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Marketing Services


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Marketing Services that I specialize in.

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Marketing Services

  1. 1. Infogroup Marketing Solutions Email Marketing Infogroup offers 2.5 million business We also offer email appends – let us match and more than 60 million consumer your customer files to our database and add email addresses, plus: email addresses where available. • 1.2 million U.K. business email addresses Already have email addresses? • 140,000 Canadian business email addresses • More than 80,000 U.S. churches and religious organizations Create campaigns using your own list • 200,000 physicians and surgeons and 50,000 dentists with Email Direct: • Build your list – Instantly view how many email addresses Every email address is CAN-SPAM compliant and are available on every search. You can also run retention permission-based. We can also provide contact information campaigns using your own database. … great for follow-up marketing! • Design your email – Use our custom-designed templates and personalize it with your own copy, logo, artwork or links. Need an email campaign? We design, You can even upload your own design. we email, we track! • Manage your campaign – Schedule your campaign and send a follow-up campaign. • We can help you compile your email list • Our expert designers will create an HTML email creative • View the results – See how your audience responded and designed to deliver and get you results use that knowledge to create more effective campaigns. • We will test your creative and broadcast your campaign • We provide tracking so you can see how your audience responded Call Amy Shafer at 402.537.6716 or email:
  2. 2. Infogroup Marketing Solutions Direct Mail Need a customized piece? Our experts can design, print and mail your direct mail piece for you. Our creative solutions include: • Full-color postcards in a variety of sizes – perfect for special events, announcements, and special offers and discounts • Personalized letters and envelopes – ideal for educating or explaining, telling a story or personalizing your message • Full-color brochures and self-mailers – an affordable way to create pieces that involve and interest your customers • Updates to your existing pieces – Our experienced design team can give your marketing piece a fresh look We do it all We take care of the legwork while you run your business. • We design – Let our knowledgeable staff help you put together the right piece. • We print – Why hassle with shopping for prices, learning the language and sending out files? We’ll take care of it all for you. • We mail – We’ll handle the mailing requirements and get it out on time. Call Amy Shafer at 402.537.6716 or email:
  3. 3. Infogroup Marketing Solutions Database Processing & Customer Analysis • Postal processing – Is your customer mailing list outdated? Once you know your customers characteristics, you can apply We can help update and provide your customers current that knowledge toward finding the most profitable prospects in mailing address. This will save you money on undelivered your market area. mail pieces. • Business and consumer data appends – Have a name That’s what our Customer Analysis Service is all about. We and address, but need their number? We can do that. We will analyze your customers to identify their common also have more than 130 demographic selections and more characteristics. We’ll them match your customer records than 50 business selects available. against our database and provide a report that clearly shows your best prospects based on market penetration. • Email appends – Enhance your existing customer file by adding accurate and deliverable email addresses. This service can also append corresponding names and Customer analysis helps you become a addresses to your email file. more effective marketer by: • File suppressions – Don’t want to purchase data or mail to • Targeting more intelligently your current customers? No problem, we can suppress them • Identifying who stopped buying and who’s at risk of leaving from your new lists. • Knowing who should be contacted, when, how and with what offer Customer Analysis • Increasing response performance and ROI Understanding your best customers – their attitudes, • Distinguishing between unique market segments purchase patterns and demographic profiles – is the key to • Achieving consistent, repeatable results building effective marketing and customer relationship management programs. Call Amy Shafer at 402.537.6716 or email:
  4. 4. Infogroup Marketing Solutions InfoLeads & ExpressUpdateUSA InfoLeads Every single day, millions of people search the Internet. Just imagine how many of those people you could convert into new customers if your business could be found online. Advertise your business online, get customers with InfoLeads InfoLeads is a simple “set and forget” solution for online lead generation. From creating your ad to delivering quality leads, we handle everything so you can focus on growing your business. It’s easy – just tell us a little about your business and we will: • Create an online ad for your business • Place your ad across major search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing • Drive business to your ad • Build a specialized Web page detailing your products and services • Provide monthly reports so you can measure performance and track growth InfoLeads is the simple, instant and profitable way to connect with new customers online. ExpressUpdateUSA ExpressUpdateUSA makes it simple to include and update your business information in the Infogroup database. The result? Your business gets maximum exposure to Internet search engines, in-car navigation and mobile devices. Experience the ExpressUpdateUSA advantage: • Express – Your business information is quickly included in the Infogroup database • Accurate – We verify your information to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date • Enhanced – We add valuable details such as hours of operation, credit cards accepted, URLs, etc. • Reach – Your business information is distributed to hundreds of Infogroup partners reaching millions of consumers online, on the road and on the go! Call Amy Shafer at 402.537.6716 or email:
  5. 5. Infogroup Marketing Solutions Text Messaging Consumers love to text Launch your campaign today On average, text message campaigns have an 80% open rate. Infogroup’s Text Messaging Service is a simple, cost-effective Since your subscribers have agreed to receive your offers and way to reach millions of consumers anywhere – at work, at messages, you know they are interested in your business. home, in the car. Launch a standalone mobile campaign and quickly reach more than 62 million consumers. It’s flexible Or combine your text message campaign with direct mail or email to build brand recognition, promote new products and With text messages sent and received within minutes of services, complete short polls, or build your own opt-in starting your campaign, you can use this channel to offer database. quick specials, such as driving traffic to your store on a slow Monday afternoon or announcing specials just before the lunch hour. Our text messaging service is: • Effective – Text message campaigns have more than an It’s immediate 80% open rate Just like email, text messages are delivered within seconds • Fast – Campaign can be completed in 3-5 days of sending it. Since the majority of cell phone users carry • Measurable – Responses can be tracked their phones with them at all times, your message has a greater chance of being read. • Affordable – Mobile marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing channels It’s measurable • Permission-based – Mobile phone Because delivery can be tracked, campaigns numbers available for text messaging can be monitored in real-time. campaigns are 100% opt-in Call Amy Shafer at 402.537.6716 or email: