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Asal and Rethemeyer - Cyber Cafe


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Asal and Rethemeyer - Cyber Cafe

  1. 1. Cyber Café Mini Presentation
  2. 2. Virtual to Material & Back Again
  3. 3. A start at looking at virtual contention and how it relates to “real” contention• Focus: Politically Motivated DDOS attacks• Education and repression are a dangerous mix and make such attacks more likely – And we are controlling for wealth and internet penetration• Another interesting finding• No relation to violent contention in a country BUT such attacks are related to nonviolent contention
  4. 4. Collecting data and looking at connections and discourse• Social scientists have made headway on predicting terrorist behavior – if we have data – Need info on terrorists’ characteristics and their networks• Comp sci can contribute through text processing to structured data and modeling – Event coding – Entity discover – Organizational & network data
  5. 5. Appendix
  6. 6. What spaces need to be addressed?Space of Activity ExampleStrategic communication – • Beheading video (1) public diplomacy • Bin Laden video (2) •, (3)Tactical communication - • Google maps (4) Cyberplanning (Thomas) • steganography (5) • 18/11/ 2001 Nimda virus (6)Cyber to cyber (large efforts • DDoS attack on Estonia (7) going on with this- not main • the Oak Ridge National Laboratory attack focus) 12/7/07 (8) • Slammer Worm infiltration of Ohio Nuclear plant - Attack industrial control systems (9)Cyber to corporeal • Bring down air traffic radars (10) • Destruction of equipment needed to connectCorporeal to cyber to cyber and media world (11)