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  • Show of hands –how many on facebook? OF those that raised your hands, how many are friends with me on facebook?
  • The fastest growing demographic in Facebook in the last 120 days is women 55+ up 175.3%. From beginning of December 2009 FB was at 350 million active users and as of Feb. 15, 2010 they are at 400 million active users. 35 millions users update their status daily, per Dec. 2009 stats
  • Potrait of an average facebook user has 130 friends on their site, spends 55+minutes a day, becomes a fan of 2 pages, is invited to 3 events per month- evite is passe for me- Average age of facebook user is 44-A fundamental shift in the way we communicate
  • My friend Amy from colorado Springs tweeted this out-how cool is this! Give examples of mom and dad. Give new Facebook statistics- From beginning of December 2009 FB was at 350 million active users and as of Feb. 15, 2010 they are at 400 million active users. 35 millions users update their status daily, per Dec. 2009 stats
  • How many of you say, I don’t have the time for this? Really, you want me to do something else plus selling real estate? Get real? Who is in your Facebook? Your sphere of influence/family & friends/ That know,like & trust you! But when you look at the National Statistic and then you take a good hard look at the ROI of your current prospecting tools, could you cut back on other prospecting to incorporate 15-20 minutes a day of Facebook. Yes it is a time eater, so you do have to manage your time-Tips coming soon!
  • Two agents friends have gotten business recently from here as well as I have gotten business from here. It has allowed me to keep up and keep my name in front of their faces with out being “in your face”
  • Agents tend to overpost about real estate. IF you post Real estate, make sure to follow NAR guideline & Article 12, state who you are and Broker info. Also once you set up your marketing plan then that will guide you on your privacy settings
  • This can get really tricky-This is where you go to allow only certain people to see your posts-Embarrassing photos that are tagged of you-Go to Account, privacy settings, Photos and Videos of Me, click the drop down arrow key, customize, then click only me! Want to block someone, then under account, privacy setting, block list. Depending on your marketing plan, you may want to keep your search visibility open to everyone, but keep the information limited to what they can see until they have been added as your friend
  • How do you get friends? Just ask them? Business card example, looking up past clients, etc- It’s not he who dies with the most friends wins! –Send message with friend request, delete friends, friends suggestions, etc
  • This way you can time manage effectively, you are also not posting to people that don’t care about stuff, etc.
  • Like, comment, wall post, Chat, FB me. Don’t poke!
  • The photo in your profile needs to be you-not the dog, kids, etc….That way they know who you are, casual photo is good here as long as it isn’t too casual.
  • Going out to dinner! Bad post –etc… Give Disney example…why is this good? Don’t overpost-way to get kicked off FB.
  • Alumni groups, HAR groups, NextGen, NAR, Official Realtor Referral groups
  • Manlove Trash company, plumber, etc. Free advertsiisng for them. Plus I got information quickly
  • Manage your time- remember average user spend 55minutes a day on FB. Choose your time limit, set your timer, and then be done
  • Facebook 101 Har Digital Media

    1. 2. Broker Associates, GRI, CRS, E-Pro, GREEN,SFR, TRLP HAR & TAR Instructor/Train the Trainer-6 years HAR Director 2009/NextGen Advisory Group TAR Professional Development & Professional Standards 2009 & Technology for 2010 NAR Communications Committee for 2010 NAR YPN
    2. 3. “ Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues”- From Whatis.com
    3. 4. Dec. 1, 2009- 350,000,000 active users Feb. 15, 2010 – 400,000,000 active users 14 % growth
    4. 7. The national statistic says we need to spend 40-60% of our time prospecting for business
    5. 8. FUN & FREE * Your sphere of influence is here * Great way to network *You can build better relationships *You can get leads from here
    6. 9. Set up a marketing plan
    7. 10. Privacy Settings
    8. 11. Get friends
    9. 12. Create lists
    10. 13. Engage !!!!
    11. 14. Add Photos/Videos
    12. 15. Good Posts vs. Bad Posts
    13. 16. Join Groups
    14. 17. Think Database
    15. 18. Time Manage
    16. 19. *blip.fm *twitter.com *ping.fm *digg.com *realtor.org *mashable.com *hgtv.com *youtube.com *eyejot.com *jott.com *tokbox.com *posterous.com *delicious.com *issuu.com *postlets.com *loopt Facebook Websites *sendible.com
    17. 20. Q & A time Facebook.com/amysmytheharris Facebook.com/amysmytheharris