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Amy twitter 101 full slides

  1. 1. @amyoutloud
  2. 2. Amy Smythe Harris • Broker Associates, GRI, CRS, E-Pro, GREEN,SFR, TRLP • HAR & TAR Instructor/Train the Trainer-6 years • HAR Director 2009 & 2011 • NextGen Advisory Group • TAR Professional Development & Professional Standards 2009 & Technology for 2010 • TAR Technology Chair for 2011 • NAR Communications Committee for 2010 & 2011 • NAR YPN 2010 • WCR Montgomery Co. Tech. Chair
  3. 3. Objectives• What is Twitter• How to use Twitter• Why important for future business in RE
  4. 4. What is twitter?• Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations
  5. 5. Why should I use twitter?Relevant & real-time informationAbility to engage your audienceBranding & ReputationSearch Engine OptimizationResearchDrive traffic to your website/videos/other social media outlets
  6. 6. Twitter in Plain English
  7. 7. Twitter Best PracticesEngage with your followers and follow othersRelevant tweets matterYou get what you giveThe more you participate, the more you will gainReference others, use hash tags, and shorten URL‟s
  8. 8. Let’s get started: Sign up here
  9. 9. Set-up tips: Choose a professional/appropriate username Complete all of your bio, especially location Add a photo or logo Customize background for better branding & consistency Locking your account limits your visibility severely
  10. 10. Using Twitter: Cannot go over 140 characters Make sure you‟re providing value to your followers (i.e. don‟t just Tweet about what/where you‟re eating!) It‟s ok to not be so corporate (casual works!) “Listen” to familiarize yourself first
  11. 11. Twitter Settings:
  12. 12. Twitter Settings:
  13. 13. Twitter Settings:
  14. 14. Twitter Settings:
  15. 15. Twitter Settings:
  16. 16. Twitter Settings:
  17. 17. Twitter Settings:
  18. 18. Twitter Settings:
  19. 19. Following & Un-following: Use “Find People” feature to search for specific people Who to follow gives suggestions of peeps Click “Follow” button under profile photo to receive user‟s updates DO NOT AUTO-DM new followers (poor taste) Un-follow users by following prompts underneath their profile photo Block spammers on right hand side of page on their profile
  20. 20. Interacting:“@” replies - updates that begin with @username used to publicly reply to a friend/follower“@” mentions - updates with @username used anywhere in the postDirect message (DM) - private message to a mutual follower (must be following you)
  21. 21. Twitter Speak: OH - Overheard RT - Retweet FTW - For The Win! BTW - By the way IMHO - In My Honest/Humble Opinion LMK -Let Me Know NSFW - Not Safe For Work IRL
  22. 22. Hash Tags:Insert a „#‟ before a phrase (I.e. #360mce) Allows all Tweets with hashtag to be consolidated in searches Great for events, chats/discussions, and memes
  23. 23. Chats & Memes: Chats - streaming conversations between interested Tweeters about specific topics using a hashtag (I.e. #journchat, #editorchat) Memes - Temporary/Periodical Trends on Twitter/Web (I.e. #followfriday)
  24. 24. Mobile Twitter: Tweet from your cell & smart phones Use SMS text messaging, mobile browsers, or mobile apps Receive SMS messages for DMs sent to you and for updates from certain people you follow
  25. 25. Mobile Twitter: Tweetie Twitter app Hootsuite app Tweetdeck app Twittelator app Echofon
  26. 26. Twitter & Text Messages: Text 40404 to send DMs and post updates to your timeline via SMS Turn your device updates on and go to a user‟s profile (select appropriate options underneath their profile photo) to have their updates sent as an SMS text message
  27. 27. Twitter Tips Find application you like to read your Tweets  Hootsuite  Tweetdeck Tweetspinner Twitter Counter Google Twitter backgrounds-tons Useqwitter
  28. 28. Follow