Dont botox your brokerage facelift 2012 wcr


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  • How many of you in here thought this was a going to be a session hosted with a world re-knowned Plastic Surgeon? How many actually wished it was? So do I!!! I need a little nip n tuck- Oh wait, isn’t that a TV show?This will be thought provoking for some, others may find it boring b/c they will say to themselves “I can’t do what she is saying b/c I have to follow the guidelines of my franchise?” etc…. But you can re-brand your culture In your own office. Stop thinking recruitingStart thinking Or re-cultured
  • As you are thinking about this ? On the screen, make sure to take into account it is not one-dimensional brand if you are a broker/owner/or manager- YOUR client is the consumer (seller or buyer), the agents in your area at other firms, and the agents in your office. Four ?’s you need to ask yourself- Why use a real estate professional? Why use my company or franchise? Why use my office? Why use me?Now take this to the level of an agent -Give the Patrick Bissett story with Prudential vs KWClick for slide now for definition to show up on screenBrand DefinitionQ: What is a brand? A: Any brand is a set of perceptions and images that represent a company, product or service. While many people refer to a brand as a logo, tag line or audio jingle, a brand is actually much larger. A brand is the essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced. Importantly, brands enable a buyer to easily identify the offerings of a particular company. Brands are generally developed over time through: 1. Advertisements containing consistent messaging 2Recommendations from friends, family members or colleagues 3.Interactions with a company and its representatives 4.Real-life experiences using a product or service (generally considered the most important element of establishing a brand) Once developed, brands provide an umbrella under which many different products can be offered--providing a company tremendous economic leverage and strategic advantage in generating awareness of their offerings in the marketplace.
  • $200 billion worth- Ask the audience- what do you think is their brand? When you think of Google, what do you think? How did they beat out Yahoo? Nobody says Yahoo it, they say Google it- Google play/google driveApple- Iphones & IpadsHGTV- House Hunters – audio fileOld Spice- video guy or the Honey BadgerOk let’s play the logo game? Do your clients know what it is?
  • Target- expect more, pay lessSubway- eat freshRed Robin- Red robin, yummmm (plus audio file)Finger Lickin’ Good- Kentucky Fried ChickenWhere’s the Beef? – wendys
  • What is your personal value system? Knowing and identifying this will help you in rebranding your brokerage. I understand that some of you are with a franchise, but as a manager or broker/owner you core value systems that will guide you in what type of office you created or want to create. But maybe you lost touch with the core value system b/c Brokerage has been told to recruit- that is all that is important. If you build something with strong values, then the agents will come. Like Field of Dreams. Who is your customer?????- As a broker, your customer is three fold….so that means you have a three-headed monster to feed…. One is the seller/buyer (exposure to the internet for listings, ease of technology by giving them Apps, etc….. And we think by attracting the selller and buyer it will automatically bring your second client…. The agent & keep your third client (the agent in your office) happy.
  • You have to be brutally honest with yourself- nothing I am going to tell you to do with make sense if you have not admitted to youreself that what I have been doing is not working anymore. Or it may be working but it is not giving me the same results it use to….. What you are doing has become a HABIT!!! You’ve become the Zombie Broker- it is comfortable, you do the same repetitious stuff, no energy,no passion….So are you a Broker Zombie??? Are you a Agent Zombie? If I walked around like this day in and day out, would you want to come work for me? Get out of the HABIT- Step #1 REGROUPREGROUP-Do you analyze changes needed to achieve your goals?Have you ever noticed that while many businesspeople begin at the same time, a few will stand out as way ahead in attaining goals and achieving greater success? More startling is the fact that many of the hugely successful businesspeople were initially “stuck” or even failed and had to start over. How did they then achieve success in a shorter time period?Most businesspeople who feel stuck, have a bad experience or simply don’t know how to proceed, either keep on doing “business as usual” or become frozen with fear and simply give up.The one common trait that successful businesspeople have is the ability to remove themselves from the emotions of the business to analyze where they are at and where they need to go. They then strategize how to get to their next level. The other habit of these successful businesspeople is their tenacity of pursuing their dreams. They do not give up but find alternate ways of accomplishing what they want.RE-STRATEGIZEDo You:Regularly update your goalsInternalize your goals to stay on targetKeep track of your achievementsExamine how to overcome setbacksAdjust your strategies when obstacles ariseSeek advice from others who are a few steps aheadContinually add strategies to your repertoire for accelerated success?Have you created an environment where other agents want to be?Would you want to be an agent at your office?REACTNow you have to start the Rebranding part of this
  • Stop thinking recruiting
  • Consumers/AGents
  • Farming on FB with groups, DM on Twitter, using of consumers trust peer reviews
  • Farming on FB with groups, DM on Twitter, using of consumers trust peer reviews
  • Issuu is free- keynote is on is freeAnimoto - $30 per yearYoutube-your listing video of you, video your listings, your youtube channel
  • How are you going BackagentCartaviPaperless Pipeline
  • Virtual property deskReavulate staff trainersRole Play FridaysWhat the heck Monday’s
  • Property desk
  • Turn to your neighbor and come up with new name or logo ideasOr brainstorm new idea to implement. Get your partner to hold you accountable
  • Dont botox your brokerage facelift 2012 wcr

    1. 1. Don’t Botox your BrokerageGive it a Facelift
    2. 2. Amy SmytheHarris @amyoutloud
    3. 3. What is your Brand?A brand is the essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced.
    4. 4. Logo gameExpect More, Pay LessEat FreshFinger Lickin’ GoodWhere’s the Beef?
    5. 5. #1 Identify your Core ValuesA strongly held value is a guiding principle that engages passions
    6. 6. #2 Re-groupRe-strategize React
    7. 7. #3 Re-BrandWhat will be your brand now?
    8. 8. Research• Trends• Viability of Target Market•
    9. 9. It’s Time to Update• Become Consumer Centric• Build Relationships• What is the culture?
    10. 10. Re-Branding Yourself• Get new headshots done that are casual• Use a company to develop your look – or• Buy a domain for your blog• Research your Brand Name –
    11. 11. Facelift Time
    12. 12. Getting themessage out
    13. 13. New School Marketing• Facebook• Facebook Biz Pages• FB Ads• Twitter• New website with• Youtube- Bio Video of you & Music
    14. 14. New School Marketing You• Google Profile• Google Adwords•• Yelp & Foursquare• Socialbios –
    15. 15. Videos to Market YOU• Video for blogging• Video email using• Video biz card
    16. 16. Video Ideas• Jing• Skype/Facetime• Virtual Open houses••• Office Meetings• Events
    17. 17. Marketing for Listings
    18. 18. Getting Listings• Keynote••• Animoto• Youtube
    19. 19. Marketing your Listing• Youtube video of home• Virtual tour• Single property sites-• Zillow•
    20. 20. Marketing your Listing• Twitter••• Blog• Qwiki• Foursquare• Instagram
    21. 21. Implement
    22. 22. Update Training Techniques
    23. 23. Monitoring my Brand
    24. 24. What are they saying?••• Google Alerts• Google Analytics• Measure! Everything!
    25. 25. Group Activity
    26. 26. • Brainstorm new name• Look on• Set up Google Alerts
    27. 27. Q&A