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PR Packet


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PR Packet

  1. 1. Business Databases 15 Million U.S. & Canadian Businesses Our phone-verified database of 15 million U.S. and Canadian We Add Valuable Proprietary Information businesses is the most accurate and comprehensive in the In addition to basic business names and addresses, we add industry. The lists include business name and phone number, valuable details that many of our customers use for direct complete address, key executive name, SIC Codes, employee marketing, including: geocodes for mapping, fax and toll-free size, sales volume and much more. numbers, website addresses, franchise and brand information. headline news, liens, judgements and bankruptcies, email How Do We Compile Our Business Database? addresses, number of computers, work-at-home businesses, At infoUSA , we are investing millions of dollars to bring our ® and business credit rating scores. customers the freshest information available. infoUSA is the original compiler, meaning we gather and collect the information ourselves. Over the last 34 years, we have refined our process for compiling and delivering the country’s most accurate business database and business information for customers nationwide. First, We Use the Best Sources • Yellow Pages/Business White Pages Since every business has a telehone, there’s no better source for identifying businesses. Data from more than Finally, We Telephone-Verify Business Information 5,400 phone directories serves as the foundation of basic infoUSA makes over 26 million phone calls per year. We verify business records. our information and capture additional information such as Key Contact, Number of Employees, Email Address and Primary • Annual reports, 10-Ks & Other SEC Information SIC Code. More than 10,000 additional sources. • Federal, State & Municipal Government Data How Do Customers Use Our Business Database? We use a wealth of government sources, in addition to • Target and research businesses with the utmost selection businesses listed in phone directories. criteria, not available anywhere else • Business Magazines, Newsletters and Newspapers • Reach key decision-makers in specific business categories We review thousands of publications to obtain the latest on • Make business credit decisions financial and company information. • Verify vendors • Plan sales routes • Postal Service Information • And more We receive information from the U.S. Post Office®, including ZIP+4® addresses, Carrier Route changes and National Change of Address (NCOALink®) data. 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 | phone 866.551.9030 | fax 402.596.7644 | email
  2. 2. Business Databases 12 Million Executives & Professionals Reach business executives where they work with infoUSA ’s ® email rental service with over one million business executive emails. Each individual has been contacted and opted-in for third party marketing. All records have a postal mailing address for follow up marketing for an additional cost. Emails can be selected by different criteria, including one professional per company, all emails per company, and/or corporate email address. These types of executives and professionals have disposable income. They need a great deal of products and services. They have purchasing power and are ready to spend money. Reach the right executive at the right company! Selections Available: • For any Geography — State, City, County, or ZIP Code™ • Employment Size They have the power to spend money! • Annual Sales It’s a simple fact, in selling products and services, you need to • Credit Rating Score reach the DECISION-MAKERS! They are the ones that control new • Job Title purchases. • Years in Business • And more We have created a database of 12 Million Executives and Professionals for the entire United States that gives you the key ability to reach, communicate, and more importantly, close the sale. When you are dealing with the decision-maker, you know exactly where you stand and you get immediate answers. Look at this Fantastic Database of 12 Million Top Executives and the Cream of the Crop Professionals for you to Target. Top Executives Top Professionals • Owners • Physicians and Surgeons • Managers • Attorneys • Presidents • Dentists • Finance Executives • Accountants • Sales Executives • Engineers 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 | phone 866.551.9030 | fax 402.596.7644 | email
  3. 3. 210 Million Consumers Database • Housing/Home Ownership Includes 135 Million Households and – Confirmed Homeowners 75 Million Homeowners – Mortgage Data – Estimated Equity infoUSA ’s is the most trusted name in the direct marketing ® – Home Value industry. Our consumer database has been specifically created – Home Sale Date to provide the full range of information you need for a – Home Age successful marketing project. Including over 210 million – Single/Multi-Family Dwelling Unit individuals and 135 million households in the U.S. In fact, the – Length of Residence Consumer Database offers a number of demographic and • Income/Affluence psychographic selections not available together on any other – Estimated Household Income consumer file. – Purchasing Power Indicator – Expendable Income Compilation and Sources – Potential Investor Model – WealthFinder™ Covering over 95% of the households in the U.S., the consumer – Net Worth Rank database is created by merging approximately 2 billion records from many sources: White Page Telephone Directories, Real • Credit Card Estate Records, Mail Order Buyers/Responders, and other public • Lifestyle sources. – Outdoor Enthusiasts – Health and Fitness – Golfers – Occupation Deliverability – Gardeners – Pet Owners In addition to multi-sourcing, our household data is – Mail Order Buyers – Donors continuously updated and processed against both the National – Investors Change of Address File (NCOALINK®) and Delivery Sequence File (DSF2™), producing a database that is 93% deliverable. • Targeting Tools Moreover, the information is carrier route and ZIP+4® coded – Ethnicity using the U.S. Postal Service® certified Coding Accuracy – Credit Card Revolvers Support System (CASS™). Because of these strict standards, – InternetFinder – Buyer Behavior Clusters the infoUSA Consumer Database comes with a U.S. Postal – Buyer Behavior Indices Certification (Form 3553), along with all other documentation necessary for you to take full advantage of postal discounts. • Other Household Attributes – Area Code/Telephone Number We offer hundreds of different demographic and lifestyle – Vehicle Information elements. Our database gives you the flexibility to choose from Geographic Area Selections a wealth of Individual, Geographic, or Neighborhood data selections. • State • City • County • 3 or 5 Digit Zip Code™ Individuals Selections • Nielsen County Rank • Area Code • MSA • Unique Household ID# • Age Neighborhood Selections – Age of Head of Household • SESI (Socio Economic Status Indicator) – Age of Family Members • Block Group Level Census Demographics – Presence of Children, Teens & Seniors • PrizmNE 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 | phone 866.551.9030 | fax 402.596.7644 | email
  4. 4. Direct Marketing Services File Hygiene Integrity Services Clean Your Database, Profile Your Customers, Cut Mailing Costs & Increase Sales! In addition to data, there are a wide variety of services available through infoUSA that are designed to make your database & ® direct marketing efforts even more productive. Use these services in conjunction with your database to breathe new life into your current customer file. You customer database is probably one of your most under-utilized yet valuable assets. Let infoUSA help you put this asset to work. Postal Processing National Change of Address (NCOALINK®) The NCOALink® identifies people and organizations that have moved. We compare your current data file against the U.S. Postal Service®’s file of Change of Address notices. When we detect a record from your database that contains an old address, we provide the new forwarding address. Nixie Processing With this process, we compare your data file to our out-of-business file. We notate those records in your database. This enables you to either suppress them from your mailings or verify it by phone or by mail. Delivery Sequence File (DSF2TM) The DSF2TM process evaluates the accuracy of each address in your database. For accurate addresses, DSF2TM can provide delivery point-specific information, such as business versus residential delivery, seasonal addresses, vacant addresses, and Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies (CMRA). We also place those addresses found to be accurate into postal walk sequence; which is required for some postal discounts. 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 | phone 866.551.9030 | fax 402.596.7644 | email
  5. 5. Direct Marketing Services Data Enhancements Append Our Business and Consumer Enhancements provides you with additional or “enhanced” information, which is appended to your customer file. We compare the names and addresses on your file against our phone- verified database. When there is a match, we copy (append or overlay) the desired information from our database to your records. With this new information, you will be able to make stronger and more effective marketing efforts. Our Consumer enhancement service offers hundreds of demographic choices, like credit information, age, occupation, income, mail order data and more. Business enhancement data can give your company information from 13 data categories, such as employee size, annual sales, SIC Code, and more. Suppression Suppressions identify names in our Business and Consumer databases that are not currently in your data file. We look at your target market and supply you with those hard-to-find, revenue-generating prospects. Merge/Purge This process searches for duplicate names within your database or files. The objective is to combine or eliminate records that are duplicated and produce a single file of unduplicated records for your mail file or database. With this process, you can avoid the unnecessary expense of multiple mail pieces or phone calls directed at the same record. Analytical Processing Modeling Get a better understanding of your customer base: Uncover hidden information contained on your file and get a better understanding of who your customers are. By creating a statistical model, identifying the specific characteristics particular to your customers, such as net worth, expendable income, likelihood to adopt or use technology, you will learn about your best customers, and be able to identify other potential customers like them. 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 | phone 866.551.9030 | fax 402.596.7644 | email
  6. 6. Email Marketing Services The Biggest Database of Opted-in Business and Consumer Email Addresses Available. infoUSA provides a full suite of Internet based products and ® Opt-in Business Email with Demographics services for both business-to-business and business-to- Reach business executives where they work with infoUSA’s consumer marketers. email service with over one million businesses executive’s emails. Each individual has been contacted and opted in for Opt-in Consumer Email with Demographics third party marketing. All records have a postal mailing The infoUSA database offers consumer opt-in emails for address for follow-up marketing for an additional cost. blasting with our email service. This list represents consumers Emails can be selected by different criteria, including: who have elected to receive third party email marketing from one professional per company, all emails per company, partnered sites. All records have a postal mailing address for and/or corporate email address. follow-up marketing for an additional charge. Demographics Available: Demographics Available: • SIC Code • Age • Sales Volume • Gender • Employee Size • Income • Professional Title • Lifestyle and Interest Selects • Years in Business • Presence of Children • Key Executives • Credit Card • And Others • Ethnicity • Occupation File Size and Pricing • And Others • 2 million business email addresses available • All records matched with postal address and demographics File Size and Pricing • Volume discounts may apply • 15 million consumer email addresses available • Price includes email blasts as email addresses are not • All records are matched with postal address and released and infoUSA must coordinate the blast except for demographics data append applications. • Volume discounts may apply • Price includes email blasts as email addresses are not Delivery Includes released and infoUSA must coordinate the blast except for • HTML and Text message data append applications. • Links for tracking purposes • Selection of a Subject and From Line Consumer Database Appends • Fulfillment Report detailing number of records sent, 80 million addresses available for appending to existing delivered, bounced back, opt-outs and click through. customer databases. Business Database Appends 2 million addresses available for appending to existing customer databases. 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 | phone 866.551.9030 | fax 402.596.7644 | email
  7. 7. New Businesses & New Movers 3.5 Million New Businesses Available daily, weekly or monthly for any ZIP Code™. Sell to new businesses before your competition even knows they exist! With new businesses, timing is everything. You can find out about a new business three to four weeks before it’s open to the public – right when owners are making their major purchases and before your competition even knows there’s a prospect. If you sell basic business products or services – from copiers and fax machines to banking and accounting services – new businesses need you now. Selects available: • Type of Business • Records with Contact Names • Franchise, Brand or Professional Specialty • Geographic Area: State, County, City/MSA, ZIP Code™ or Area Code What do New Businesses buy? • Accounting & Payroll Services • Insurance • Office Equipment & Furniture • Burglar & Fire Alarms • Cleaning Services • Computers • And More 13.5 Million New Movers Available daily, weekly or monthly for any ZIP Code™ Each year, 20% of the nation’s population moves to a new residence. These consumers need products and services like appliances, drapes, a grocery store, a dry cleaner, a doctor, day name it. And, because they just moved, they haven’t established their spending habits or patterns. If you can reach them first, you can successfully win their business. Selects available: New Movers need: • Date of Move • Income • Banking Services • Telephone Numbers • Security Systems • Ethnicity • Cleaning Services • Lawn Maintenance • And More • Furniture • Dry Cleaners 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 | phone 866.551.9030 | fax 402.596.7644 | email
  8. 8. New Homeowners & New Bankruptcy Filers 3.6 Million New Homeowners Available weekly or monthly for any ZIP Code™ When consumers purchase their first new home, many are eager to make changes. This puts home-related businesses in a prime position to create new customers and build new relationships. In developing our New Homeowners list, infoUSA uses real estate ® information to identify new owners and the details of their purchase. Many home improvement services, home security, medical, utilities and others rely on this database time and time again. What do New Homeowners Selects available: often buy? • Mortgage Amount • Services, such as New Doctor, • Loan/Mortgage Loan Type Dentist or Hairstylist • Age • Furniture • Household Income • Electronics • Sale Date • Kitchen Appliances • Ethnicity • And More 12 Million Bankruptcy Filers They have a clean slate and are looking for new relationships Forming new relationships is a priority for people who have filed or just come out of bankruptcy. Recent bankruptcy filers are great prospects because they are actively looking for new companies to do business with, so they can build a good credit rating. Selects available: • Bankruptcy Status • Type of Filing – Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13 • Filing Date • Gender • Geography – City, State, ZIP Code™, Area Code • And More What are Bankruptcy Filers looking to buy? • Electronics • Secured Credit Cards • Personal Loans • Furniture • Appliances • And More 5711 S. 86th Circle, Omaha, NE 68127 | phone 866.551.9030 | fax 402.596.7644 | email