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Original diagnostic launch x431 diagun ⅲprior to diagun


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Original diagnostic launch x431 diagun ⅲprior to diagun

  1. 1. Original diagnostic Launch X431 DIAGUN ⅢPrior to DIAGUN Launch X431 DIAGUN Ⅲ is the advanced Launch X-431 diagnostic tool made by Launch for repair technicians. Compare to the old DIAGUN, X431 DIAGUN Ⅲ enjoys following priorities. 1 X431 DIAGUN Ⅲ main unit is compatible with DBSCcar interface which enables wireless connection via Bluetooth within 100 meters. Note: the X431 DIAGUN Ⅲ main unit and Bluetooth are two independent parts. 2 DIAGUN Ⅲ is capable of projecting Printer function. Print diagnostic consequence thru standard USB interface. 3 Powerful diagnostic functions possess all diagnostic functions of X-431 completely. Vehicle coverage including domestic and aboard like Asian, European, American vehicles makes. 4 Interface optimization. DIAGUN Ⅲ is configured with artistic interface which enables it to diagnose directly after turn on the unit, as well as quicker operation. 5 Easy-to-carry. The smart design makes it easy to take to any where. 6 High updating speed. Average update 1000 /year. Guarantee the promptness of the device. One year free online update software. While DIAGUN supports low speed update via email. 7 Stability. Original X431 DIAGUN III supports more stable diagnosis compared to the copy X431 DIAGUN. 8 Product integration. X431 DIAGUN III is compatible with cover plate shutter design configuring with built-in DBScar connector.