  $100  assessed  valuation) Total  Expenditure  District  Budget     $193,161,888   (excluding  bond  funds)   Annual  operating  cost  per  student   $9,148   enrolled   Teacher  starting  salary   $33,305   Teacher  average  salary   $51,172   Assessed  valuation   $1,669,005,047  
  3. 3. Lees Summit West High School Community Analysis June 2010 StaffThis year LSWHS had 121 teachers. According to theMissouri Department of Education over 94% of the classestaught at LSWHS were taught by highly qualified teachers.Approximately two – three staff members leave each year.Other significant information:Average years of experience – 12.2 years69% have a masters degree or higherStudent/Teacher Ratio – 20 to 1 School Demographics93% of LSWHS students graduate and over 50% enter afour-year university. Of the 1625 LSWHS students enrolledin 2009, 5.7% qualified for free and reduced lunch. Abreakdown by race is below. Successes LEES  SUMMIT  WEST  HIGH   2009   Lee’s Summit West has had many successes Total   1,625   academically, athletically, and in the arts. Last year, Asian   2.7%   88.6% of LSWHS students scored proficient or advanced on the Communication Arts portion of the Black   13.6%   Missouri end of course exams and 75% on the Math Hispanic   2.7%   portion. 78% of LSWHS students take the ACT test Indian   0.2%   and 49% score at or higher than the national average. White   80.8%   At least 3 students have been named National Merit Finalists over the last three years.Other important factors to consider: The school has six state championships and countless • A considerable number of LSWHS students take district, conference, and sectional championships. advanced courses Other LSWHS extracurricular groups have won • Students in extracurricular activities are usually numerous awards. Some of those groups are listed involved in more than one below. Debate • Most LSWHS students have access to the Internet • Westside Stage at home • Robotics Team • Chess Club • Cheerleading Administration • Trapmasters • FBLAThe administrative staff at LSWHS consists of a principal, • Yearbookathletic/activities director, and three assistant principals. All • Newspaperhold advanced degrees. The student to principal ratio is • Broadcasting325 to 1. The administration works with staff through a lead • And many moreteachers council to develop school improvement goals andpolicies.All data was taken from the Missouri Department of EducationWebsite and reflect the numbers of 2009.
  4. 4. Lees Summit West High School Community Analysis June 2010 Library ServicesThe Library Media Center must strive to meet the needs of all its patrons. Although the LSWHS population may notappear diverse, its students do have a variety of interests and needs. The media center should survey their patronsyearly to determine those interests and needs.Of the three Lee’s Summit high schools, LSWHS has the highest % of minority students. The LSWHS library collectionshould reflect this difference.One can infer from the data that college preparation is of great concern for LSWHS students. For this reason the LibraryMedia Center should provide materials that will prepare the college bound student for his future endeavors. It should alsoprovide up to date resources for the selection of a college.Also, because most LSWHS students have internet access and home and many are involved in extracurricular activitieswhich preclude them from using the Media Center during its open hours, it is important that the Media Center provide athome access to their online resources.Because the Lee’s Summit community has such high regard for education, it is important that the media center includethem in decision-making. It is also crucial that the media center inform the school stakeholders of their resources,programming, and other efforts. References  City  of  Lees  Summit.  (n.d.).  City  of  Lees  Summit.  Retrieved  from  Empowering  learners:  guidelines  for  school  library  media  programs.  (2009).  Chicago,  Ill:  American  Association  of  School  Librarians.  LEES  SUMMIT  R-­‐VII  -­‐-­‐LEES  SUMMIT  WEST  HIGH  2008-­‐09  School  Accountability  Report.  (n.d.).  Missouri  Department  of  Elementary   and  Secondary  Education.  Retrieved  from html   .Statistics.  (n.d.).  Lees  Summit  R-­‐7  School  District.  Retrieved  from  The  Kansas  City  Election  Board  -­‐  (n.d.).  Retrieved  from